Cyclist Killed on St Johns Bridge

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    My condolences go out to the family of Mitchell York who died after being hit by an improperly maintained SUV this weekend. York, 55, was an avid cyclist who averaged about 500 miles every week. That is two Bridge Pedals daily!

    I do not recommend crossing the St Johns Bridge on a bicycle, other than on the Bridge Pedal. The lanes are very narrow, and the sidewalks were not designed with cyclists in mind, as the video in this KGW story demonstrates:


    That’s awful. 🙁


    I happened to be driving under the bridge sometime soon after it happened, on Highway 30. They had it closed off going eastbound, and westbound was not moving because of the accident.

    That IS horrible. My condolences.

    I drive across the bridge twice a day. I echo Alfredo’s sentiments, not a good bridge to cycle across. At all. The speed limit is 35 but people treat it like the Bonneville Salt Flats at times, the visibility at the crown is very poor, and there just isn’t enough room.

    Andy Brown

    Very sad. I remember when I first moved to PDX forty years ago. Someone told me in the course of conversation to “never bike across the St. Johns bridge.” It was good advice. FF a few decades and I read in the bOregonian that the S.J.B. is not easily nor affordable to reconfigure for bicycles, as evidenced that there have been few changes to the layout ever.


    Thinning the herd. You can’t stop stupid, and if natural selection wants you it’ll find you.

    I have no sympathy or condolences for this guy. I am an avid bike rider (not “cyclist”, bike rider) who, especially in past lives, logs more saddle time per week than this guy claimed to. Risk is inherent in everything (it’s called “life”) and he presumably knew of the risk involved in using the routing he did. Obviously he chose not to accept that and ended up facing the consequence of his actions. Did he not realize there was an entire ~$135,000,000.00 bridge across the same river designed specifically for that purpose that he could have used?

    As I said, you can’t stop stupid. This is what gives riders/”cyclists” a bad name.

    That, and riding sharrows on any road anywhere is just asking for trouble.


    This is why I say that my condolences are for the family of Mitchell York. He made a lousy decision. Had he ridden the sidewalk (which I once did in the past), he would have made it safely across the bridge. Yes, using the sidewalk, there are two spots where it’s necessary to get off and walk your bike (plus any time that you encounter pedestrians); but, what is the price of not being hit by a car? The guy in the yellow raincoat who is interviewed in the KGW piece is a bozo. He definitely should be thinking about the hazards of the routes that he uses, and he shouldn’t be wearing earbuds (which can be prominently seen hanging from his collar).

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