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    Trump has walked back his controversial statement from the debate. In Delaware today he said he will accept the results of the election IF HE WINS.

    More liberal media hysteria to follow…



    That’s just stupid. What is he going to do if he loses? Cry, stamp his feet and then threaten to sue everyone that didn’t vote for him? Or is he going to tell his minions to fight? Isn’t that sedition?


    Tain’t funny, Mcgee


    It’s not remotely funny. If Hillary Clinton, or any Democrat, made such a appalling statement attacking the very foundation of our representative democracy I would disavow her/them immediately.

    You’re repugnant, Bacon. Liar, hypocrite, coward, willful ignoramus, and one of the most un-Christian, self described “Christians” it’s ever been my mispleasure to speak with.


    And, anti-American.


    If a Democrat said that (s)he weren’t sure whether (s)he would accept the results of the election, there would be all sorts of hysteria on talk radio about big government liberals on the rampage, a conspiracy to implement the ideals of the USSR in the USA, etc.


    I’m certain that Trump realizes his chances of winning are a joke, so he has started running a joke campaign. His quip about not winning the Emmy (“I should have won”) would have been a funny line…anywhere except in response to the point Clinton was making, in a presidential debate. He knows his supporters got a chuckle out of it (and I guess he did too) and that’s all that he cares about.

    The line about supporting the results if he wins – also meant as a joke for those in the audience, and they ate it up. But he’s a presidential candidate, with cameras beaming those images and words across the world, and that is a terribly inappropriate and dangerous thing to say.

    Hey, there are “blue” jokes I can tell to my friends and colleagues after work at the bar, that would get a great laugh. Those same jokes, told at the school I work at in front of students, would get me fired – and rightly so.

    Trump doesn’t seem to know what appropriate and inappropriate behavior is. And that’s THE reason why he should not be President.


    If he loses in a close election, he might want to count some hanging chads or otherwise divine the intentions of disenfranchised voters.

    If he had answered the question the way the liberal media wanted, it would have been seen as a concession, and would have been used to depress Trump support.

    He didn’t say he wouldn’t concede if he lost. He was just leaving the door open to all possibilities.


    I just mailed in my ballot and my ballot in San Francisco is 10 pages long and almost 40 referendum on the ballot. Just letting you know I voted for Hillary Clinton. 🙂

    Andy Brown

    “If he loses in a close election,”

    It’s not going to be close. It is going to be a landslide Clinton victory or close to it.

    In two national polls, Clinton has moved to a double-digit lead. In the RealClearPolitics average, her percentage is up to about 48 percent in a two-person race; in the average, she breaks 49 percent. According to the RCP electoral map with no toss-ups, she has 340 electoral votes to Trump’s 198. Yup, right now this looks more like Ronald Reagan’s 1980 romp than either of Obama’s wins.

    It’s entirely possibly things will get even worse for Trump for several reasons. Early voting is underway and Trump is now in burn-it-down mode. His campaign is now virtually identical to a talk-radio show or Fox Non-News nighttime show. It’s about re-litigating the 1990s, criminalizing Trump’s opponent, attacking the “establishment,” cooking up conspiracies (illegal immigrants are pouring over the border to vote!) and lionizing Trump because he “fights.” This is the land of right-wing nuttery that far too many Republicans inhabit. This is the province of Trump’s core base (less educated older white men like Bacon) and few other segments of the electorate. At this rate, he’s heading for 40 percent or less of the popular vote; a humiliating defeat, in other words.

    Third, Republican officeholders are abandoning him in droves. The portrait of the GOP at this point is one of chaos and abject panic.

    The polls are split between Hillary Clinton winning and … Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide. Every major election forecasting model gives Clinton at least an 87 percent chance of victory.

    Spin that, baconboy.


    More willfully lying, hypocritical, and offensive crap (yet again) by the Pope of Bullshit.

    It’s not liberal media spin, you turd.

    No presidential candidate in the history of the United States has ever preemptory challenged the legitimacy of an election, DURING, an election. It’s a dog whistle towards domestic insurgency and a tacit call to violence that was heard loudly and clearly by the mouth breathing dullards who make up his base of support.

    Donald Trump’s refusal to state he will accept the outcome of an election and the will of the people, before it’s even been held, is an attack upon the very foundation of our Democracy. It’s, by definition, completely un-American and at odds with our common values. He’s being widely, and correctly, condemned by almost everyone today. Including a goodly number of sitting Republican officials who are (correctly) as appalled by this nonsense as other honest and thoughtful adults are.

    Trump is a serial lying, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, bullying, thin-skinned, narcisstic, ignorant child who has proven himself by both temperament and intellect as ridiculously unsuited for this or any public office. I’m happy you’ve found your soul mate. You deserve each other. Once he loses on November 8th perhaps you can sign up for the alt-right, conspiracy theory, nut job network he’s attempting to conjure up and give him your money. He’s made a career out of conning people and will be happy to continuing conning you along with the other rubes.

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