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    TD’s totalitarian streak continues, as he called the Geneva Convention “outdated,” and come down in support of torture:

    Trump sees Geneva Conventions as ‘out of date’

    “…Donald Trump made quite a bit of news this morning. At a press conference, the Republican nominee called for Russia to use its espionage services to obtain Hillary Clinton emails, apparently in the hopes that the Putin government would help Trump win the U.S. election.

    And while that’s a career-ending moment for normal candidates in normal parties in normal election cycles, in Trump’s case, it wasn’t the only notable exchange from this morning’s event.

    QUESTION: Do you think the Geneva Conventions are out of date?

    TRUMP: I think everything’s is out of date. We have a whole new world.

    Pressed further, Trump added, “I am a person that believes in enhanced interrogation, yes. And by the way, it works.””


    Dangerous idiot.

    Example 1,233 and counting.

    Here’s that well known, crazy, liberal firebrand former CIA Director and former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta:

    “Today, Donald Trump once again took Russia’s side,” Panetta said. “He asked the Russians to engage in American politics. Think about that for a moment. Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States…is asking one of our adversaries to engage in hacking or intelligence efforts against the United States of America to affect an election.”

    The comments come less than 12 hours after the newly-minted Republican nominee grabbed headlines by saying he hoped the Russian government would find Hillary Clinton’s emails, which some interpreted as an invitation to hacking.

    “Meanwhile, Donald Trump says he gets his foreign policy experience from watching TV and running the Miss Universe Pageant,” he continued. “If only it were funny. It is deadly serious.”

    “We cannot afford an erratic finger on our nuclear weapons,” he said. “This is no time to roll the dice and to gamble with America’s national security or with the American Dream.”

    Panetta Says Trump, Cruz Proposals ‘Will Put our National Security at Risk’

    Trump has raised eyebrows in the past when outlining his foreign policy and national security positions, suggesting everything from not honoring NATO alliances to banning people from countries affected by terrorism to enter the United States.

    “Donald Trump asks our troops to commit war crimes, endorses torture, spurns allies from Europe to Asia, suggests more countries to have nuclear weapons, and praises dictators from Saddam Hussein to Vladimir Putin,” he said.

    “I have worked alongside nine presidents, Republicans and Democrats … and I can tell you this: There is only candidate for president who has the experience, temperament, and judgment to be Commander-in-Chief and that’s Hillary Clinton. This is no time to gamble with our future.”


    “Today, Donald Trump once again took Russia’s side,” Panetta said. “He asked the Russians to engage in American politics. Think about that for a moment. Donald Trump wants to be President of the United States…is asking one of our adversaries to engage in hacking or intelligence efforts against the United States of America to affect an election.”

    I think Donald Trump has a telephone and is smart enough to use it and contact Putin behind the scenes if he really wanted to ask for help from Russia. Using a press conference to do so is not very efficient or discreet.

    Panetta has missed the point as well. Why are there 30,000 emails that are missing? Why were they erased? If we can take Hillary’s word that they were personal, then why would hacking them be against the “United States”? Wouldn’t that just be against Hillary as a private citizen, and who would care about personal emails that have to do with wedding plans and yoga classes?

    The real scandal is that if they have been hacked that Hillary was so careless as to allow that to happen. If Russia has them, they had them a long time ago, and it’s entirely Hillary’s fault and not the fault of Trump. They certainly couldn’t do that now on Trump’s “command” since that server is rusting away at the bottom of the Potomac. Nobody is so stupid as to believe it’s still connected to the internet and “hackable.”

    Of course the real reason she deleted them is that she has something to hide. Trump’s tongue-in-cheek appeal to Russia resonates with those of us who see two sets of rules, with the elite getting away with things regular people can’t. He was saying that we can’t count on corrupt Hillary to be honest with us or with a system and press rigged in her favor, so maybe we can find justice somewhere else.

    It still amazes me that this goes over the heads of liberals and the Clinton-biased media, but maybe they do get it and hope the low-information voter doesn’t. But the bottom line is that this has all worked to Trump’s favor, since we are now once again thinking about Hillary’s basement server, her deleted emails, and her security breeches. This does not make her appear to be competent or trust-worthy.

    Regarding torture–if it can prevent a mass killing and if it is used sparingly and only on terrorists, so what?


    Your willfully ignorance and offensiveness knows no bounds.

    I love the last bit, too. Clearly, another solid WWJD moment.

    Andy Brown

    What I find the most interesting and not fully addressed is the hypocrisy of F&Bacon. It is evident from his position that he is willing to forgo his zealotry for what he calls ‘religious freedom’ and his position on abortion is also out the window since donald will not, no matter what he says, fight for what Pope Bacon wants. donald, in addition to be a life long pro choice person, is not going to give a damn about what the religious whacko faction of the GOP wants. Not a bit. Nor is he going to or is he capable of changing Roe v Wade since any judge nominated to SCOTUS must get through the senate which is not going to have 60 GOP votes. So why would F&Bacon be posting pro trump so vehemently. I’ve got a few possible reasons:

    1. Bacon is just a rural good ol’ boy white racist misogynistic homophobic myopic Republican that will vote for whomever they nominate no matter how unlikely their success in a general election because to Bacon it’s all about party and platform. It doesn’t matter to him that donald doesn’t give a rats ass about the party or the platform as they are just hurdles he had to jump while he reached out to angry white America.

    2. Money. Bacon sees Democratic control as more taxes and bigger government. He’s myopic to real problems and issues and doesn’t want the government stepping into the gun manufacturing business, wall street, big Pharma or a long list of large corporate areas one of which is feeding the Bacon’s financial mechanism. In spite of the fact that his analyses are always wrong when it comes to these areas, his only way in his own damaged mind to protect his fiscal interests is to put in place GOP dogma even when it has always failed. GOP power almost always screws up the economy and has to be rescued by a Democrat.

    3. Social and family pressure: Bacon lives in a microcosm of white middle America that exists in Southern Oregon. Outside of this board (and his son by his own admission) he gets very little challenge to the big red GOP machine of lies and distortions. His reality is not really all inclusive not only because it so far to the right that even the middle is light years away but also when you spend most of your time in rural Southern Oregon you don’t run into a thriving metropolitan situation where the chances of diverse people of all colors and religions exchange thoughts and ideas.

    4. Bacon’s lack of education is really holding him back from understanding any politic except the one that excludes the source of all his fears: black people, Jews, an international economy, news about the death of the Church(es) and the advancement of science in many areas. Only the GOP rejects these things with few exceptions.

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