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    1908 Portland’s first wireless telegraph station began on Council Crest. “PE” 450 meters (666.2 kilocycles).

    1922 Bob McCarl was born in Portland. KXL Program Director, 1958-59 & Personality, 1953-59. KSLM Program Director.

    1923 KGW began Weather Reports on the new designated weather wavelength on 485 meters (618.1 kilocycles).

    1923 KFEC began sharing time on the new weather wavelength 485 meters (618.1 kilocycles) with KGW.

    1924 KDYQ Oregon Institute of Technology reduced power from 100 watts to 50 watts on 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles).

    1929 Jane Powell was born in Portland. A regular performer on KGW’s “Stars of Tomorrow.” KOIN programs, 1941-43.

    1931 UBC Network folded. KEX continued programs from NBS Seattle, Washington based at sister KJR.

    1932 Aldo Donald “Don” Parr, Jr. was born in Ashland. KPOJ & KPOJ-FM Sales Manager, 1958-60.

    1933 NBC Gold Network folded. KEX-NBC owned, began carrying KGW NBC Orange programs no longer desired.

    1934 Joe Light was born in Baton Rouge, LA. KISN Personalty, 1965-66. WIFE P.D. KOIL M.D. KICN, KRIZ, KCBQ, KRCB.

    1936 The Real Don Steele was born in Hollywood, CA. KISN Air Personality & Program Director, 1963-64.

    1947 KGW-FM 95.3 megacycles raised power from 250 watts to 5.1 K.W. from transmitter site on Healy Heights.

    1948 KGW-FM 100.3 megacycles raised power from 5.1 K.W. to 54 K.W. Northwest most powerful. Began simulcast.

    1950 KGPP the Portland Police station on 2442 kilocycles with 500 watts changed its calls to KOB247.

    1951 KEX debuted “Paul Harvey News & Comment” from ABC, Sunday at 7:00 P.M. and 12 Noon weekdays.

    1953 Rich Johnson was born in Hillsboro. KUIK News Director, 1975-76. KPAM-FM, KGAR, Fox News.

    1959 KWJJ 1080 K.C., affiliated with the ABC Radio Network when KGW dropped ABC, going independent.

    1959 KPDQ 800 K.C., became Portland’s first full-time Religious broadcaster since the fleeting KFQN in 1924.

    1960 Oregon Broadcasters Limited sold KPAM & KPFM to Chem-Air, Inc. for $200,000. (Bill Boeing, President).

    1963 Yamhill Radio Co. (Jerry Carr, President) sold KMCM McMinnville to Ray A. Fields for $100,000.

    1967 Malloy-Breyer, Inc. sold KLIQ to Cascade Broadcasting Corporation for $300,000. (David M. Jack).

    1968 KLIQ-FM 92.3 MHz., affiliated with the three month old “American FM Network.” A service of ABC News.

    1974 Mr. Marion Sexton died at age 65 in Kailua, HI. KVAN News Director, 1939-45 & Sales Manager, 1943-45.

    1974 KOIN-FM 101.1 megahertz, began 24 hour operation. The hours had been 6:00 A.M. to midnight.

    1980 KKSN signed on the air from its studio & transmitter site at 4617 N.E. 158th Ave. as “Brave New Radio.”

    1983 Gaylord Broadcasting Co. sold KYTE & KRCK (FM) to Charlton H. Buckley, Inc. for $3,750,000.

    1986 KCNR 1410 kHz., Adult Contemporary “K-Lite” switched format to Jazz as “Cool Jazz & Cool Classics.”

    1992 KKGR 1230 kHz., signed back on the air after almost a year with a soft Adult Contemporary format.

    1994 KEX’s Bob Swanson retired after 27 years mid-days. He began on KEX April 3, 1967, 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

    1995 KKBK 1230 kHz., Gresham, changed its call letters back to KMUZ. This happened after one year.

    1997 EXCL Communications, Inc. sold KOTK 620 kHz., to Jacor Communications, Inc. for $8,300,000.

    1997 “Music Radio, 95 KXL-FM” changed its nickname to “Mix 95.5” – “The Best Mix of The 80’s and 90’s.”

    1998 KKSN became KFXX “Sports Radio 910, The Fan.” Sunny’s “Standards” format moved to 1520 kHz.

    1998 KFXX became KKSN “Sunny 1520”, continued its “Standards” format. “The Fan” moved to 910 kHz.

    2009 CBS Radio Stations traded KLTH 106.7, KXJM 107.5 and five others to Clear Channel Communications.

    2011 KFBW-HD2 on 105.9-2 switched to Contemporary Christian as “Portland’s New 104-5, Way-FM” K283BL.



    1912 Don Kneass was born in Seattle, WA. KPAM-FM News Director, 1964-65. KWJJ News Director, 1956-63. KISN, KEX.

    1915 Harold K. “Hal” Krieger was born in Portland. KBKO/KLIQ Vice-President & Chief Engineer, 1949-53. KGW, KOIN.

    1923 Melvin J. Blank and 200 other KGW listeners were inducted into the “Keep Growing Wiser order of Hoot Owls.”

    1927 Charles DeGreef was born in Arnhem, The Netherlands. KBOO Host of “A Little Night Music” 1975-2015.

    1941 Dr. Demento was born in Minneapolis, Minn. KRRC, Program Director & General Manager, 1961-63.

    1948 KALE debuted the contest show “Clean Sweep” featuring Lou Gillette as announcer. Friday’s at 8:00 P.M.

    2018 KPAM “News/Talk 860” was rebranded as “AM 860 The Answer.” Its format did not change.

    2018 KKOV Adult Standards “Sunny 1550” changed format to Vietnamese brokered foreign language programming.

    2018 KDZR News/Talk “AM 1640 The Answer” was rebranded “AM 1640 The Patriot.” Its format did not change.



    1920 U.S. Forest Service broadcast a test to wireless operators from the Portland Post Office Building’s roof.

    1922 KGW studio was seen on film for the first time at the “Columbia Theater” during “Screenland News.”

    1933 KGW debuted “Cheerio” with Toley Tolman singer and Glen Shelley organist. 9:00 A.M. to 9:15 A.M.

    1955 Daniel “Dan” Eilers was born in Portland, KGW Newscaster, 1973. KING, KBDF, KASH, KBPS.

    2003 KNRK moved its transmitter site from Mt. Scott to Sentinel Hill. The antenna is on the “Stonehenge Tower.”

    2009 Robert C. “Bob” LaBonte died at age 89 in Port Townsend, WA. KPOJ Sales Manager, 1952-58.

    2011 Larry R. Bohnsack died at age 62 in Newberg. KLYC President & General Manager, 1990-2011.



    1918 Fred Eichhorn was born in Mankato, MN. KXL Operations Manager, 1956. Program Director, 1942-43.

    1918 Jim Forsythe was born in Forest Grove. KFGR/KRWC Sports Director, 1953-54. Sales Manager, 1954.

    1937 KGW debuted “The Hemlock Tree” comedy serial at 7:30 P.M. featuring among others Chet Huntley. It was also fed to KOMO.

    1958 KRIV 1480 K.C., Camas, Wash. changed call letters to KPVA standing for “Portland Vancouver Area.”

    1960 KPAM 1410 K.C. and KPFM 97.1 M.C., returned to its Classical format from Religious & Classical together.

    1970 Byron Foulger died at age 70 in Hollywood, CA. KGW “Covered Wagon Days” Director & Actor, 1931.

    1998 George Goode died at age 69 in Portland. KPAM/KPFM News Director, 1967-69. KXL News Director, 1960-61.

    2011 KKOV Adult Standards “Sunny 1550” changed to “AM 1550, Vancouver’s Talk Station” at 12:00 A.M.

    2011 KRYN 1230 kHz., Regional Mexican “La Reyna” flipped to Religious as “La Radio de la Familia.”

    2014 Darrell E. Kennedy died at age 75 in Vancouver, WA. KPAM Vice President & General Manager, 1997-00. KPDQ AM/FM General Manager, 1993-96.

    2017 David Shult died at age 65 in Fairview. KPDQ/KFIS Operations Manager, 2003-06. KKJZ 2000-02 KXL-FM 1998-99 KINK 1982-97.



    1920 Reverend, Vernon Schroeder was born in New Plymouth, Idaho. KPDQ-FM host of “The Hope of America.”

    1926 KGW 610 K.C, increased power from 500 watts to 1 K.W. and a new Western Electric 1-B transmitter.

    1927 KGW “NBC Orange” Pacific Coast chain inauguration began at 8:00 P.M. Oregon’s first national network station.

    1981 KGON 92.3 MHz., began carrying ABC Radio’s long form Rock music network programming.

    2006 Ben Marsh died at age 62 in Coeur d’Alene, ID. KQIV Program Director, 1973 & News Director, 1972-73. KYXI.



    1902 Loyal E.W. “Lew” Conley was born in Portland. KLIQ Chief Engineer, 1957-60 & 1961-64. KVAN Station Manager.

    1926 KQP (off the air) was assigned new call letters: KOIN, standing for “Know Oregon’s Independent Newspaper.”

    1928 KFJR 1250 kilocycles raised power from 100 watts to 500 watts with a new Hallock & Watson transmitter.

    1948 Charles E. “Chuck” Knopf was born in Portland. KYXI Sports Director, 1976-79. KWJJ-FM. KUPL-FM.

    1951 David Shult was born in Corvallis. KPDQ/KFIS Operations Manager, 2003-06. KKJZ 2000-02. KXL-FM 1998-99. KINK 1982-97.

    1954 Gregory G. “Greg” Fischer was born in Saint Helens. KOHI Air Personality & Sportscaster.

    1963 KISN’s Ken Chase produced the recording session for The Kingsmen smash 45 RPM hit “Louie Louie.”

    1979 KYTE-FM 101.1 MHz., became KLLB and continued format with fresh slogan: “New Country Club Stereo 101.”

    1985 KAAR Golden Oldies format “Car Radio” switched to “Radio Aahs” children’s format 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

    1987 KAAR AOR formatted “1480 Rock” switched back to Oldies as “The Talk of Portland” and back to 24 hours.

    1991 Edmund B. “Ed” Craney died at age 86 in Montpelier, Idaho. KXL Vice-President & Co-owner, 1937-55.

    2006 Greg G. Fischer died on his birthday at age 52 in Portland. KOHI Air Personality & Sportscaster.

    2007 KOPB-HD3 91.5-3 became Portland’s first to broadcast a 3rd Digital IBOC Channel. The format Golden Hours.

    2014 Mary Pierce died at age 95 in Portland. KKEY “Moderator” (Talk Show Host), 1974-91.



    1906 Gordon D. Orput was born in Plattesville, Wisc. KGW President, 1953-56. KGW-FM President, 1953-54.

    1928 KTBR 1310 kilocycles raised power from 50 watts to 500 watts with a new Western Electric 6-B transmitter.

    1942 James A. “Jim” Johnson was born in Corona del Mar, CA. KGON/KFXX President & General Manager, 1992-95.

    1949 Mel Blanc was a guest on KEX’s “Squirrel Cage” kids show, hosted by Uncle Bob Amsberry at 4:30 P.M.

    1978 Denis Ackerman died at age 38 in Portland. KWJJ/KJIB News Director, 1976-77 & Music Director, 1974-76.

    1986 Douglas W. “Doug” Baker died at age 63 in Oceanside, CA. KLIQ AM/FM Talk Host, 1965-74. KWJJ 1962-65.

    2004 KRSK moved transmitter site from High Camp to the Skyline Tower. 100 K.W. power was reduced to 22.5 K.W.



    1898 Alexander G. Brown was born in Oregon. Portland’s first play-by-play sports announcer. KGW, 1925-28.

    1906 Charles M. Weagant was born in Swayzee, Ind. KHFS Co-founder & Chief Engineer, 1954-55. KBPS.

    1919 Jeanne M. Yount was born in Portland. Oregon Journal “What’s On The Air” radio columnist, 1945-49.

    1948 KEX moved transmitter site from Vanport to Clackamas. Power increased from 5 K.W. to 50 K.W. directional.

    1949 KGW debuted the long running “Hostess House Party” show with host Homer Welch 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

    1955 KGW’s Heck Harper rode Jody as Grand Marshal in the Children of Veterans Easter Costume Parade.

    1962 KEX-FM 92.3 megahertz, left the air. 22 days later the station would re-open as KOAP-FM on 92.3 MHz.

    1979 KQFM “Pop Album Oriented Contemporary Music” “Q100” switched its format to Progressive Rock.

    2010 Secret Service stopped Kidd Chris of KUFO Morning Show on how to bleach and counterfeit money.



    1890 Alaric H. “Rickey” Bras was born in Mitchell, S.D. KVAN Program Director & Music Director, 1948-51.

    1935 KEX “Oregonian Home Institute” program, featured Nancy Morris on Easter parties and decorations.

    1973 KLIQ-FM 92.3 MHz., dropped their “American FM Network” affiliation. A service of ABC News.


    I changed monitors and had some hangups but we’ve got it now, all 32 inches of it!



    1887 Dean Collins was born in Dallas. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Sonnet”, 1924-33. KOIN 1933-43, KALE 1945.

    1906 Old Dusty was born in Varazdin, Yugoslavia. KKEY Air Personality, 1966-68/1957-62. KGW, KWJJ.

    1917 PSN, the YMCA wireless station, received orders from the U.S. Navy to dismantle the station. (WWI).

    1932 KEX opened new enlarged studios in “The Terminal Sales Building” with a 3:00 P.M. for public viewing.

    1932 Allen E. Hoffard was born in Portland. KFGR/KRWC Program Director, 1953-54 & News Director, 1951-55.

    1945 “Peabody Awards” honored KOIN with a special citation for Regional Excellence In Public Service.

    1946 Midge Jensen was born in Bickleton, Washington. KPAM & KPFM Sales Accountant, 1965-67.

    1958 KGRO 1230 kHz., Gresham, raised daytime power from 100 watts to 250 watts at 12:00 Noon.

    1978 John B. “Steve” Conley died at age 84 in Deerfield Beach, Florida. KEX General Manager, 1944-46.

    1986 Midge Jensen died at age 40 in Portland, Oregon. KPAM & KPFM Sales Accountant, 1965-67.

    1987 KMJK-FM 106.7 MHz., CHR format began stunting at 6:00 P.M., rotating 3 songs continuously.

    1987 Harry N. Gillgam died at age 84 in Portland. Pianist in The KOIN Orchestra, 1970-72.



    1932 KEX 1180 K.C., officially dedicated their new enlarged studios at 9:30 P.M. Fed to the NBC Gold Network.

    1940 KGW-KEX combined staff count: Office, Technical & Announcers 46. Musicians, etc. 34. Total 80.

    1955 KPOJ AM/FM revamped programming with different break times and show titles were changed.

    1959 Thomas B. Purcell and associates sold KGRO 1230 K.C., Gresham to Daniel M. McPeak for $44,000.

    1963 KKEY’s Roger Hart produced the “Louie Louie” song tape session for Paul Revere and The Raiders.

    1969 KVAN 1480 kHz., reported back on the air, after illegally moving transmitter to 11197 N. Portland Rd.

    2007 KTRO-FM 93.1 MHz., Gladstone changed call letters to KRYP, standing for “El Rey” and Portland.



    1889 John C. Egan was born in Rockford, IL. KWJJ Co-Owner, 1929-47 & General Manager, 1926-47. KPRA (FM).

    1898 Merton H. “Mert” Bories was born in Portland. KGW-KEX Program Director, 1936-38. KQW Music Director.

    1916 “Laramie” Clair Musser was born in Cody, Wyoming. KRDR Music Director, 1964-67. KUIK 1958-59.

    1923 Philip A. “Phil” Roewe was born in St. Clair, Illinois. KPDQ Commercial Manager, 1956-57. WTMV.

    1926 KOIN 319 meters (939.8 kilocycles) signed on the air from the Hotel Portland. Transmitter: Mt. Calvary Hill.

    1934 Loren Wyss was born in Portland. KXL Economic Commentator at 7:45 A.M. daily in the 1970’s.

    1954 KLIQ went dark for 3 years and four months, when agents of the I.R.S. padlocked the studio door.

    1971 KOIN-FM returned to the air after a month and a 1/2. KOIN-TV tower collapsed on antenna tower.

    1980 Richard Montgomery died at age 83 in Portland. KEX “Book Chat” host, 1973-79 & 1933-42. KGW 1925-33.

    1987 KMJK-FM still stunting, announced at 6:00 P.M. The station would change format at 6:00 A.M. tomorrow.

    1988 Patten Communications Corp. sold KAAR (off the air) to Christopher H. Bennett for $475,000.

    2004 KGDD 1520 kHz., Standards format “Sunny 1520”, switched to Regional Mexican, as “La Gran D.”

    2004 KPDQ/KPDQ-FM & KFIS(FM) moved studios from the Mt. Tabor District of Portland, to Milwaukie.



    1902 Del Porter was born in Newberg. Played sax in The Strollers on KGW in 1925. Later wrote for Spike Jones.

    1920 7CR & 7ZB broadcast messages to Portland stations and listening stations. Phonograph music was heard.

    1920 Alvin D. “Al” Bauer was born in Forest Grove, Montana. KPOJ Farm Director, 1949-54. KBZY General Manager.

    1923 Bob Steffen was born. KMHD host of “Sundays with Bob Steffen” 6:00 to 9:00 A.M., 1989 to 2014.

    1928 Whitey Coker was born in Mandan, N.D. KISN News Director, 1965-68. KWIL Sports Director. KMCM, KNPT.

    1952 KEX debuted “Sunday School with Uncle Bob” Amsberry as host. For kids unable to attend. 9:00 A.M.

    1965 Benard A. “Ben” Buisman died at age 59 in Gresham. KXL Farm Director, 1946-54. Son Jr. was KEX Farm Director.

    1987 KMJK-FM still stunting, switched to “Classic Hits 106.7” at 6:00 A.M. Leaning towards Classic Rock music.

    1987 KXYQ-FM “Q105” moved studios from Salem to Portland’s U.S. Bancorp Tower Building (Big Pink).

    1998 Arden X. Pangborn died at age 91 in Portland. KGW General Manager, 1944-46 KGW-KEX General Manager, 1943-44. KGW-KEX Managing Director, 1941-43.

    2012 Marty Party, KGON Air Personality, retired after 34 years on 92.3, beginning in 1977. KFMY 1975.



    1931 Craig E. Singletary was born in Portland. KSLC 1972 Founder. KMCM Asst. Gen. Mgr., 1961, Operations Manager, 1959-60.

    1947 KGW “Dr. I.Q.” NBC quiz show began from the “Paramount Theater” stage for six weeks. Fed to NBC.

    1938 Ray A. Fields was born in Los Angeles, CA. KMCM President & General Manager, 1963-68. KSPR, KPAS.

    2003 KRSK “Rosey 105” switched nicknames to “105-1, The Buzz” and continuing their Hot A.C. format.

    2009 KXMG 1150 kHz., became KLPM which meant “La PaloMa.” The Christian Spanish format continued.

    2014 Richard Conner died at age 75 in Portland. KLIQ weekend disc jockey, 1964. KOHI 1964-65. KBPS.

    2014 KPOJ “Fox Sports Radio 620” changed nickname slogan to “Rip City Radio 620.” Format continued.

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