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    Let me get one thing straight. My support for the Dem nominee will be based solely on one thing. Who has the best chance to defeat Trump. Period. End of story. If that ends up being the most conservative or most liberal Dem I’ll support them against Trump without reservation.

    All that needs to happen is the Dem needs to win back WI, MI, and PA. That’s the path to victory and it’s up to us to figure out who will be best suited to win back those states.

    The best part about this is both Ohio and Florida can go fuck themselves.

    While it’s early and my mind if far from made up, here’s my quick Yes, No, and Maybes.

    Yes: Biden, Beto, Booker.
    No: Warren, Bernie, Klobuchar, Gillibrand, Schultz.
    Maybe: Harris, Hikenlooper, Inslee.


    Yes: Biden, Klobuchar
    Second look: O’Rourke, Booker
    Maybe: Gillibrand, Harris, Inslee
    No: Warren, Sanders, Gabbard, Hikenlooper

    I don’t dislike Hikenlooper – I just think he lacks the right voice to inspire a winning nomination. His kick-off speech seemed full of cliches.

    Inslee needs to come up with more than just one issue or he has no chance.

    Out of these, I think the biggest wildcard is Cory Booker. Although in one sense he comes off as kind of a lightweight, he seems like a unique character and a charismatic leader. If he can come up with the right message? He might persuade some people.

    I am not sure he’s the best person to win PA, MI, and WI, being from New Jersey (in PA, being from Jersey is probably a negative). And yes, I’m aware that the Berniecrats hate him because they think he’s too close to the pharmaceutical industry. Too bad. Put the purity tests aside. Booker may also inspire black voters to come out again – their voter turnout declined in 2016. Booker would be the first president descended from American slaves (Obama’s father was from Kenya and his mother was white. Kamala Harris’s parents are both immigrants to the US).

    I still think Biden might win the nomination just based on his name recognition and connection to Obama. I like Joe a lot – but he also has a lot of baggage and two failed presidential runs on his resume. Plus, Democrats historically do a lot better with new, fresh faces on the national scene than with establishment figures like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Walter Mondale. Biden entered the US Senate in 1973!!! I really think the party needs to look forward, not backward.


    Yes: Beto, Booker, Biden.
    Maybe: Inslee
    No: Bernie (his nomination ensures another Trump victory), Gillibrand, Harris, Sanders, Gabbard, Hikenlooper, Klobuchar (I am staunchly opposed to how she treats her people).
    HELL NO: Schultz (as a Sonics fan, the vitriol and hatred I have for that man knows no bounds).

    Beto is everything I think the Democrats need – younger, extremely charismatic, he connects well with the far left AND moderates, and he instantly brings Texas into play. And if Beto carries his home state, Florida (for one) is irrelevant. I really think that his nomination would have Trump and the GOP shitting milkshakes.


    Brian, if O’Rourke couldn’t beat wacky Ted Cruz in his home state, how is he going to beat Trump? Trump is still more popular in Texas than unpopular.

    Texas Approve 49% Disapprove 46% +2%
    Pennsylvania Approve 45% Disapprove 52% -7%
    Michigan Approve 40% Disapprove 55% -15%
    Wisconsin Approve 41% Disapprove 55% -14%

    I still say we need a candidate who can win PA, MI, and WI – and you can see Trump is in trouble there (also, Republicans did awful in all three states back in November). Betting on a candidate who might put Texas in play but has no connection to the other three states above seems too risky.

    Plus, personally, I think O’Rourke is highly overrated. I’m glad he gave Cruz a run for his money, but I don’t see that he has accomplished much else.


    I have sworn off this side the site, but this thread caught my attention.

    Biden and O’Rourke as VP is the best chance. Think of it, a connection to Obama with Biden, and a chance at Texas. Makes sense to me.


    The VP candidate’s state hasn’t really been a considering in choosing the VP for a very long time, and I wouldn’t expect O’Rourke to make Texas competitive for the Democrats in 2020 just by being the VP candidate.

    Somehow, I don’t think a presidential ticket of two white guys is going to happen again for a very long time.


    Biden tops Trump by double digits in new Pennsylvania poll

    According to the Keystone State poll, Biden tops Trump 53 percent to 42 percent in a head-to-head matchup. While the president holds a four-percentage-point advantage among men, Biden enjoys a 24-point lead among women. The Democrat also edges out Trump 49 percent to 45 percent among all white voters, while crushing the president 70 percent to 27 percent among non-white voters in the state.

    In the state’s Democratic primary race, the survey puts Biden at 39 percent support, with Sanders a distant second at 13 percent. Warren and Harris each are at eight percent, Buttigieg garners six percent, and Sen. Cory Booker of neighboring New Jersey has five percent support. Every other candidate registered at two percent or less.

    “Bolstering Vice President Biden’s numbers is something on which Democrats of all stripes in Pennsylvania agree: Whether they back Biden or not, more than 60 percent believe he has the best chance of defeating Trump in 2020,” Snow spotlighted.

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