Don't Compare Trump and Sanders

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    Here is a great compare/contrast of two of the strongest-polling candidates. It’s Nate Silver, so you know the facts and analysis are solid.

    Here are Nate’s bullet points, but be sure and read the entire article.

    1. Trump is “winning” (for now), and Sanders isn’t.

    2. Sanders is campaigning on substantive policy positions, and Trump is largely campaigning on the force of his personality.

    3. Sanders is a career politician; Trump isn’t.

    4. Trump is getting considerably more media attention.

    5. Sanders has a much better “ground game.”

    6. Sanders holds policy positions of a typical liberal Democrat; Trump’s are all over the place.

    7. Sanders’s support divides fairly clearly along ideological and demographic lines; Trump’s doesn’t.

    8. Sanders’s candidacy has clear historical precedents; they’re less obvious for Trump.

    9. Trump is running against a field of 16 candidates; Sanders is running against one overwhelming front-runner.

    10. Trump is a much greater threat to his party establishment.

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