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    Wow, this continues to be a very sad story. One day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away from a heart attack, Debbie Reynolds, hollywood royalty, has also died.

    Debbie Reynolds, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ Star and Carrie Fisher’s Mother, Dies at 84


    The hard thing for most people to grasp is that these deaths had nothing comparable other than mother and daughter.

    A heart attack can be caused by lifestyle, genes, or a combo.

    Strokes are completely random and can happen to anyone at any age.

    So, in conclusion, as much as people will play the card of these two events being related, in reality, it’s a complete coincidence!


    But there are tons of stories of longtime husband and wives dying within a short time. Some could be completely random, but I happen to believe there is another factor here, though it may be scientific more than “random”. When people who are close to each other suffer a great loss of one of them, there are scientific reasons why this stress can kill the other. (stress on the heart, a stroke, etc.) So I don’t buy the “random” theory completely. I think research backs this up. People can and do die due to a broken heart. And I’m speaking medically, not emotionally.


    “So, in conclusion, as much as people will play the card of these two events being related, in reality, it’s a complete coincidence!”

    Except for the fact that Debbie Reynolds’ last words were essentially “I want to be with Carrie.”

    Andy Brown

    “it’s a complete coincidence!”

    That’s completely ridiculous. It’s documented that emotions have a direct effect on physiology. There is so much info out there that totally makes that statement sound foolish I don’t know where to start. Science first postulated this over a century ago and the evidence collected in the last 50 years is overwhelming.


    Yes, Andy, as I mentioned, this is pure science at this point. There is usually little “coincidence” when these events happen. It has been proven scientifically.

    In my life it occured. My healthy father died less than a year after my mother suffered a stroke. Anecdotal, perhaps. But real life stress put on one partner? absolutely.

    Vit: Please don’t say that all these events are coincidental when you apparently don’t have a clue how some humans live and die. That is personally insulting.


    Call me skeptical. I think a lot of people want to fall back on the notion that they died of a “broken heart.” Kind of sounds like saying it’s “fate” if you ask me. Or it was just “meant to be”.

    I’m aware of the science but I think it takes a leap of faith to get there if you ask me.

    We can verify for fact she died of a stroke. We cannot verify as fact the stroke was caused by a “broken heart.”


    Stress actually kills people. It’s quite possible Debbie Reynolds was going to have a stroke, but the stress of loosing a daughter you love, may have played a significant role in moving that event to the day after her daughter died.

    There is good and bad stress. Again, well documented. I’ve known friends who went through divorces and either gained or lost significant weight, due to the stress of the divorce.

    My mother died 10 years ago, yet, my father is still kicking around at 90 and aging in place. My folks were married for 55 years. It wouldn’t have surprised me if dad died within a year my mom. He misses her terribly.

    PTSD is another example of stress on steroids.

    But, one could argue coincidence. For me, not so much in this case.


    A stroke happens any time that blood flow to the brain is cut off, either by a blockage or bleeding. High blood pressure is the main contributor to the possibility of a stroke (see second paragraph of ). There is also some recent research showing that people who have “type A” personalities have an increased chance of a stroke (see ). Is it unreasonable that the increase in blood flow and pressure that Debbie Reynolds would have experienced in the wake of her daughter’s death might have dislodged a blood clot or caused a weakened arterial wall to burst? I must include the disclaimer that I am not a doctor, and none of us knows Reynold’s medical history.

    On the other hand, I must state that the human mind really wants to find patterns, and sometimes it is fooled into seeing them when they don’t really exist. I remember, as a child, looking at snow on a TV screen or at clouds and seeing animals, shapes, letters, etc.

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