Doug LaMear – r.i.p.

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    Dan Packard

    Doug LaMear, who got his start in radio, then became Portland’s legendary sportscaster on KGW-tv for 35 years, died this week at the age of 93.

    Oregon sports Hall of Fame video with vintage clips and Bill Schonely interviewing Doug in 2006,

    Oregonian obit by Ken Goe,



    Where’s the story on KGW? Of all stations, they should put this near the top of their news lineup.



    Great share, Dan. I could swear I watched Lamear at the end of his KGW career in the 80’s.

    One thing that comes to mind with this is how TV news has evolved over the years. In the 60’s-80’s, local TV news was built around three principle positions (anchor(s), sports, weather).

    Today, the weather is still a strong, (if not stronger) part of local news, but sports has mostly gone by the wayside. Most stations today have either dropped it completely, minimized the time spent (sometimes to 1 minute or less!), or only do it on the late news to catch up evening scores. The position is basically non-important today in local news, except for stations like KCPQ (Q13) in Seattle/Tacoma with Seahawks on their channel.

    The reasons for this are obvious. The proliferation of sports channels over the decades make the local news attempt at covering sports somewhat meaningless. There are even local sports channels today like “Stadium” in Portland, and Rootsports in the general NW.

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