Do you miss the Cons?


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    The site would not submit a new topic. Box had a title but would not submit it. So excuse me. Do you miss guys like Deane Johnson? Skybill 9? Herb Duncan? And Steve the DJ? Sorry for derailing. That was going to be my new topic for discussion.


    Oh! I guess it did submit after all.


    A good question, Dxer1969. However, leftists don’t like being called on their bologna. They prefer the echo chamber of finger-pointing, liberal guilt, with a dash of handwringing and lily-liveredness.

    Spin on, radicals. You have a few months left. Then Barry is out of office…he’ll then be less likely to gin up racial divisiveness in his desperate attempt to help Shrillery. Thank goodness gridlock has saved us this long.

    For now, get used to more overrun borders bringing disease and danger, plus increased international terror due to his rewarding enemies like Iran, plus increased crime here at home…all from your failed food stamp president.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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