Debate III

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    1. Donald is getting his ass kicked.

    2. Donald is gasping for air for the 3rd time on TV. I feel short of breath just watching.


    I hope he brings up her “health issues” because the zinger back should be his gasping for air at the debates.


    Trump loses big.


    Pounding nails in his own coffin. Refusing to accept the results of the election is anti-democracy.


    One of the ABC News analysts recently said something like, “Trump accused Hillary of being on drugs, but to somebody listening tonight, he would have sounded like the one on drugs–if he thinks that these personal attacks are going to sway undecided voters.” Ouch! Of course, the true believers are going to say, on cue, that the media is rigged.


    Donald Trump won the debate, period.

    Hillary Clinton was called out on her open trade open borders comment that was leaked on Wikileaks, and how did she respond?
    She gave some bullshit answer about Global warning. Her lies are getting so ridiculous they are pure comedy gold.(not sure why Trump didn’t call her out on her bullshit)

    Hillary Clinton is going to get us into war and quickly and after listening to her tonight she basically confirmed that. She wants to start an Air war with Russia. I think we are closer to a nuclear war than we have ever been. She is war hungry.

    We now have video proof that it was Hillary Clinton and the democrats that were inciting violent protesters at Trump rallies.(BUSTED!)

    Donald Trump is going to win the election, her open borders policy is dangerous and people are starting to wake up and realize that a 500% increase in refugees coming into the country is dangerous. I overheard a woman the other day saying she is worried about all the people that Hillary Clinton will be letting into the country.

    Its Hillary Clinton that has a private position and a public position. So basically she has a bullshit/fake answer she give to the american people and a private position she gives her Wallstreet buddies.

    Andy Brown


    Dork, do you remember how you felt when you learned that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny weren’t real?

    That’s how Nov. 9th is going to feel for you. Get ready.

    Andy Brown

    I suspect dork is a teenager. It’s quite possible he doesn’t know Santa isn’t real.


    Repeat after me Andy……PRESIDENT TRUMP!


    Based on what? Utah and Arizona are now listed as “tossups.” Both are solid red states that Hillary could now carry. Nevada and Florida are also listed as “leaning Democrat.” Trump was a hot mess last night, literally. It was his Nixon moment, as he wiped the sweat off of his upper lip. Did you see the body languge of the Trumps afterward? EVERYONE, including The Donald, knows that it’s all over but the shouting.


    Great Vox take on how Hillary and her campaign brilliantly engineered Trump’s self destruction;

    Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins


    Trump’s employees in Vegas are turning on him:

    Meet Trump Tower’s Las Vegas Workers Who Will Vote Hillary

    “A very emotive CNN video has emerged of employees at Trump Tower Las Vegas articulating why the will not be supporting their boss in next month’s presidential contest. The video entitled The Trump Workers Voting Against The Boss was released today in anticipation of the third and final presidential debate that will take place at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas…”


    The latest numbers were out pre-debate, and they’re not good for TD; I’m sure they’re worse after last night’s debacle.

    “A slew of new polls show Clinton widening her lead over Trump just ahead of the third and final debate on Wednesday night. The RealClearPolitics average of recent polls gives Clinton a 6.9-point margin of victory in a four-way race, 46.1% to 39.2%. That’s the biggest gap since early August.

    Some polls predict an even larger win.

    The latest Bloomberg survey gives Clinton a 9-point lead in both a head-to-head matchup and a four-way race that includes libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. A CBS polls also gives Clinton a 9-point advantage.

    NBC/Wall Street Journal puts Clinton up by an even larger 11 points.

    ABC/ Washington Post is the only major poll showing Trump within striking distance at just 4 points behind.”


    Yes, Dork, do tell. Based upon what, exactly, do you base those absurd statements?

    I hate to crack the bubble of the hermetically sealed chamber of alt right nonsense in which you reside, but Donald Trump is going to lose badly on November 8th. The math is undeniable.

    The RNC and the GOP are in full blown crisis mode at the moment. They’re shifting money and resources fully down ballot in an effort to protect vulnerable incumbents in both the Senate and House. They’ve more or less cut him loose.

    Neither of those statements are remotely hyperbolic. It’s real. It’s happening. The only real question now is the *scale* of the fallout the party will face due to Donald Trump’s flailing and failing candidacy. It’s highly probable you’re going to wake up on the morning of November 9th to President Hillary Clinton, a Democratic majority in the United States Senate, and a weakened (meaning smaller) GOP majority in the House of Representatives. That’s likely best case for The GOP. Considering the polarization of the electorate and the highly partisan voting patterns, particularly driven by Republican obstinacy and reality denial, this election will go down as a thorough shellacking and repudiation of Donald J Trump and the Republican Party.

    You’d best come to grips with it, slick.

    As for that grim, joyless, embarrassing, pointless, and in the end shockingly awful “debate”, the only people today who think Trump won are (ardent, dare I say, mindless) Trump supporters. Oh, and of course, (yet again) a small gaggle of unscientific internet polls. You remember those polls, don’t you? The same ones that Donald and his cult touted as “proof” he won the previous two debates despite overwhelmingly scientific polling in the days that followed showing that he actually lost spectacularly? The same debate performances that have driven both his national and state by state poll numbers into the basement? Good lord, man. How can you or anyone possibly be so dense? Its equal parts ignorance and stupidity brought to the level of performance art.

    Sidebar: Trump and his supporters of late remind me of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf. A.K.A. Baghdad Bob. I.e. “Tanks? What tanks? There are no American tanks in Iraq! We crushed the Coalition forces with righteous fury”! (Meanwhile in the background an Abrams A-1 battle tank treads past with an American flag waving from the radio antenna.)

    For thirty minutes last night, Donald Trump *was* winning the debate. For him, (keeping in mind this is a low bar to hurdle) he was on message and landing good attack lines on Secretary Clinton. He was restraining himself from engaging in insults, from rudely interrupting her, and from generally coming across as the man we all know he actually is. Had the debate ended at that point, it’s likely both the (real) polling that’s coming in a couple of days would have shown him the winner of that contest. Not decisively so, Clinton didn’t make the kinds of errors that would have in any way affected the outcome of November 8th, but at the least it would have stemmed Donald’s bleeding support and given down ballot Republicans something to rally behind.

    And then he went completely off the rails. Again. He attacked the women he have accused him of sexual assault and came across like an icky boor. He defended Vladimir Putin to a truly alarming degree while simultaneously denigrating our government, our elected officials, and even Ronald Reagan. The insults were ratcheted up. The interruptions began again. He began whining about unfair treatment from the media and yet again waded into the lunatic waters of claiming the election is rigged. Secretary Clinton’s riposte to that bit of tin foil hat nuttery was epic and note perfect. Up to and including Donald Trump interrupting her to assert that, yes indeed, The Emmy’s were “rigged” because his stupid reality show didn’t win that year. (Paging Alanis: There’s a new verse for your mid 90’s hit “Ironic”.) And then, Donald Trump committed seppuku in front of the nation.

    He attacked the very foundations of our Democracy by preemptory declaring he may not accept the results of the election. You could audibly hear the gasp from the audience in the room at that lunatic and (literally) dangerous assertion. Chris Wallace of Fox News gave him not one, but two opportunities to walk that back a bit and even attempted to explain to the narcissistic bully that what he was doing was both without precedent and an attack upon the very ideals upon which the U.S. Constitution are based.

    Nope, Donald wasn’t having it. He’ll “keep us in suspense”.

    Sidebar two: No, liars and hypocrites, that’s not remotely the same thing as the Gore/Bush election of 2000. At no point *during* the election process did Al Gore or George W Bush claim the process was “rigged” or that one or the other may not accept the outcome. It didn’t happen. The challenge was initiated at the state level (due to state election laws, not a challenge or complaint from either campaign) late on November 8th of that year and then into the morning and the next day on the 9th (initially in Florida and also in New Mexico) where due to the razor thin margins and early reports of potential voting irregularities an automatic recount was triggered. It became a national issue because the electoral votes from Florida would, literally, decide the presidency.

    What Donald Trump just said is without precedent. It’s not comparable in any way. It’s *never* happened in the entire history of the United States. It’s a direct assault upon the very foundations of American Democracy: The peaceful transition of power.

    Trump is playing with fire. He sounded both like a petulant child and like an autocrat or tyrant from a third world nation. Republicans and conservatives with intelligence and integrity, meaning no-one on this board, were as upset and alarmed by that statement as any Democrat or Independent.

    That’s why it’s front page news on every news service in the United States this morning. It’s not good news for Donald Trump. More pointedly, it’s not good news for the United States.

    I was pretty sure Trump and his supporters had reached rock bottom some time ago. Yet they’ve found, yet again, a new low. This time attacking the very process and ideals upon which The United States was founded.

    Nice job, assholes.

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