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    In the post titled “My nightmare with Texas’ ‘Women’s Health’ Laws,” a user tells the story of him and his wife — identified as Taylor and Daniel Mahaffey in a Daily Beast article — who were happily anticipating their very wanted child, when, at about four months along, Taylor experienced serious complications when her cervix began to dilate. Because Taylor had experienced a miscarriage before, as soon as she felt something was off, the couple went to the hospital.

    When they arrived, their son’s — whom they’d already named Fox after one of J.M. Barrie’s Lost Boys in Peter Pan — amniotic sac and feet were already outside of the womb.

    Despite every attempt to perform a cerclage (a cervical stitch that prevents preterm labor) and save the baby boy’s life, the doctors and nurses had to inform the couple that there was nothing more they could do. Their baby would not survive outside the womb, and there was nothing to keep him inside until his life was viable. In a just and humane world, the doctors would have been able to rupture the sac and deliver the baby, preserving the dignity of his too-short life and allowing his parents a small measure of peace in their grief.

    But the couple lives in Texas, and because their son had a heartbeat, the medical team — some of them in tears — had to inform the Mahaffeys that even though they vehemently opposed the inhumanity of the situation, they could not break the law.

    In Texas, the law says that inducing the delivery of a baby who would not survive constitutes a late-term abortion, which is banned in the state.

    In Texas, the law required that a mother who loved and wanted her child very badly go home and feel her son struggle and die inside her womb for four days before delivering her stillborn child.

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