Democrats need to wake up

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    The fact that Virginia just elected a Republican Gov when Biden won the state by 10 points is a wake up call. As is the NJ Gov who barely squeaked by.

    Bottom line, the Dems are headed to a permanent minority because they only appeal to educated high earners and poor people. Poor people don’t reliably vote and unfortunately there are more stupid gullible people than educated people.

    There’s a reason why people didn’t show up to vote Dem. They can’t get ANYTHING done and don’t seem to have any message to counterattack the manufactured CRT outrage.

    2022 Dems lose both majorities and Biden will be defeated in 2024 if he runs.


    Your post pretty much echoes what I was thinking about posting. Dems are failing miserably. I fear 2022 and 2024 will see a big shift to GOP because let’s face it Team Biden isn’t getting it done. Trump can legitimately call out all these fails.

    Dems need a MAJOR shakeup and reality check. Stat.


    Me three.

    However, 2024 is still a ways off. That said, this is not a good start for the current election cycle. Biden has no clear message. The electorate doesn’t like what is going on right now. The immediate concern are the midterms. Likely a major GOP gain a year from now.

    In my mind, the democratic divisions combined with a perceived weak President equals disaster in 2022. Could spread to 2024 if party can’t unite.


    …stopped by the entire Republican contingent and TWO Democrats! Who are more at fault?


    I do not like to say this, but I blame the voter that keeps putting these people back in. Biden would love to help many people, but without a good majority he has trouble doing what is right. Voters quit voting for politicians that do nothing for you. If this keeps going and things do not change, we will no longer have a country. I said read 52% of Republicans & 41% of Democrats want to break this country up and each will go their way. At one time even with our differences we came together.


    It’s a truism in politics that the pendulum swings back and forth. After a new president is elected, his party usually loses momentum and loses elections for the first few years no matter how well he does. Remember when Doug Jones got elected as a Democratic Senator in Alabama??? Remember how Democrats re-took the House in 2018 despite a booming economy?

    Anger and apathy play big roles in these elections. Trump is out of office, so Virginia Democrats were apathetic by election day; Virginia Republicans were angry and scared about losing, not having any power in Washington anymore – and this fake “Critical Race Theory” issue had been ginned up to motivate Republican voters the way same-sex marriage ballot measures did twenty years ago.

    I’m honestly not sure Biden and the Democrats could do much of anything that would change voters’ behaviors in the next few elections. Voters usually vote based on emotions – fear or anger. “Progress” is not a big motivator. It’s hard to imagine these two big new bills stuck in Congress are going to motivate voters more in 2022. How many voters are even aware of the big American Rescue Plan Democrats passed in March? E.g. it lowered health insurance costs for millions of Americans including presumably many Virginia voters who didn’t even bother to vote for governor. Passed 100% by Democrats. How much good did it do them politically?

    If Democrats want to win big enduring majorities in Congress again, as they did mostly between 1932 and 1994, they need to think about re-alignment based on issues that will resonate with more voters in the “fly-over states.” De-emphasize the “liberal” issues. Not easy or quick to do, and many liberals will be furious and want to revolt. Hard to keep everyone in the big tent happy while also trying to expand it.


    If Americans are unaware of the ARP it’s because someone failed miserably at getting the word out. Alternatively it’s portrayed as another liberal spending boondoggle, with no context.

    The rampant blind loyalty to that scumbag Trump elevates this game beyond just the normal swing of the political pendulum. This is different.

    Everyone is upset about the new “rampant” inflation and eager to pin the blame on Biden. That’s horseshit. Firstly apparently nobody remembers 13% inflation. I do. Secondly the pandemic’s disruption on global supply chains is largely to blame. But the Democrats don’t seem to have any ability to communicate that. So it’s automatically Biden’s fault.


    The passage (finally) of a major infrastructure bill seems to be barely a blip in the news cycle.


    Yeah, late Friday night is probably the worst possible time to try to make news. This is why bad but required press releases are typically put out Friday night, in hopes that they’ll attract as little media attention as possible.

    Still, I have seen lots of news about the infrastructure bill in the last few days. It has been assumed for a long time that it would pass. Mitch McConnell even voted for it earlier – it’s a bipartisan bill. The Big F’in Deal will be the larger (but now scaled back) Build Back Better bill that the House has yet to pass. It will be a reconciliation bill requiring only fifty Senate votes. The House Progressive Caucus has insisted they would not vote for the infrastructure bill unless BBB was passed at the time time. Didn’t quite happen but apparently deals have been agreed to, promises made for those votes to be held soon.

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