Dem party losses systemic

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    Most of Clintons pop vote lead came from CA.

    To be honest, I feel the EC performed. Had Clinton done the work, she would be POTUS, despite telling a huge base of potential support they were not needed.

    We know now, from the emails, the alarms went off well in advance of the outcome. The Clinton campaign actually sent people home and or stopped efforts in the very States she lost and did so in order to maximize the popular vote.

    Doing that was really stupid.

    It’s one of the reasons I’m not willing to entertain “the russians” or “because Berners” as meaningful to explain what is basically the culmination of systemic losses.

    The former has not been substantiated. We have a rather embarrassing PDF out there, released last week and basically the whole infosec community laughed at it. Worse, the major networks, while crowing about “fake news” are basically parroting garbage while dead panning the rest!

    The latter above were the people sounding alarms, trying to bring in people and get the win!

    Blame is with Clinton, nobody else.

    I don’t think Trump would have won the pop vote.

    He’s a very highly undesirable President, who won over another highly undesirable candidate, who basically gave it to him as a gift, due to hubris, on a basic level.

    The worst in all this for me is Trump really sucks. Why Dems need to lie and manipulate to emphasize that speaks volumes to me, none of it good.

    Worse, those lies and manipulations frame Dems into a resistance type message. Opposition is good, and given how Trump is going to go whole hog privatize it all, warranted.

    But the answer needs to be more than opposition, and more than the party usual to date, and this mess doesn’t make doing that easy at all.

    Ugly politics coming up in the first part of this year.

    I think most voters are going to be shocked at what happens.


    Well played, President-Elect Trump. Send the lying media packing:

    “Media Freaked Out By Trump Using Twitter to Have a Direct Conversation With Americans”


    But…isn’t Breitbart “the media” too? We shouldn’t trust them either, right?

    So you’re telling me to ignore every media link you post up? Check! Thanks, Herb!


    Lying media.

    Nice try…and thanks for hammering my point home with your classic example of the media’s kind of selective editing.


    The herbster is wrong. Climate change will finish off ISIS if nobody else can. I shall be enjoying that last laugh dead though.


    I said lying media.

    YOU said ‘…ignoring every media link…’

    No, not ‘…every media link…’

    Lying media.

    Nice try at what’s euphemistically called ‘selective editing,’ which is precisely the kind of lying by the media that’s been exposed of late, like Katie Couric’s attempt at twisting the facts here:

    It’s this kind of ham-fisted yellow journalism that saw the leftist press go down with their candidates.

    In the meanwhile, it’s time for so-called ‘progressives’ to get used to some long years ahead, as Barry’s horrific record is effectively obliterated.


    No, HD. This is just beginning. And it is the beginning of the end. Could take awhile, but this Presidency is doomed. The GOP deflections to the press are somewhat reflective of Watergate. This is going to be very ugly for the GOP.

    Andy Brown

    drumpf has put Nixon’s worst President Ever award in jeopardy.



    You’re such a fair-weathered poster.

    When things aren’t going well for you politically, we don’t hear from you. When things fall the way you like em’ you come back to gloat and flaunt.

    If GW Bush was never your man, how in the world can Trump be anywhere near your personal standards?


    Trump is not for long, and his set-up for his company relfects this. He has put most of his company in the hands of relatives. An easy “get-back”. Seriously, this is quite evident.


    “No, HD. This is just beginning. And it is the beginning of the end. Could take awhile, but this Presidency is doomed. The GOP deflections to the press are somewhat reflective of Watergate. This is going to be very ugly for the GOP.”

    Trump had no path to victory. None. You all thought it was a done deal that he would lose and lose big. Now you think it’s a done deal that his presidency is doomed.

    Excuse me for not regarding your predictions as very credible.

    He’s going to be a great president. And I loved his smackdown of the liberal press today. It was quite refreshing. They deserved to take it in the sack..

    Andy Brown

    Bacon’s life in the bubble continues.
    Meanwhile in the real world the drumpf presidency is already a failure because drumpf’s electoral victory is the only success he brings to the starting line.

    If he doesn’t give Putin what the Russians want, they will leak the Golden Shower hooker tape.

    But his failed presidency is just getting started. The show is just beginning.


    Bacon, there are few that won’t honestly admit Trump conducted a (clearly) effective campaign, and in hindsight we can see Hillary’s mistakes.

    But don’t confuse campaigning with leading – they are wholly distinct skill sets. Winning is about polarizing the electorate and getting enough people to come to your side (or reject the other side). Leading is about unifying the entire country.

    So stop citing his campaign as any kind of proof he will be a good president. And he hasn’t “surprised” anyone – Trump has always been Trump, and people either voted for or against him for that reason. The only surprising thing was how many people thought Trump was a worthy candidate, and that says more about the voters than about the candidate.


    Hi, I’m Pope Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago.

    I’m a proven liar. I’m an astounding hypocrite. Words and actions that would produce howls of protest if expressed or taken by a Democratic politician are lauded when authored by Trump. I ignore difficult questions, employ obscene levels of deflection and distortion, and routinely make unsupported or unsupportable statements of opinion with utter certitude. Only to vanish like a rancid gas expulsion when challenged. I will defend, literally anything that Trump says or does without fail even in the face of incontrovertible evidence to the contrary as I prize party loyalty over country and live to gloat and taunt.

    I R a Troll. I.e. a small person with a smaller life.


    President-Elect Trump (man, that sounds good) was not my first choice in the primary, but I gladly voted for him in the general election.

    While the liberal schadenfreude continues on this radio buletin board, what’s mainly bound to get worse are your leftist meltdowns that have no end. Why? Because President-Elect Trump is:

    -Exposing phony global warming.
    -Calling CNN on their fake ‘news.’
    -Readying Pro-Life SCOTUS appointments.
    -In the process of ending Barrycare.
    -Preparing to ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ using our vast resources and stop giving money to those who try to kill us.
    -Bringing jobs back to America…before he’s even inaugurated.

    And he’s just getting started.

    He may not have been my first choice at the time, but to many, January 20th can’t arrive soon enough.

    You want jobs? Don’t ask a socialist community organizer. Ask a businessman. And I’ve never seen a poor person hire somebody.

    The beauty of President-Elect Trump is that he’s taking a pay cut. He doesn’t need the money.

    Handwring on. I don’t expect anyone here to recognize his accomplishments. But what will matter is keeping more jobs here, not killing the innocent and stopping outrageous government bloat.

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