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    Not only has the Dish subscribers lost CW32 A dispute with Tribune), now it looks like KPTV12 and KPDX49(Dispute with Meredith) are gone. Fortunately we have a translator for 12 out here on the coast. The programmers keep raising the fees and Dish refuses to pay the hiked rates. Something needs to be done. I think viewers should be flooding Congress as well as the FCC with calls. I wish we had 32 out here OTA on the coast.


    choosing to be located in the hinterland has its consequences, live with it


    “choosing to be located in the hinterland has its consequences, live with it…”

    So you lay down like a bitch and take whatever gets tossed your way in life? I would hope not, and neither do those of us dependent solely on satellite TV.

    Let the phone calls be made, the letters written and whatever else it takes to make our voices heard. Whether it bears fruit or not is another matter, but it’s the trying that counts.

    In the interim, you can live a passive “whatever” life. It’s absolutely your right and your choice…. so live with it.

    Master of Disaster

    Dang, mwdxer1, you beat the rest of us!
    For what it’s worth, here’s the official announcement:

    This seems to be getting very little coverage from third-party sources; searching “Dish Network Meredith” on a major search engine gives only this article:

    For quite some time, the Master of Disaster has been trying to convince others that subscription video service has become a “tax on the poor and/or uninformed” who use said services because they don’t know any better. The Master of Disaster will admit to viewing the Senate Subcommittee hearing on pay TV practices on C-SPAN several weeks ago, however we all know the reason pay TV providers do this is because the general public continues to subscribe.

    Edit/Add: Thought number one: Back in the early days of Dish, there was some sort of rule that said those outside of the ‘predicted coverage area’ or whatever it was and those in deeply rural areas who could get literally nothing were allowed to subscribe to a network affiliate in another market. Don’t know if that’s still the case. Would be nice if in the mean time they were allowed to grant temporary access to something like KTTV, KTVU or KAYU that they (probably) do have a coverage agreement with so people at least have access to network programming.

    Thought number two: Do they still have ‘rural TV associations’ or whatever they are/were that would pay the cost for translator stations through a required funding mechanism (fees, property taxes, etc.)? If a simple voting majority in said towns agreed to something like that and it was still possible, that would also solve the issue.


    The issue comes down to money. Most of the time these disputes are caused by the programmer wanting a huge increase in fees, sometimes double. Dish, Direct, or cable refuses to pay it to keep the prices down so rates do not have to go up as much. But there needs an arbitrator that can deal with both sides and a rule the service stays up on a carrier until a deal is reached. Like in the case of a local TV station, then if the company drops the channel, then Dish/Direct/Cable should be allowed to import another like channel to cover their viewers. Now the viewer is the loser. Living out here on the Oregon has it perks away from the noise and traffic of metro areas, and we are getting more variety we never used to have. I am hoping with streaming, these issues will be solved in time.

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