drumpf – Russian connection story getting legs

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    Andy Brown

    Long legs with both feet firmly planted in bipartisan turf. drumpf’s presidency is in deep trouble. After nearly four weeks in office, he has yet to finish filling his administration’s top posts, and Congress is about to conduct an investigation into his ties to Russia. Senate Republicans and Democrats say they want to begin a major investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election, and also dig into President Trump’s odd relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A chief suspicion is whether Mr. Trump sought to reduce the punishing economic sanctions on Moscow after Putin’s seizure of the Crimean peninsula, and his invasion into Ukraine.

    The teflon donald is going to find attacking the media is not going to make this problem go away. Bipartisan efforts to out drumpf’s taxes are underway and ongoing. Six out of ten Americans think drumpf is incapable of dealing with international relations. His own Dept. of Homeland Security has issued a report that his failed executive order is not needed. In one month, drumpf has gone from barely elected to clearly in over his head.

    Can’t say I’m surprised. drumpf is really no more then a sheister carnival barker with delusions of grandeur. He’s not fully competent either physically or mentally. He has not, contrary to his teams efforts to propagate, turned Washington, D.C. on its ear.



    This is a story that I’ve been closely monitoring for the past week or so. A betting man would pick this as the most likely item to bring down All The President’s Men.

    I’m sure there’s a mad scramble going on within the media to find a Deep Throat.


    Trump is a joke.
    Trump can’t win the nomination.
    Trump will lose in a landslide to Clinton.
    Maybe the recounts?
    Maybe the electors will turn?
    His “Russian connection” will bring him down…

    Anyone see a pattern?


    True (popular vote)
    ? (none really happened)
    True (many did)

    I see a pattern of “mostly true”. Do I get a cookie?


    No, but you get some crisp bacon. I wouldn’t eat it though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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