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    1904 Jean Paul King was born in Alda, Nebr. KGW Chief Announcer, 1928. NBC Announcer, 1931-55.

    1928 KEX 1180 kilocycles, doubled its power from 2,500 to 5,000 watts. “Oregon’s Most Powerful Station.”

    1933 KFJR began the annual “Santa Claus” program weekdays 5:30 to 6:00 P.M., sponsored by Meier & Frank.

    1942 KEX “The Blue Network”, formerly “NBC Blue” Network, dropped its three note chimes musical signature.

    1954 KGW studios moved from “The Oregonian Building” to 409 S.W. 13th Ave. Studio air work from transmitter site.

    1954 KGW-FM 100.3 M.C., became KQFM, standing for owner Quenton H. Cox, who went by nickname “Q.”

    1955 KEX 1190 K.C., broadcast the “Kay West” show at 10:00 A.M. with guest Rita Calhoun, on holiday recipes.

    1959 KRWC 1570 K.C., “The Station of Inspiration” became KGGG. Slogan: “K-triple-G, The Voice of The Valley.

    1965 Chem-Air, Inc. sold KPAM & KPFM to Romito Corp. for $175,000 (Walter P. Rossmann, President).

    1970 Johnny Carpenter, KOIN Radio & Television Sports Director, retired from KOIN AM/FM/TV after 30 Years.

    1973 KPAM Top 40 “K-Pam, AM 14” became KLSC and switched to AIR’s “Classic Gold” (Drake-Chenault).

    1977 KEX began broadcasting “The Cinnamon Bear” at 6:40 P.M. Sponsored by Lipman’s for the final time.

    1980 KPAM Top 40 “K-Pam, AM 14” switched to Contemporary Christian as “Music You Can Believe In.”

    1984 Donald R. “Don” Dawson died at age 74 in Lake Oswego. KGW-KEX Promotions Manager, 1940-43.

    1988 KRDR 1230 kHz., became KKGR, standing for city of license: GResham and continuing its Lite Jazz format.

    1999 Maryetta K. Devereaux died at age 79 in Portland. KPAM & KPFM Promotions Manager, 1960-63.



    1911 Oregon State Wireless Association was organized at the YMCA, Charles L. Austin, elected President.

    1920 Mark Lee was born in Beaumont, Texas. KLIQ & KLIQ-FM Talk Show Host, 1966-69 & 1971-72.

    1921 Jesse B. Weed, who later built KGW, transmitted a live concert from James John High School.

    1931 KOIN began broadcasting the children Christmas program “Toyland” weekdays, 5:00 to 5:15 P.M.

    1935 KOIN started the yearly “Toyland Express” children show with Art Kirkham as Santa Claus at 4:45 P.M.

    1957 KEX D.J. Al Priddy was fired after P.D. Mel Bailey told him not to play “White Christmas” by Elvis Presley.

    1983 Don Butler died at age 41 in Nepal. KBPS Sportscaster, 1959. KELA News Director, KID News Director, KOIN-TV.

    1985 KMJK & KMJK-FM affiliated with NBC’s “The Source” and dropped the ABC Contemporary Network.

    1998 KBPS 1450 kHz., began the Portland radio classic “The Cinnamon Bear.” Airing the program at 2:30 P.M.


    “1990 Al Priddy died at age 81 in Portland. KEX Air Personality, 1956 to New Years Day 1960.”

    “1957 KEX D.J. Al Priddy was fired after P.D. Mel Bailey told him not to play “White Christmas” by Elvis Presley.”

    Where is Craig when we need him? There seems to be some confusion here: He started working at KEX and was fired three years before he left!



    1911 Thomas T. “Tom” Ely was born in Clancy, Mont. KEX AM/FM Chief Engineer, 1945-54. WBZ AM/TV.

    1928 KFEC presented “The Toy And Joy Makers” Portland Fire Bureau’s toys for needy children. 8:00 to 10:00 P.M.

    1929 Harold L. Hinson was born in Lancaster, S.C. KCNR/KPAM General Manager, 1980-83. WBT Vice-President/General Manager.

    1930 Keith Allen was born in Portland. KLIQ AM/FM Program Director, 1969-70. KPOJ AM/FM Personality, 1967-69.

    1931 KBPS 1420 K.C., special “Christmas Seals” program at 12 Noon, featuring Minna Pelz Cole & Abe Bercovitz.

    1951 Frank Trevor died at age 53 in Portland, KOIN Radio pianist, 1929-51. “Koin Klock” program co-host.

    1970 FCC denied the five Star Stations, Inc. licenses including KISN, KOIL AM & FM and WIFE AM & FM.

    1980 KBPS once again presented “The Cinnamon Bear” twice daily. 12:30 P.M. and a repeat at 4:30 P.M.


    “1930 Keith Allen was born in Portland. KLIQ AM/FM Program Director, 1969-70. KPOJ AM/FM Personality, 1967-69.”

    Wasn’t Keith Allen the primary radio instructor at PCC?


    Al Priddy was “fired”

    “whole thing had been a publicity stunt”


    I read that story once and forgot about it. What got my attention this time was that he left on New Years Day, which must have been a coincidence, with the approximate time of year that he would likely be fired, if such an incident had occurred. Thank you for pointing this out and refreshing my memory! It’s nice to know that I still have one. 🙂


    You sure about the publicity stunt date?
    It “happened about 12:30 a.m. Dec. 12, 1957” according to this:


    Never mind, The Oregonian must have misquoted Priddy in 1987 because in last years Jr post on the 1957 Fib was this:
    “Oregonian article – Dec 3, 1957: “FIRED” [picture of Al Priddy] “AL PRIDDY, DEEJAY BREAKS PRESLEY BAN — Radio station KEX said Monday [Dec 2nd] it has fired Disc Jockey Al Priddy because he played Elvis Presley’s recording of “White Christmas” on the air Sunday [Dec 1st]”
    But the 2009 link above did say Priddy, retired from KEX on New Year’s Day 1960


    From the above link: “He finished his shift but not before broadcasting a taped re-creation of his dismissal.”

    I infer from this statement that Priddy didn’t record his firing but was just recreating the events of the call.



    1925 KGW broadcast its first “The Hoot Owls” Sunshine Drive Christmas program from 10:30 P.M. to midnight.

    1928 KGW began presenting its “Santa Claus” program 6:00 to 6:30 P.M. Sponsored by J.C. Penney Co.

    1933 KOIN started broadcasting the children Christmas program “Toyland Express” weekdays at 5:00 P.M.

    1936 KWJJ moved its transmitter from the “Broadway Theater” building to the new Oaks Park transmitter site.

    1960 W. Carey Jennings died at age 60 in Los Angeles. KWJJ General Manager, 1941-42. KGW-KEX General Manager, 1934-41.

    1963 KEX paid “Interstate Bridge” tolls for 10,081 listeners who said “KEX” at the toll gates. 56.7% did.

    1976 KEX was awarded “MOR Station of The Year” at the “International Radio Programming Forum.”

    1977 KBOO debuted “Indian World.” John Talley hosted the First Native American Radio Program in Portland.

    1979 KBPS picked up “The Cinnamon Bear” after not airing the previous year and broadcast it twice daily.

    2001 Eads Broadcasting Corp. sold KGUY to Northwest Radio Broadcasting for $750,000. (Bill Sizemore).

    2015 KDZR Lake Oswego, signed back on the air as “Talk 1640.” News, Talk, Business. Salem Talk shows.


    It looks like we had part of this same conversation last year although I missed the 1960 reference. Remind me next year(when this same conversation invariably takes place)to put quotation marks around the word, “fired” so we can avoid the same thing happening the following year and all others after that! 🙂

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    1873 Bishop Walter Sumner was born in Manchester, N.H. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Sermon” 1924-32.

    1892 Rev. Dr. John G. Mitchell was born in South Shields, England. KPDQ “Know Your Bible” host 1966.

    1905 Benard A. “Ben” Buisman was born in Milaca, MN. KXL Farm Director, 1946-54. Son, Jr. was KEX Farm Director.

    1910 Barney R. Miller was born in Ashland. KGW-KEX Program Director, 1937-41. KNX News Director, 1960-67.

    1914 Paul Nichols was born in Portland. KOIN studio technician and sound effects, 1935-42. KOIN AM/FM/TV.

    1918 Kay West (#3) aka Rita Dewart was born in Portland. KEX host of “Coffee with Kay West”, 1955-60.

    1943 KEX “Be Alert” program, promoted the “War Stamp Mart”, selling war stamps as gifts for Christmas.

    1950 KGW owned by “The Oregonian Publishing Co.” placed under a new corporation “Pioneer Broadcasting.”

    1976 KPDQ 800 kHz. & 93.7 MHz., picked up the Mutual Broadcasting System as a secondary Portland affiliate.

    1991 KINK-FM changed its call letters to KINK again. KGW calls never changed through this first KINK-FM era.

    2007 KBPS 1450 kHz., began airing once again the Portland holiday favorite “The Cinnamon Bear” at 9:00 A.M.

    2011 KPWX “1130 kHz., La Mexicana” switched language to Russian as “New Life” Portland Christian


    Interesting, that Priddy “retired” at 50/51, is this a normal career move for Disc Jockeys at that age? Or perhaps the long shadow of the Congressional Payola Investigations at the time gave many pause to consider new options.
    There must have been some ripple effect into many local radio markets.


    It’s hard to say. It sounds like he only retired from KEX, not broadcasting itself. This was about two years before they switched ownership from Westinghouse to Golden West and I think that’s when they changed to MOR so I don’t think that was the reason for his “retirement”. I can’t find anything else about his resume’.

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