Democrat Takedown of Bernie

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    While I disagree with many of Bernie Sanders’ positions, it’s not hard to see a demonstrable effort to kneecap him. It seemed to begin around 2016 with a clever super delegate strategy that assured a Hillary coronation.

    Then it was curious the DNC allowed Mr. Bloomberg to enter late in the game, but not long after he donated money to the DNC.

    Then James Carville and Hillary Clinton attacked Sanders. Hillary said ‘…nobody likes’ him and Carville seemed to insist that Bernie can’t win.

    Now Chris Matthews appears to compare Mr. Sanders to the Germans invading France in WWII. Given that Mr. Sanders’ family suffered in the Holocaust, what gives with the Democrat effort to take the guy down?

    Is it because they don’t think he can win, or is it because they want to shoehorn someone like Hillary into the race?


    Because he can’t win and he will have a detrimental effect down ballot.


    It is because a Sanders win directly impacts them.

    A sanders win changes the party. With that change comes job seeking for many, lack of authority, etc…

    For the press, such as we still call them today, they face an aging demographic, stiff competition from new, progressive media, TYT, Rising, various others.

    In a more basic sense, for an awful lot of people, it is a rejection of their legacy.


    Oh he can win. Down ballot Dems have time and a problem.

    They are running on the same failed ideas Sanders handball of us are seeking to reform.

    Embrace it, or see a primary challenger, or lose.

    The Sanders org is YUGE. Bigger than what Clinton had. Lots of resources to help any Dem seeking to make it about the people.


    Bernie will lose a general. He’ll win the popular vote but lose the EV. Fact. Look at the polling in WI.


    I doubt that.

    What the pundits, who really aren’t informed at this point at all, do not yet understand is the level of planning and organization in play.

    None of the others are even on the same scale.

    Planning on all this has been going on since late 2016. The activities were funded by donors, myself included, through sometime 2017, with the book and issue campaigns providing the rest.

    Software got written, databases populated, and in short, an entirely independent machine is what you see today.

    There has been some reporting on it, but the gist goes beyond social media. What has made the big difference, particularly among that 40 percent no voters and minorities, is people were asked to rank others they knew. After that ranking, they were equipped and asked to approach people and ask them to participate.

    Want to know who else is doing that?

    Donald Trump.

    Some of the others are attempting it, but lag behind due to their fairly late starts. Both Bernie and Trump have basically never left campaign mode. Trump does it as part of being POTUS. Bernie did it with issue campaigns and events.

    Down ballot Dems that want in, can get in too. Many new progressives are running challenges in various districts as well.

    WI will come around. The others fare worse! Anyone even smelling like Clinton won’t play there at all. She pissed that entire state off big. I’ve been there several times in the last few years. It’s not unwinnable, but work has to be, and is being done.


    I don’t think Bernie is a better candidate now than in 2016. Rather, we’ve had three disastrous years of Trump, which is going to get lots of people voting for Anything But Trump. Along with a press corps that is slowly opening its eyes to Trump’s corruption, there is quite a bit in Bernie’s favor.

    In Trump’s favor, he has
    1) incumbency,
    2) power that allow him to fuck with the election (see: impeachment),
    3) an emboldened Russia, now that they’ve interfered and won once already with no consequences,
    4) a rabid following that is really not much larger than it was in 2016, but is even more motivated to vote MAGA.
    5) a Senate that is more than happy to enable any abuse of power he carries out – including election interference he commits or allows by others.

    I can see why even the most optimistic Democrats would be worried about Trump walking away with another four years.

    I believe the best way to make sure Trump is not in the White House on 1/20/2021 is to shine a blinding light on his emoluments violations, continue to keep poking at his taxes, finish the Ukraine investigation…basically, make him so toxic that most Republican Senators can’t even afford to stand by him. Remember, the Senate is the body that validates and counts the Electoral Votes, and if Trump screams “Rigged!” they can actually aid and abet him with that. If Trump loses the Senate (in numbers or in the court of public opinion) he’s cooked, even if he does win a second term.

    Then all we’ll have to do is deal with President Pence. (ugh)



    3) an emboldened Russia, now that they’ve interfered and won once already with no consequences,

    Is bullshit. The rest of your commentary makes solid sense, and is worth discussion.

    “The Russians” did not get us Trump. We can’t even name who, how, etc… with any degree of clarity. The briefing right now, is bullshit too.

    We got Trump because Clinton did not do the work. And she worked the DNC, in a position of severe debt that allowed her, to favor herself in the process. She and Bill actually goaded Trump into running, and worked with the press to favor him as an easy mark. She lost because she came with very ugly baggage.

    Assange has consistently denied Russians, nor any State actor, as the source of the emails and other data they published too. Given 100 percent accuracy, and the work that org does to vet what it publishes, there is ZERO reason to doubt any of that.

    Which means, “the russians”, and the tepid on a good day works for hire we could identify (we have yet to identify who paid, which could be anyone, even domestic actors), totalling 500K on a good day, were a mere drop in the bucket when compared to known, factual events and information that did have a major impact, some of which came from Clinton herself. Avoiding the press for well over 300 days did not help her, as just one easy example.

    And, if we want to talk interference, the Germans are phone banking for Bernie, Aussies phone banking for Bernie, etc… They want the win, because it would strengthen their own efforts against Neoliberal economics and it’s brutal impact on the working class everywhere it’s dominant.

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    Bernie Bro’s got us Trump. That’s a fact.


    Nope. You can say that all day long, and every day you do, accumulating history and reporting will prove you increasingly bat shit about it.

    70K people in WI didn’t fill out the top line, but did fill out all the down ballot races and measures. That’s on Clinton. She didn’t even visit the State, and she did piss on half her support repeatedly.

    Fact is she is a terrible candidate. And Trump turns out to be effective, contrary to her and the DNC assessments. Have you read that shit? They actually goaded him into running, and worked with major domestic media to promote his sorry ass! That ALONE sealed the deal. Way too many people to ignore protested all of it.

    And was her, nobody else, making those choices.


    You’re in a bubble.


    Nope. I read every word published on “the Russians”, sourcing original documents. THEN I watched: the MSM elevate raw speculation to fact.

    Here is some reading to catch any one interested up:

    Russia-gate’s Shaky Foundation

    Follow the links in those. Will take you a while.

    “The Russians” was a manufactured, and planned as a manufactured, response to Clinton losing to Trump. Since that time, it’s also been conflated into other events involving Trump.

    Trump related Russian activity is all a secondary issue. The core matter; namely, interference isn’t a thing. Never has been.

    Hasn’t been, because we’ve never actually presented any clear evidence to the contrary. What we do have is rooted in speculation, and if validated completely, does not compete with actual, known, factual events and their much larger impact on the election outcome.

    Yeah, I know it’s really hard, but at some point you will benefit by recognizing the DNC basic failure to perform for ordinary Americans. That’s been going on for decades.

    Incremental change can be a thing, but those increments need to be positive increments, and the basic test on all that is just how many Americans are fucked today as opposed to being fucked decades ago.

    Fail, because way more are fucked today than a decade ago, and that right there is the basis for all the progressives and Sanders are doing today too.


    Can’t win a general with a minority of the party. Numbers don’t add up.

    Deane Johnson

    Missing, it pains me to have to say, you’re engaging in a lot of mental masturbation.

    Watching videos by those liberal kooks, designed to overload your mind with B.S., is like going to Jonestown and becoming enamored by what Jim Jones had to say.

    Just be careful if someone named Jones offers you a nice cool glass of Kool-Aid on a hot day this summer.

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