Declass is coming

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    Like I’ve been saying, declassification is happening.

    Prepare to be surprised.



    Time to use the FBI to go after the President’s political enemies! Nixon would be proud. Stalin too.



    Can’t have it both ways, Andrew.
    We kept hearing about the need for transparency.
    Now you’ve got it. Boy have you got it.
    All the malfeasance is about to come out.
    Watergate will look like child’s play.

    But unlike Democrats, this isn’t about sending Lois Lerner and the IRS after private citizens for political purposes.

    No, this is about exposing those who first tried to illegally subvert an election using the FISA process for spying purposes on innocent US citizens.

    Then when that didn’t work, Hillary’s minions launched their ‘insurance policy’ in an effort to oust a duly elected President. All the while, her potentially incriminating 33,000 emails were ‘lost’ and her server was being hacked by those who wish our nation harm. Kinda like Uranium One. Or Fast & Furious. Even pervy Weiner’s laptop.

    But continue siding with the police state.
    After what we went through with the prior administration, it figures.



    Democrats: discover evidence of wrongdoing, then come up with the appropriate charges

    Republicans: Come up with charges, then try to find evidence.

    And Herb, you and your “president” need to STFU about transparency until tax returns and records are produced.



    Don’t worry. There’s about to be some real transparency, now that the gloves are off.

    After several years and millions spent on dozens of Democrat donating lawyers, the left still has nothing.

    But the situation has changed and there are now some big differences to reckon with. One difference is plenty of evidence to show illegal spying against private citizens including the President, once he was elected.

    Those 33,000 emails? They never went away. The NSA has them ALL. Don’t for a minute think documents can escape the federal vortex. If someone says they’ve disappeared, they are either ignorant or lying.

    Another difference?

    You have a President who was wrongly accused and he’s seeking to shed light on groundless attacks against him.

    You have a Senate with 53 Republicans.

    You have a more conservative Supreme Court.

    You have a military justice system prepared to move forward against those whose seditious acts may constitute treason.

    Don’t dismiss this. The President is the Commander in Chief and military courts were a key conversation during the Kavanaugh hearings:

    Prepare to be surprised. People are going to jail. Some of them will surprise you…and maybe even me.



    Save the banter for your bimbos.


    Andy Brown

    Hey Herb, you need to go back on your meds. In all the years you’ve been posting here you are now at the apparent apogee of sharing your uncontainable nonsense.

    You have a President who was wrongly accused and he’s seeking to shed light on groundless attacks against him.

    drumpf? or Nixon? It’s hard to fathom to whom you are advocating from post to post. The facts say otherwise in both cases. Yes, Herb, you can have your own opinion but not your own facts. drumpf is as guilty as sin. He colluded with the Russians to win the election and the evidence is there to prove it. He made at least a dozen attempts to obstruct justice and will be in deep too doo come January 20, 2021 when he can be indicted. Oh, that’s right, your lack of lucidity is making you think he can be re-elected and run out the clock. Think again (even Rasmussen has Warren beating drumpf):

    You have a Senate with 53 Republicans.

    Enjoy that while it lasts because that will be ending soon (not soon enough) as the GOP must defend many seats in 2020 and Democrats need only to gain 3 since drumpf has little chance of re-election. This is the important part of the election to watch and each day drumpf damages the chances for the Republicans to retain seats in swing states where drumpf’s international political ignorance keeps hurting American agriculture.

    You have a more conservative Supreme Court.

    That’s the common notion but it is overstated. Roberts is moving to his left to rebalance the court. Didn’t he just vote to block a Louisiana law requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital? Oh, that’s right, you were too busy watching Hannity.

    You have a military justice system prepared to move forward against those whose seditious acts may constitute treason.

    Another tidbit you seem to be in denial about. The military hates drumpf and can’t wait for him to be gone.

    And we’re talking both the troops:

    and the brass:

    You see Herb, you are counting on future information that is being spun out of context and if and when any of it materializes it is going to pale in comparison to what happens in the inevitable impeachment hearings because the evidence is already there. Barr tried his best to cover for the orange cheeto, but in the end the Mueller report is going to sink this administration. I expect that towards the end of this year and the beginning of 2020, the GOP is going to have no choice but to convict drumpf because his international ignorance is going to sink the economy and without the economic engine running smooth the GOP has nothing and every reason to turn on his ass when their own majority is in deeper jeopardy than it already is.



    “He colluded with the Russians to win the election and the evidence is there to prove it.”

    Beyond laughable.

    After several years and millions spent, the exalted Mueller found no collusion from his witch hunt.

    So continue to side with the police state. But don’t worry. Transparency is coming. Let’s see what you have to say when DECLASS occurs and your leaders are named in unsealed indictments.

    Will we hear leftist crickets then?

    Chirp chirp.



    When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.



    “After several years and millions spent, the exalted Mueller found no collusion from his witch hunt.” That’s not what Mueller said. He said that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Barr said that there was no collusion but he was lying 30 years ago and he’s lying now!



    Herb, you ignorant slut.

    There is no such crime as collusion. Nobody cares.

    There is a actual crime called obstruction of justice. People go to prison for that one. Nixon was going to be impeached on that one.

    Listening to Trump and folks like you using the non-issue of “collusion” reminds me of the radio show Car Talk. When the hosts were stumped and didn’t have a clue, they would stall and revert to their classic line of asking what color the car was.

    Talking about collusion is like asking the meaning of life and being told 42. It’s a joke.

    Click and Clack knew their question was a joke. You don’t understand yet what a joke the statement “no collusion” is.


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    Wait – does “declass” describe what Herb does to this board with his so-called “evidence” and “arguments”? Because it always feels a little less classy when Herb pokes his head in here.





    Oh Herb…

    Manafort is having to give up many of his expensive properties back to the government. As much as 46 million, for now.

    I believe that pays for the Mueller report.



    Trump has spent 83 million taxpayer dollars on golf, while the Mueller investigation has only cost $25 million.

    Reuters reported on the latest DOJ data on the cost of the Mueller probe, ” The U.S. Justice Department has spent a total of $25.2 million on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation ….

    As CNBC reported, Mueller has turned a profit from the investigation, “Mueller may have also paid for his own investigation. That’s because, as part of his plea deal with the special counsel, Manafort agreed to forfeit real estate and cash estimated to be worth between $42 million and $46 million.”

    Trump claimed the investigation cost $40 million, which was a lie:

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