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    I’m generally not one to post a lot of links, but this one really does speak for itself.

    “Republicans rip Trump over NATO plan”


    Andy Brown

    If he wins the presidency, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would seek to purge the federal government of officials appointed by Democratic President Barack Obama and could ask Congress to pass legislation making it easier to fire public workers, Trump ally, Chris Christie, said on Tuesday.


    Why is this scary? It is literally one of the first moves made by Adolf Hitler, upon democratically attaining power.

    The Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service was passed just two months after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

    It was such a major piece of his plan to ultimately become dictator, that the Holocaust Museum notes it on their timeline of events:

    “The German government issues the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service (Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung des Berufsbeamtentums), which excludes Jews and other political opponents of the Nazis from all civil service positions.”


    Gutting government of any civil service officers who are not completely and blindly loyal to the new leader usually is one of the first moves of someone looking to become a dictator. Another act is one Trump previously voiced support for – tighter control over a free press.

    Whether dictatorship is the overt intent of Donald Trump or not, what cannot be denied is that a move like this runs completely counter to the very idea of our Republic, whose very Constitution goes to very, very great lengths to prevent usurping of that kind of power.

    Whether it is Saddam, or Stalin, going after the bureaucracy, purging it, and installing loyalists is almost always a first step for a rising dictator.



    He’s too ignorant and narcissistic for the alarming parallels to either have occurred to him or be bothered in the least once others point it out.

    I don’t believe is intent is to be a dictator; intent implies there some kind of method or planning to anything the man says. Rather, he’s just a thin skinned, megalomaniacal, bully who (as a private citizen/businessman) demands complete and uncritical loyalty from all employees and subordinates. Provably, Donald Trump is not a man who’s interested in critical discourse or having truth spoken to power. That’s how he runs his businesses. There’s a string of confidentially agreements and thousands of lawsuits that give further evidence to how he runs his businesses. So, he expects his administration to be run the same way.

    The fact the Federal government and the position of President of the United States should not, cannot, be run like a casino or a reality television program is a position The Donald refuses to even consider. That many of his inane proposals are actually at odds with the shared values our Constitution was founded upon has never even occurred to him. (Or, being a self-involved loon, doesn’t care.) He clearly, by his own words, has no concept at all of how the government actually works and what his profound responsibilities would be (both domestic and foreign) should he find himself in the role of POTUS.

    I’m in charge; I’m a winner. You’re a loser; you don’t matter. Might makes right, etc.

    For cat’s sake, he and his campaign have openly talked about how there’s only two real things they wanted from their VP candidate: Lock-step and unthinking support of The Donald, and the ability/willingness to basically run the country if Donald is elected as he demonstrably has little real interest in learning about anything or doing the actual job of being President.

    I’ve been saying it for months and there’s mountains of evidence to back it up: the man is a dangerous idiot.

    Andy Brown

    I agree but I would like to point out that what you have described in words is absolute power over the executive branch of our government either by himself or by proxy.

    Sure sounds like dictatorship defined.

    If Trump is elected president, will constitutional law and American political institutions protect us from a would-be dictator? Europeans worry about the emergence of Caesarism in the United States, just as the founders did when they invented the presidency. Authoritarianism is making gains around the world; why not here? Of course, Trump may not want to be a dictator. He has repeatedly stated his desire to make “deals,” implying a willingness to cooperate with Congress. But there is no reason to believe anything he says; many of his actions and statements are those of someone with a dictatorial mentality if nothing else, and his popular support derives from his authoritarian image: he appeals to people who yearn for a strongman to protect them. So the question is worth asking. What is the answer?

    The complete guide to how Trump can make himself the first American dictator

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