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    Andy Brown

    An unnamed source at Cumulus in Chicago said Limbaugh will be gone probably by the end of March. An official spokesperson then denied it, but Rush and Hannity have previously been reported to be on the WLS drop list.

    Chicago media veteran Robert Feder wrote:

    “If all goes as planned, Limbaugh’s syndicated talk show, which airs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, will be dropped by the end of March, according to insiders at WLS.

    A Cumulus Media spokeswoman [at first] declined immediate comment. But a source familiar with the decision said it was based on the show’s diminished ratings and failure to generate advertising revenue for the station, adding: ‘It’s impossible to sell.’ “

    John Wilson at Daily Kos said of Feder “Feder always has good sources, and I’ve never seen him be wrong about a major personnel change at a Chicago radio station. In all likelihood, the decision has been made, but it hasn’t been finalized.”



    WLS spokesperson “strongly denies” the claim. Get out the popcorn; this should prove most interesting.


    Jeez, Andy – give it a rest, will ya? Get out and enjoy the sunshine.

    Andy Brown

    This crap never interrupts my sunshine, Rob. Give it a rest? Hell, no. I’ve been waiting years for that fat white racist pig excuse for a radio one way talk show host to run out of gas and the time has finally come.

    Confirmed: Rush Limbaugh’s Toxic Gas Killing Talk Radio

    Even the Wall Street Journal has taken notice:

    More than 50 million people in the U.S. tune in each week to news-talk radio stations that carry advertising, making it radio’s second-most popular format, behind country music, according to Nielsen.

    But many national advertisers have fled from such stations in recent years, seeking to avoid associating their brands with potentially controversial programming. As a result, advertising on talk stations now costs about half what it does on music stations, given comparable audience metrics, according to industry executives.



    Andysez: “This crap never interrupts my sunshine, Rob. Give it a rest? Hell, no. I’ve been waiting years for that fat white racist pig excuse for a radio one way talk show host to run out of gas and the time has finally come.”

    Andy Brown

    For years, large corporate owned and run radio stations have essentially let their advertisers program their radio stations. I do not now nor ever had any respect for that kind of business model. However, by being so diminutive in the foresight department, corporate programmers have let the Limblah gas cloud get so big that its inevitable deflation is going to not only cost them big bucks but also result in a firesale of properties that have been so dependent on those revenues that as they dry up are causing budget crises that corporate managers are ill prepared to deal with. It hasn’t happened overnight but it is indeed happening.

    Ranking 31st in the target demographic puts Limbaugh virtually at the bottom of Chicago radio stations. Although the boycotts against Limbaugh’s advertisers have hurt him and probably contributed to this decision, ultimately Limbaugh is being dumped by WLS simply because no one wants to listen to him anymore. His tiny cadre of dedicated Dittoheads keeps aging and dying off.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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