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    Andy Brown

    Imagine if Republicans were still in control of both chambers of Congress. Would an attempt by drumpf to withhold $400 million in U.S. funds for the purpose of extorting a foreign nation—all in order to fabricate dirt on his possible 2020 Democratic opponent—have ever seen the light of day, let alone led to an impeachment inquiry?

    Clearly not. The DOJ under drumpf is now more corrupt than at any point in our nation’s modern history. It exists, thanks to a venal toady named William Barr, to serve the personal needs of this president, whether illegal or otherwise. The executive branch of our government is rotten through and through, with rank looters at the head of virtually every department and agency.


    Extort them for what? Extort them to do their job and see that justice is carried out?

    Did Trump say they must fire a particular prosecutor who just happened to be investigating his son for corrupt business dealings or funds would be withheld? That sounds a lot more like extortion, but it wasn’t Trump who did that.

    Clearly the premise of the OP is deeply flawed.


    LOL @ F’n’Bacon thinking he’s the one to call anybody out for being “deeply flawed”!

    Hit the archives much?


    The premise is flawed. There is no evidence of “extortion.” There was no statement that a particular individual is flawed.

    On the other hand, Joe Biden did something very similar to what Trump is being accused of, and so far the Democrats in the media are letting him slide.


    I don’t know why we even bother. Throw this Bacon on the fire….it never was any good.

    I would say get your facts straight but I know it is useless.

    If you were legitimately interested in the actual story about Joe Biden, his son, and the prosecutor, go to the original source.

    Of course you are not interested in the actual facts. We all know this.



    Fine, let’s have an investigation and see how it all pans out. But the bottom line is that the recent source of this hit job on Biden, IMHO, is not coming from the Right, but from the Left, who want him out and who want Warren in.


    You’re a pathetically mentally ill person with no clue of your condition.


    Biden’s house is not clean. Ethically challenged, let’s say.

    There are no angels in this discussion:

    It’s true Dems are cock blocking Republicans. And that’s good!

    But, it’s not really virtuous as much as it is conflicting self interest.

    Why isn’t Biden the story? Or better, why isn’t Biden ALSO the story?

    As I’ve said a bunch of times, party establishments, both of them, do not like Trump. Few people do.

    The narrative is Defeat Trump. Fair enough. More than plenty of Americans on board with that. Good for ratings, ADS, and the horse race to come.

    That explains Biden’s position easily enough, and it’s not virtue. Just positioning.

    Remember that “lesser evil” part?

    Yeah, lesser evil does not mean good, does not mean virtuous, just less shitty.

    Andy Brown

    There is no evidence of “extortion.”

    Yes, there is. It’s coming out slowly, but in the end it will bury drumpf. This is far from over and you know it but continue to be in denial. Most people with adult onset Asperger’s have a hard time with social commentary adversarial to their diseased thinking process. I realize you refuse to be medicated, but the symptoms are pretty clear.

    On the other hand, Joe Biden did something very similar to what Trump is being accused of,

    That’s just a story the GOP is trying to inflate as a distraction. Nice try.


    It looks like Pence is smack dab in the middle of the Ukraine debacle. It will be interesting to see how republicans approach this. If the senate takes out Trump first, will Pence, then President, before he too is removed, choose a Vice President to carry on as President, after he’s removed? How will this affect the future of the Republican Party? In the alternative, would it be better for the party, long term, to remove both, thus sending the Presidency to Nancy Pelosi?

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