drumpf: KIAs are “suckers and losers”

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    Broadway: “Hail Mary hit piece…that’s all what’s going on here. Is there anyone here standing up for our President?”

    Yes, I’ve been standing up for him since he left office in 2017.

    What do you call it when the Trump reality-deniers dismiss even a Fox News confirmation of the story as “fake news?” How deluded can some people really be?


    “Hail Mary hit piece…that’s all what’s going on here. Is there anyone here standing up for our President?”

    Broadway, I’ll say this to ANYONE who defends Donald J. Trump – there is no, NO reason for anyone to defend this President. None.

    Unless you’re racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and you fervently support authoritarian rule and fascism.

    Your alt-right opinion site you posted makes Breitbart look like an objective, unbiased news source.

    Defend your boy. Please. Tell us why he is worth defending.


    I believe the believer argument goes something like “He’s kept a lot of campaign promises, as many as he could anyway. Everything else is just noise, deep state conspiracy, and media hoaxes. Look at all the Obama-era red tape and regulations he’s rolled back to get us moving again. He’s held China’s feet to the fire. He’s going to fix COVID-19 with Operation Warp Speed.”

    His exact words, including all the daily lies and exaggerations and deceptions and race baiting dog whistles and licking Putin’s boots and bashing of our institutions and his opponents and insulting bonafide war heroes, all that is irrelevant to the believers.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    I have said that the only supporters of Trump are ignorant bigots and cynical millionaires. Vitalogy was being charitable when he called them “rubes.”


    Haven’t we figured out by now that the easiest way to get rid of Trump would be to buy him off? The Biden campaign just raised over $300 million…say to Trump, “Hey, resign today and every penny of that is yours”. Who doesn’t think that he might take it?


    edselehr: “Haven’t we figured out by now that the easiest way to get rid of Trump would be to buy him off? The Biden campaign just raised over $300 million…say to Trump, “Hey, resign today and every penny of that is yours”. Who doesn’t think that he might take it?”

    Nah – Trump and his family are profiting greatly from Donald being president. $300M may not be more than they would make in another four years. Anyway, a lot of that would be eaten up paying a bunch of lawyers to defend him in the slew of cases, criminal and civil, that are coming once he leaves office. Some offenses have a statute of limitations that might pass if he can stay in office another four years.


    Hasn’t it been established that ego drives Trump more than money?


    Trump monetizes everything, especially his self worth. Listen when he tries to brag about his accomplishments as president; it’s all about money, trade, or the stock market. To him accomplishments have no value if a dollar sign can’t be attached to it. That’s why the honored dead at military cemeteries are losers and suckers to him.



    Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic and the journalist responsible for the “bombshell” report that President Trump disparaged America’s war dead, conceded that anonymous sources were “not good enough” in reporting such as his.

    “I share that view that it’s not good enough. But, you know, like other reporters, I’m always balancing out the moral ambiguities and complications after anonymous sourcing with the public’s right to know,” Goldberg said during a Monday evening interview on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.”

    Hayes raised the issue of using unnamed sources with Goldberg while discussing his most recent article, in which he relied on four anonymous accounts.

    “I had two reactions when I read the piece. One was, ‘Okay, why didn’t you tell us this before? And why not be on the record, whoever you are out there?’ I mean, this is — what you are saying here is very serious stuff. It is an incredible condemnation of the president’s character and just his humanity, obviously,” Hayes said before asking Goldberg what his response was.

    Goldberg began his answer by mentioning that he knew of other reporters who were “pushing various people to say what’s on their minds.”

    “I think there is a couple of things. There is this idea of a code that, you know, you don’t interfere. I think people are torn. On one hand they don’t want to interfere in Democratic electoral processes,” Goldberg offered as one theory for why sources choose to stay anonymous.

    The Atlantic’s editor-in-chief then turned the blame around on the current commander-in-chief, saying that Trump had set a tone of fear in the nation’s capital against speaking out about his alleged misdeeds.

    “On the other hand, you are talking about a president who is unlike anything they have ever experienced. I think there is also fear. I think — and we see this across the board in Donald Trump’s Washington — there is a fear on a kind of a superficial level of a Twitter mob. There is also real fear of personal safety, fear for your family, fear for what you put everybody around you through if you started talking about this sort of thing,” he told the MSNBC host.

    Goldberg then conceded that questions about anonymous sources were “reasonable” to raise, adding that he thought it was fine to “ask why people who have had direct exposure to Donald Trump, who know what Donald Trump has said, who know what Donald Trump has done, but won’t simply come out and say it.”


    There have been key people who have worked directly with Trump and spoken out about him. E.g. John Bolton, his former National Security Adviser and a highly respected (in conservative circles, anyway) government official. Bolton was clear in saying Trump was not competent to be president (not voting for him in 2020 though not voting for Biden either). And Miles Taylor, former deputy chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security under Trump, who was also explicit in condemning Trump (and has endorsed Biden).

    I’d say these two haven’t had much impact outside of circles who don’t already dislike Trump. Would it matter if a dozen more former Trump people popped up? I doubt it at this point. It’s been easy for Trump to dismiss the few folks like Bolton and Taylor as disgruntled former employees (one trying to sell a book).

    If you’re considering speaking up, you might ask: what’s the risk to your reputation and career? If you’re a Republican, speaking out makes you a traitor – who will want to hire you in the future? Democrats aren’t going to want to hire you. It’s a very thin tree limb to climb out on – and to what benefit? Is it really going to hurt Trump at this point?


    With today’s revelations in the Woodward book that Trump knowingly lied about the danger of COVID-19, and the calculations that had he moved a week faster it could have saved 30,000 lives, two weeks faster 50,000 or more lives saved,

    I can only conclude that;

    Donald J. Trump is responsible for the deaths of between ten to twenty times as many Americans as Osama Bin Laden.


    Andy Brown

    It’s going to hurt him with older voters within his base, at least those that have survived Covid-19 to date.

    The average of all polls as of today show Biden ahead in all the key swing states although within the margin of error in Florida and North Carolina.


    OK, let’s forget the polls for a minute and focus on cash to spend. Biden raised $364.5 million in August for his campaign and his joint committees with the Democratic Party. This exceeds drumpf’s fundraising by a staggering $154 million.

    OK, let’s forget the polls AND the fundraising for a minute and focus on strategy. drumpf used a high-risk, high-reward strategy to win in 2016. It looks like the same risky strategy is about to blow up in his face this time around. Read this.

    OK, let’s forget the polls, the fundraising AND the strategy for a minute and focus on tactics. drumpf has been trying to exploit the Black Lives Matter protests for months already. And it’s been seven weeks since Pence first described Biden as a “Trojan horse” for the radical left. Despite continued unrest in Portland, Oregon, and occasional flareups of violence in other cities, including the awful scenes witnessed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the polls haven’t moved much. There “could be a bloc of voters who support the protests and currently back Biden but who will shift to Trump because of the riots,” Perry Bacon, Jr., of FiveThirtyEight, noted earlier this week. “We can’t rule out that group emerging. But, crucially, that group has not emerged yet, despite plenty of opportunity.”


    OK, let’s forget the polls, the fundraising, the strategy AND the tactics for a minute and focus on the current news cycle. The wildfires have pushed the normal sequence and duration of political coverage down from the top of the heap, so to speak. The latest whistleblower complaint and Woodward’s book certainly don’t help the drumpf campaign any. Even if his base has stopped shrinking, of the 16 states most likely to be closely contested this election, all but two have seen a decline in whites without a college degree as a share of eligible voters. College-educated whites, on the other hand, have gained in 14 of those states, according to the analysis.

    h ttps://w ww.npr.o rg/2020/09/03/907433511/trumps-base-is-shrinking-as-whites-without-a-college-degree-continue-to-decline

    Put it all together and shake it all around, and that’s what it’s all about.


    I think with the year we’ve had in 2020, even Barack Obama, if he were in office and doing the best possible job handling every crisis, would have a tough time getting re-elected. When things are bad, voters tend to blame the incumbent. When things are good, people tend to credit the incumbent, even if (like Trump) he had little to do with how well things were going e.g. the booming economy prior to March, 2020. Just human nature.

    So Trump would have an uphill re-election batter even if he were doing a stellar job. Of course, he’s doing about as poor of a job as any president could possibly do. So he watches eight hours of Fox news every day? Nothing else to spend his time on??? Jesus H.

    Andy Brown

    The latest from MAGA (Moscow’s Asset Governing America) Lies Headquarters:

    “We’re going to be doing a health-care plan very strongly and protect people with preexisting conditions,” Trump said. When host George Stephanopoulos pointed out that Trump has said he was about to release a plan on many previous occasions, Trump replied, “I have it all ready, and it’s a much better plan for you.”



    Trump is doubling down once again with hopes his base will bring it home. Today he continued to mock wearing a mask. The question is how much of his base still exists. My instinct is most of it. 7 weeks out I am predicting a very close race that will likely be contested.

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