Discriminatory Texass Voter ID law struck down

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    A federal appeals court in Texas has struck down one of the nation’s strictest voter ID laws, siding with the Obama administration’s argument that it would keep hundreds of thousands of eligible voters from casting ballots.

    The Wednesday decision was a victory for the president, who has directed the Justice Department to try to beat back a movement in several Republican-led state governments to implement ballot-box restrictions.

    “Today’s ruling is a victory for every Texas voter. Once again, the rule of law agrees with Democrats. The Republican voter ID law is discriminatory,” Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said in a statement.



    Even Ex-House speaker Jim Wright was denied back in 2013.


    The 90-year-old told the newspaper he realized last week that he didn’t have a valid ID to vote in Tuesday’s elections. He said he was refused a voter ID card because his driver’s license expired in 2010 and his faculty identification from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where he teaches, doesn’t meet requirements under the state law enacted in 2011.


    All the more ironic since August 6 is the 50th anniversary of President Johnson signing the the Voting Rights Act of 1965. You can be assured that none of the candidates will mention this anniversary during the “debate” tomorrow. The goal of he GOP is to suppress the vote.


    >>The goal of he GOP is to suppress the vote.
    Not true, not being intellectually honest…ID please…that’s all.

    Andy Brown

    “>>The goal of he GOP is to suppress the vote.
    Not true”

    Yes, true. Very true.



    “ID please…that’s all.”

    Cow dung, Broadway. You aren’t paying attention at all.

    Voter suppression is a moral issue, and the Republican support for suppressing the vote demonstrates a party wide lack of character. But we already know that you have no sense of what good character is in politics.




    The GOP has a history of suppressing votes it does not like.

    Let’s be honest.

    And as a nation we have had to get past some ugly times.

    Given how these laws get written, and by whom, it is not all that honest to claim they are just and true.

    If you want to get real Broadway, then do it for realz.


    Good grief, how many places do you have to show ID to do something in our society…even make a purchase at the big box stores. Voting is important…we’re making sure you are you…no fraud fellas…or maybe honesty is not a lib’s best attribute.


    Voter fraud isn’t a problem.

    The only people worked up about voter fraud are the people who don’t like the idea of brown and poor people voting.

    See, the problem here is failure to actually advocate voting. Here in Oregon, we want as many people who are supposed to be voting actually voting. We register them at the DMV, and we make sure it’s all easy so that any voter who wants to vote can vote.

    In the States where we’ve got all this concern, about a problem that doesn’t exist and has not been shown to have any meaningful impact on elections, all the “prevent the fraud” laws actually do place a burden on large numbers of people.

    The net impact is less voting overall.

    Not to mention long lines, difficult voting processes, means and methods, all making the act of voting a fairly expensive one.

    This is vote suppression. It’s suppression due to the fact that it’s not enabling in any way.

    Enabling voting works entirely different from how the GOP typically operates. It’s inclusive, not exclusive.

    There is no reason at all for voting to be laborious, nor expensive, nor controversial.

    Until we see the GOP actually come to Jesus on all of that, it’s totally reasonable to nail ’em for vote suppression, because that is the intent behind the legislative efforts, and where they say it isn’t, we can see the impact, or meaningful outcome of their legislative efforts results in vote suppression, and we can’t see where that suppression actually resolved a fraud problem demonstrated to be meaningful either.

    Making excuses on this is just another in a long line of apologies and inane contributions here Broadway.

    And you know what is hilarious?

    Here in Oregon, leftie central by population, we’ve done what the conservatives say they want done!

    -citizenship check? Done. Now it’s really hard to get any kind of handouts as a non-citizen. Want to know who bitched the most at the DMV?

    “Born in Merika” conservatives, chapped over having to actually produce the documentation they want all the brown people producing. Was funny as shit too.

    -effective means testing for assistance? Done. It’s pretty hard to get a lot of things in Oregon without near constantly having to demonstrate you really need them. Lots of cross checks on stuff like food stamps now. And we’ve centralized a lot of that, and the DMV / ID system too, just to make sure it’s all going to who and where it’s supposed to be.

    -voter fraud? All those checks roll up into auto-registration, signature checks, and a robust, verifiable voting system by mail, or in person, whatever somebody wants to do. Who is bitching? Conservatives.

    Why even listen to the clowns?

    Even when they get what they say they want, it’s no good.

    I think that’s because what they say they want and what they really want are two different things. If they actually said what they really want, most of us would laugh them off the stage.

    As we should too.

    We don’t need all those painful voting laws and ugly voting methods. So long as people are standing in line for hours at a time –time off work for most of them too, just to cast a vote, after having to gather papers, survive ugly challenges, filter through misinformation, threats, scare tactics, we’ve got a problem.

    The problem is the GOP really doesn’t want the poors or the browns to be voting. And they don’t want that, nor students, or educated people, because they lose big.

    And that is the honest truth of it right there.


    As for honesty, just go back through the archives here. Fact check it and let’s make another list!

    You know, like the list I made a while back of Republicans who have sex crimes on their record? Yeah, that kind of list.

    And the list is simple:

    Who is wrong most of the time and on what?

    You, among a few others here, would be top of the class man. Alpha as fuck.

    Unlike the GOP, Liberals have very little to actually lie about!

    -we are populists. That means we are generally working on things and for things that will improve policy outcomes for most Americans. What’s to lie about?

    -we don’t have bizarre sex hangups. No secrets there. No worries either. It’s your bedroom. Your business.

    I could go on. God, guns, girls, gays… The GOP is chock full of ass clowns who just can’t seem to figure any of that out.

    Remember those impropriety lists? Yeah, Republicans who preach purity but are themselves very impure outnumber liberals huge! It’s not even close man.

    -liberals are generally for making sure we all get a fair shake and that people aren’t being discriminated against for things they have no control over. We don’t have to worry about who is bashing the gay people, because we have no problem with the gay people. No need to lie and hide that bigotry, because we abhor bigotry.

    It’s just a lot easier to be liberal. More fun too!

    Half the reason Republicans totally ace being the kings of misinformation and lies is so they don’t actually have to face all the ugly in the party!

    And this is the beauty of Trump! He’s actually just calling it out. Amazing!

    Now, I think he’s a clueless buffoon who isn’t qualified to be President at all. And he won’t be either.

    But it’s amazing to me how he’s just putting it all out there raw. The GOP party establishment is losing their shit over it too. Trump actually ISN’T LYING, and he’s putting all the dirty laundry out there for everybody to see!

    The base loves him. Which tells us a lot about that base, and it’s not good.

    Did you know that same base when polled values having Trump run and say that shit over winning? Yeah, they don’t care if Trump is gonna lose. They want Trump!

    Funny shit there man. Totally funny shit.

    So yeah. Go ahead and preach it about honesty. I think we should make a drinking game of it. You preach it, and when it’s funny as shit, we all take a drink.



    Oh what the hell…

    I’m working late on a project tonight, often waiting for software to process some big datasets.

    Broadway, lest you think I’m being a complete ass, and yes I am a complete ass sometimes, it’s worth saying:

    First, I think you really do believe a lot of the shit you say. And it is shit you say. Like, “hey, look he has shit in his hair” type shit you say.

    And I think you believe it, because the Republicans are all about giving you the max lip service on some basic things you hold really dear.

    -like bigotry, or the enabling of it. Love the gay person, hate the gay in them, kind of enabling.


    -denial of contraception.

    (and those together are just painful as all get out, and you know that)

    -Christian Nation

    And some others too.

    It’s so important for you to see those issues go your way that you are completely willing to buy in whole hog on the party platform. All of it. So important that the little things don’t matter.

    And I also believe you believe seeing those things go your way is in the best interests of everybody too. Totally get that. You are wrong about it, but I get it. Your intent is to save those who need it, even if they don’t think they need it…

    (and mostly they don’t)

    Let’s be honest right?



    Broadway said: “ID please…”

    Why can’t you be honest and say: “go home nigger.”

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