Draft Cuomo starting to look interesting to Dems

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    Deane Johnson

    Not surprising. Biden fumbles around while Cuomo has been the most aggressive and active leadership politician of the entire bunch, regardless of party. He demonstrates lots of common sense and get things done now.

    If he continues, I could easily vote for him in November. Time will tell.

    This crisis will separate the men from the boys like nothing else could and so far we’re seeing most “boys”.



    Andrew Cuomo is awesome. He exudes credibility. I would prefer him over Biden.


    Yeah, this is a typical knee jerk reaction: respond to the guy you see on TV. Cuomo is providing leadership because he HAS to – he’s leading a huge state, and he seems to be doing a good job. Biden is not a governor – he has no role in leading any response to this pandemic, obviously.

    But things can change fast in politics. Things may not get back to close to normal in the US in a few weeks, but in a few months they might. By then, Cuomo’s leadership may long since be forgotten.


    My comment about Andrew Cuomo was somewhat tongue in cheek. But anything could happen in the next six months.


    Depends on the power brokers at the convention. (Which may be delayed). This is perhaps setting up to be brokered, but as lastday says, anything could happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuomo makes some sort of attempt, but not until the current crisis calms down. However, a battle of NY titans would be very interesting, and perhaps competitive like we have never seen before. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. A lot to play out, but could get interesting.


    If Biden wins the majority of the delegates, he’ll be the nominee. I don’t see why that would change.

    The bigger question is whether and how the DNC and RNC conventions will be held at all in 2020. Maybe in September instead of in the summer if at all. They may need to be “virtual” this year with Zoom or something LOL. Both parties moves their conventions to be earlier after 2008 – when they were at the end of August and in early September. I’d bet on them moving them back to September pretty soon and even that might change. Given that we’ll know who both nominees (and probably Biden’s running mage) before the conventions, anyway, there doesn’t seem to be much need to hold them early.


    Where is Biden during all this?

    Seriously, he doesn’t exist!

    Time to get Andrew in position to win the democratic nomination. Not in the future, but right now!

    Biden is a certain loser to Trump.

    Andrew has a chance.

    Dems need to get this together, and quick.



    Biden is dead in this race.

    While some circumstances have changed, my prediction of a year ago+ of Trump as an easy winner is almost cemented.

    Thanks to a complete lack of any democratic strategy. Sad.


    It occurred to me that since most people who believe what Trump says are his followers, there may not be enough of them left for him to win in November!


    Dem jumping to Cuomo would be the same as the GOP in 2016 (and all of America that fall) choosing Trump – chasing the bright shiny object. And look what that got us.

    Focus, people!


    Well, you know there is one guy out there, not feeble, demonstrating keen understanding and solid leadership… Ready to go, and in a respectable position still.

    Doesn’t have to go the way it’s looking to go. Biden is dooomed against Trump.

    The difference between Biden pre-debate with Bernie and post is profound. Whatever it took to get that done was expensive to Joe.

    Hard to imagine November being a positive at this point.


    “Dem jumping to Cuomo would be the same as the GOP in 2016 (and all of America that fall) choosing Trump – chasing the bright shiny object. And look what that got us.”

    All of America, who voted, minus half of it, minus 3 million people!

    Andy Brown

    I think some folks are equating recent approval ratings of POTUS with vote share come election time, assuming it happens. If drumpf continues to falter in the polling, he will do everything in his power to delay the election.

    Also, some of you need to get past the notions you have about Biden not being the nominee. It’s not going to be Gov. Cuomo. Look for him to run down the road, though, after President Biden decides on running for his second term or after serving it. It’s also not going to be Bernie Sanders. That’s just a fantasy at this point.


    Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by nine points nationally, and his advantage in key battleground counties is even greater, according to a new Faux News poll.

    Biden leads Trump 49-40, according to the survey, which is roughly the same margin he held a month ago in the right-leaning network’s last poll. The poll shows that Biden leads the president by eight points in key battleground states and by 25 points, 57-32, in key battleground counties decided by fewer than 10 points in 2016.

    drumpf has repeatedly whined about Fox News polling, which has consistently shown Biden leading by as many as 11 points nationally. After last month’s poll showed him losing by nine points, drumpf complained that the network had the “worst polls.” However, election forecaster FiveThirtyEight grades its pollsters quite highly.

    “Whoever their Pollster is, they suck,” drumpf tweeted.


    Three polls released over the last week show Joe Biden leading drumpf among voters nationwide, despite the uptick in drumpf’s approval rating as his administration confronts the coronavirus outbreak engulfing the U.S.

    Biden also led Trump among registered voters in national polls released last week by Fox News and Monmouth University. The Fox News survey, conducted over roughly the same time period last week, shows Biden 9 points ahead of Trump, 49 percent to 40 percent. The Monmouth poll, which was conducted a little earlier, over last weekend, had Biden at 48 percent, with Trump at 45 percent.



    Paul: “While some circumstances have changed, my prediction of a year ago+ of Trump as an easy winner is almost cemented.”

    Let’s hope so, for your sake! Your Super Tuesday predictions were not so good – you need to bring your average up!


    Super Tuesday is history, Andrew. Biden vs. Trump is a clear victory for Donald. Nothing you have stated makes me change my prediction.

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