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    At a recent opening of a downtown Portland food cart named El Diablito, customers took turns hitting a Donald Trump piñata with a baseball bat. The piñata design featured outstretched middle fingers.

    “I want to kill him,” said one child.

    When asked why she was taking a swing at the piñata, one woman said, “Because fuck Trump! I’m sorry I know that there are kids here, but he really sucks that hard.”

    According to the food cart’s operator, “It has nothing to do with politics, actually. This is about people having a good time […] It’s all about popularity, and he’s at the top of it right now.”

    This has made international news:


    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Business owners are best to avoid politics mixing with their business. You unnecessarily eliminate a good chuck of otherwise potential customers. Bad move.

    But then again, it’s a food cart.


    If the food cart operator’s logic about the piñata being inspired solely by Trump’s popularity weren’t complete BS, then it would be an honor to have a piñata made in one’s image. I want an Alfredo piñata!!


    It’s a safe bet no trumpers are going to eat at a food cart. You’ll find them at the fast food joint in WalMart.


    @ Alfredo. Yep! That would be fun! Taking a swing at an image of The Donald. Just for shits and giggles sake! Good post!!


    Teaching our kids to be violent bigots one chimi changa at a time.
    Nice going El Diablito.


    You think TD eats chimis? Not me. IMO, it’s more telling that you consider a restaurant publicity stunt to be a bigger “teaching event” than some overstuffed white robber baron spouting incendiary and race-baiting campaign speeches.


    What was that about “teaching our kids to be bigots”? Check out the latest from TD’s rally in Vegas:

    Donald Trump supporters shout deadly threats, Nazi salute at Black Lives Matter protester getting booted from Las Vegas rally

    “…As the guards drag the heckler out, protesters are heard yelling “Shoot him!” and “Kick his ass!” One man caught on camera barks the Nazi salute, “Sieg heil!” and appears to shoot his right hand into the air.”


    I would like to think that if I were growing up today, my parents would say something like, “What Donald Trump is doing is not OK, but that doesn’t mean that the El Diablito food cart owner is automatically right. Both of these men are trying to gain personally from putting other people down. Both of these guys are sinvergüenza*.”

    *sinvergüenza – An unethical person who feels no remorse; a weasel.

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