David Duke is running for U.S. Senate

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    “because ‘my platform became the GOP mainstream'”


    He’s 100% correct.


    I didn’t know David Duke had a platform.

    What is it? Let’s see it.

    Andy Brown

    Even when he’s defeated in November, Trump will have legitimized the politics of hate in America — making it acceptable to seek power by stoking racial, ethnic, or religious resentment. Trump has already lifted up several of our society’s rocks, letting loose all manner of vicious vermin hiding beneath them like David Duke, former KKK Wizard.


    David Duke’s platform comes fitted with a noose and a trap door.


    David Duke has been a vocal Trump supporter. He was tweeting out mad props all week including post Trump’s Nuremburg rally on Thursday night.

    Trump’s GOP has both tacitly, and in some cases overtly, welcomed hate groups and other white supremacist/white identity nationalist organizations into the mainstream.

    Trump himself has re-tweeted and shared a number of social media blurbs that originated with said hate groups.

    Facts, one and all.

    It’s almost unbelievably fucking disgusting and completely at odds with everything the Unites States is supposed to be about.

    Nice job, “conservatives”.


    David Duke opposes abortion.

    So if a pro-lifer makes an impassioned plea in a speech to stop abortion, and if that speech is praised by David Duke, then that makes the pro-lifer a racist?

    That’s not logical, of course.

    All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

    David Duke is a racist but he’s not wrong about everything.

    I have yet to see a list of Trump’s proposed policies that are racist or which would unfairly harm black people.

    It seems all that’s needed to be called a “racist” among liberals, or at least those of this board, is to disagree with them. It’s their way of feeling “holier than thou” and of shutting down expressions of diverse thinking. Liberals don’t care much for free speech unless they agree with it.


    Trunp has already disavowed David Duke more than once. You dems are really desperate aren’t you? Yes you are.


    David Duke is a Racist.
    David Duke praises Donald Trump.
    Therefore Donald Trump is a racist.

    Of course this is a syllogistic fallacy, but they’re not known for logical thinking.


    Actually, David Duke and Donald Trump are racists, independent of each other.

    You were just confused by your own logical thinking.


    I hope David Duke keeps talking about how his platform is now the mainstream GOP platform.

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