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    1908 Sixth public demonstration of wireless telegraph took place for the second time at Portland Public Library.

    1923 Dave Collins was born in Portland. KKEY Talk Host, 1971-83. KWRC, 1969-71. KLIQ & KLIQ-FM 1969.

    1923 KQY 360 meters (832.7 K.C.) with 100 watts signed off the air. Studio & transmitter at Stubbs Electric Co.

    1925 Norman Peter “Norm” Herman was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. KEX Chief Engineer, 1966-71.

    1950 KPFM began programming 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. for 75 grocery stores in Portland, Vancouver & Salem.

    1952 KPOJ won “Meritorious Local Public Service by Radio” given by the “Peabody Awards” in New York, N.Y.

    1958 KRRC signed on the air on 89.3 M.C., with 10 watts. Studio in the Reed College dormitory basement.

    1959 KVAN, Inc. (Sheldon F. Sackett) sold KVAN to Star Broadcasting, Inc. for $580,000. (Don W. Burden).

    1959 KVAN changed its call letters to KISN, standing for “Kisn Radio, 91-derful” continuing its Rock & Roll format.

    1959 Gordon A. Rogers announced he had applied for an AM station on 1550 K.C., Vancouver, Washington.

    1963 Gresham Broadcasting Co. sold KGRO to Action Broadcasting Co. for $72,000. (John “Jack” Grant).

    1970 KPOK-FM 98.5 MHz., returned to the air at 5:30 A.M. after 12 days. The transmitter line had burned.

    1973 Lance Mushaw sold KUIK Hillsboro under the business name Sho-N-Tel, Inc. to Richard M. Millison.

    1976 KKEY 1150 KHz., affiliated with Mutual Broadcasting System’s “Progressive” news feed at :55 past the hour.

    1977 Mt. Hood Radio & Television Broadcasting sold KOIN AM/FM to Gaylord Broadcasting for $1 1/2 Million.

    1986 Capps Broadcast Group, Inc. sold KVAN 1550 kHz., to Gentry Development Corp. for $1,289,964.

    1987 KRDR 1230 kHz., Gresham, ceased operation at 6:00 P.M. The station going dark for 18 months.

    1988 KWRC changed its call letters to KWBY, standing for “Cowboy Country” continued Country format.

    1991 KDBX Banks, signed on the air on 107.5 MHz., with 2 K.W., broadcasting the “K-Love” Christian format.

    1991 KESI changed its call letters to KBBT, continuing its Easy Listening format as “Easy 970”, until May 18th.

    2000 KPAM Contemporary Christian format “K-Pam” switched to News/Talk “AM 860 Radio Free Oregon.”

    2006 KCMD “Johnson 970” changed its nickname to “AM 970, Solid State Radio” continuing with its format.

    2007 Fred C. Haskins died at age 89 in Portland. KPDQ Program Director & Chief Engineer, 1951-52.

    2008 KXMG 1150 kHz., Regional Mexican “Ke Buena” switched to Christian Spanish “Radio Mision Cristiana.”

    2009 KUPL(FM) moved studios from “Koin Center” (222 S.W. Columbia, Suite 350) to 2040 S.W. First Ave.

    2009 KTRO 910 kHz., simulcasting “The Wolf” Country format, switched to Spanish as “ESPN Deportes.”

    2015 KISN-LP 95.1 MHz., Portland signed on the air from Mt. Scott with 2 watts, broadcasting an Oldies format.

    2019 KISN-LP 95.1 MHz celebrates 60 years of the Kisn legacy.



    1906 Stanley M. Goard was born in Canada. KPFM Pioneer FM Owner, 1946-60. Launching KPAM in 1951.

    1941 KEX debuted “Grandpappy And His Pals” Western with music. Produced for the NBC Blue Network.

    1946 Craig Walker was born in Grand Island, NE. KGW Program Director, KKCW, 1986-05. KPAM AM/FM Program Director.

    1958 KOIN AM/FM began broadcasting in Stereo. The first program “The Late Show” 11:05 to 11:55 P.M.

    1973 KGW’s “Open Door” Sunday program, received the George Foster Peabody Award for 1972, in N.Y.C.

    1977 KYXI 1520 kHz., added CBS Radio affiliation, prior to KOIN dropping CBS Radio Network after 48 years.

    1982 KGON 92.3 MHz., “Solid Rock on 92-FM” switched ABC Radio Networks to the “ABC Rock Radio Network.”

    1986 KUIK raised day power from 1 K.W. to 5 K.W. from its Witch Hazel transmitter site. Continued 1 K.W. nights.

    1990 Alexander G. Brown died at age 92 in Portland. Rose City’s first play-by-play announcer on KGW, 1925-28.

    1998 KKJY “AM 1640 K-Joy” Lake Oswego, signed on the air. 10 K.W. day & 1 K.W. night, broadcasting KKSL.



    1915 Ruth Forbes was born in Amity. KGW host & piano performer on the Ruth Forbes program, 1943-45.

    1927 George Anthony was born in Portland. KXL Program Director, 1952-53. KXLY Program Director & Station Manager.

    1927 KEX 670 K.C., moved to 1240 K.C., with power continuing at 5 K.W. Transmitter on East Glisan at Buckley Ave.

    1964 “Uncle” Nate Cohn died at age 74 in Portland. “Stars of Tomorrow” host. KEX 1949-58 & on KGW 1933-48.

    1971 KBPS and KOAP-FM became NPR member stations. NER had merged with “National Public Radio.”

    1976 KKEY caller, Ruby Nelson died, age 62, of a “heart seizure” while chatting to talk host Laura Hall.

    1980 KOAP-FM became an APR member station. (“American Public Radio” became PRI on July 1, 1994).

    1982 KLIQ 1290 kHz., Lake Oswego, “The Talk The Town”, affiliated with the ABC Talk Radio Network.

    1995 The Real Don Steele, former KISN Program Director, received a Star on “Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

    2001 Myron McCamley died at age 94 in Beaverton. KGW Office Manager and sometimes host, 1931-32.

    2010 Steven R. “Steve” Nicholl died at age 63 in Dallas, Texas. KPAM & KKAD Program Director, 2006-07.



    1923 KFIF signed on the air on 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) with 200 watts from Benson Polytechnic School.

    1923 KDYQ 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) added share time station KFIF with KFEC, KGG, KGN.

    1923 KFEC 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) added share time station KFIF with KDYQ, KGG, KGN.

    1923 KGG 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) added share time station KFIF with KDYQ, KFEC, KGN.

    1923 KGN 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) added share time station KFIF with KDYQ, KFEC, KGG.

    1925 Vern Mueller was born in Fort Collins CO. KPOJ Program Director & News Director, KPOK News Director, 1950-74.

    1937 KOIN moved off its two tower, flat top design to a new single Ideco steel 540 feet vertical radiator.

    1948 KALE-FM 98.7 M.C., began test broadcasts from Mt Scott. Signed on as KPOJ-FM one month later.

    1959 KLIQ 1290 K.C., All News format, “First In The Nation.” Scrapped at 2:00 P.M. for a Rock & Roll format.

    1981 KGAR 1550 KHz., became KVAN, standing for city of license, Vancouver. Was the third KVAN & the last.

    1990 KYTE “Classical 970” changed call letters to KESI, switching format to Easy Listening as “Easy 970.”

    1999 Jacor Communications, Inc. sold KEX, KKRZ, KKCW, KEWS to Clear Channel Communications, Inc.

    2001 Lee McCormick died at age 64 in Portland. KINK Chief Engineer, 1987-98. KGW Chief Engineer, 1982-86.

    2002 Hiram Fitzpatrick died at age 86 in Beaverton. KPOJ & KPOJ-FM Director of Public Relations, 1949-50.



    1879 Louise Palmer Weber was born in Eleanor, IL. KOIN “Wise & Otherwise” host, 1929-32. KWJJ 1934.

    1888 Liborius Hauptmann was born in Seattle, WA. KGW Musical Director, 1927-28. Later ABC Western Network.

    1902 Alexander Lockwood was born in Poland. KGW actor “The Coffee Club” 1936-37. Later Movie & TV actor.

    1903 James Beard was born in Portland. KOIN actor on “The Journal Sunday Funnies Breakfast Club” 1934-37.

    1909 C.J. “Mac” McCredie was born in Portland. KOIN Engineer, 1943-45. KEX. KIHR President & G.M. 1957-67.

    1954 I.R.S. held an auction for KLIQ assets. Station had been shut down by the I.R.S. on April 12, 1954



    1909 Loyd C. Sigmon was born in Stigler, Okla. KEX Executive Vice-President, 1962-66. KMPC General Manager.

    1920 First Portland public demonstration of wireless phonograph music broadcast at the “Benson Tech. Show.”

    1944 KOIN 970 K.C., awarded the first ever special citation for “The Best War Effort Program” by I.E.R.

    1954 Frank Sardam died at age 73 in Hollywood, Calif. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Scream”, 1923-33. KEX.

    1973 Gary Hamilton former KMCM Program Director/News Director, then KOIN-TV Sports Director, critically burned at home.

    2009 KQOL Oldies “COOL 105-9” began a continuous loop, as a stunt, to announcing “K-Hits 106.7.”

    2013 KXL “FM News 101” switched affiliations from Fox News Radio to CBS Radio, for the second time.

    2013 KUFO Talk formatted “Freedom 970”, switched affiliations from “SRN News” to “Fox News Radio.”



    1920 Delbert L. “Del” Olney was born on Yakima Indian Reservation, WA. KXL Program Director, 1960-62. KVAN, KWJJ.

    1920 Robert W. “Bob” Brower was born in Bemidji, Minn. KGON 1230 K.C. Chief Engineer, 1949-51.

    1928 KWBS moved its studio & transmitter to the “Francis Motor Car Co.” building. Raised power to 15 watts.

    1934 Tom Warner was born in Pendleton. KVAN Air Personality, 1954-55. KUMA, KBCH, KURY, KUBE.

    1939 Chuck Cade was born in St. Helens. KWJJ Air Personality in the early 1970’s. KOHI St. Helens.

    1945 KEX debuted the show “At Home with Kay West.” 2:30 P.M. weekdays. This was actually Vere Kneeland.

    1946 KGW-FM signed on the air at 5:45 PM on 95.3 megacycles with 250 watts. The Northwest’s First FM Station.

    1951 Thom Hartmann was born in Grand Rapids, MI. KPOJ Talk Host, 2005-10. WNBY Program Director.

    1953 John Kirby was born in Albany, NY. KYXI Sportscaster for the Portland Winterhawks, hockey team 1983.

    1966 KVAN 1480 kHz., was ready to go back on the air after 7 days, when burglars broke in for a third time.

    1967 KOIN-FM 101.1 MHz., reduced simulcasting to 50%. Began broadcasting Classical music in Stereo.

    1990 KKGR 1230 kHz., Light Jazz “The Breeze” switched to News/Talk, including KATU News audio, 6:00 to 7:00 P.M.



    1966 KVAN 1480 kHz., finally signed back on the air after eight days and three burglaries, in ten days.

    1984 KLIQ 1290 kHz., Oaks Park 5 K.W. day, began 5 K.W. directional nights from the KYXI transmitter site.

    1991 Roxie E. Frederickson died at age 91 in Beaverton. KPOJ & KPOJ-FM Women’s Director, 1950-52.

    1992 Robert W. Ball died at age 58 in Camarillo, CA. KPDQ AM/FM Vice-President & General Manager, 1963-84.

    1996 Park Communications, Inc. sold KWJJ (AM) & KWJJ-FM to Fisher Broadcasting, Inc. for $35 Million.

    1998 Ivan Smith died at age 74 in Corvallis. KXL 1953-55. KMCM Program Director, 1952-53. KWRC, KPTV News Director, KGW-TV Asst. News Director.

    2006 James L. “Jim” Hamstreet died at age 86 in Ferndale, Wash. KGMG General Manager, 1962-63.

    2009 KQOL ended a two day “K-Hits” stunting loop and switched to Classic Rock as: “105-9, The Brew.”



    1922 7YG became KDYQ, moving from 200 meters (1498.9 kilocycles) to 485 meters (618.1 K.C.) with 5 watts.

    1923 John A. “Jack” Luetjen was born in Plaza, N.D. KKEY Sales Manager, 1958-61. KRTV General Manager.

    1926 KGW & KFOA Seattle, later KHQ Spokane formed the Northwest’s first chain known as the “Northwest Triangle.”

    1960 KPVA switched call letters to KVAN 1480 kHz., standing for Vancouver. 2nd KVAN. First was on 910 kHz.

    1984 Roy Cornelius died at age 89 in Portland. KVAN host of “The Advice Man of The Air”, 1948-49.

    1987 Ralph C. Weagant died at age 59 in Hillsboro. KHFS/KKEY Co-founder & President, 1955-87.

    1989 Philip A. “Phil” Roewe died at age 65 in Chehalis, Wash. KPDQ Commercial Manager, 1956-57.

    2005 Frank Benny died at age 67 in Englewood, FL. KISN Program Director, 1964-65. KEX 1961-63. WUBE Program Director.

    2006 KWJJ-HD2 on 99.5-2 initiated broadcasting a Blues format in Digital IBOC.

    2008 KVMX Rhythmic A.C. “Movin’ 107-5” began simulcasting KXJM “Jammin’ 95.5” for the next four days.

    2011 Barbara Voight died at age 50 in Portland. KXL News Anchor, 2007-11. KXL-FM Air Personality.



    1938 Donald J. “Don” Lane was born in McMinnville, TN. KRDR Program Director, 1968-69 & News Director, 1965-68.

    1957 KGW & KGW-TV were fully acquired by King Broadcasting Co. (Dorothy Stimson Bullitt, President).

    1966 KGAR opened studios in Portland (949 SW Oak St.) across Burnside from KISN & the battle began.

    1970 “Radio Free Portland” broadcast PSU strike news on 850 kHz. to 890 kHz., combating news blackout.

    1993 Jim Kelley died at age 58 in Portland. KGW Air Personality, 1962-68. KGW-TV “Telescope” host. KXL.

    1997 Sid Sherman died at age 80 in Gates. KRWC Sales Manager, 1954-56 & Farm Director, 1954-55.

    1999 The Rick Emerson Show on KOTK moved to NBG Radio Network studios Portland, for syndication.

    2001 KZRI Welches, signed on the air on 90.3 MHz., with 280 watts. Transmitter at Timberline Lodge.

    2002 Ramblin’ Rod Anders died at age 69 in Portland. KPOJ Personality, 1962-64. KPTV, 1964-97. KUIK. KXL.

    2005 KBPS-FM 89.9 MHz., moved transmitter from the KOIN-TV tower to the Sylvan Tower, LLC.

    2005 David Apple died at age 67 in Lake Oswego. KEX Weathercaster, 1982-86. KPTV 1992-98 & 1983-85. KATU 1985-92.

    2006 KYCH-HD2 on 97.1-2 initiated broadcasting an Urban A.C. format in Digital IBOC.



    1921 Federal Telegraph Co. dedicated KGH Hillsboro. A ship to ship & point to point Portland service.

    1937 Harry B. Read sold KXL Broadcasters to Tom W. Symons, Jr. and Edmund B. Craney for $20,000.

    1962 KISN Aerocar unveiled, a combination land and air craft, on “Operation Air Watch” with Scotty Wright.

    1992 KKGR Gresham, changed its call letters to KMUZ reflecting its soft Adult Contemporary “MUsic” format.



    1923 KGW 400 meters (749.4 kilocycles) moved to 492 meters (609.3 K.C.). Power remained at 500 watts.

    1927 KFEC and Meier & Frank Co., won five suits in a Radio Broadcast Music Royalty Infringement Action.

    1977 KOIN switched call letters to KYTE, standing for “97 Kite” and programming Contemporary music.

    1977 KOIN-FM switched calls to KYTE-FM standing for “The FM Kite” programming an automated A.C. format.

    1985 Don Burden died at age 56 in San Mateo, CA. KISN President, 1959-76. KOIL, WIFE, KICN President.

    2006 KRSK-HD2 Molalla, on 105.1-2 initiated broadcasting a Dance format in Digital IBOC.

    2008 KVMX 107.5 MHz., Banks, simulcast of KXJM “Jammin’ 95.5” ended. Switched to “Jammin’ 107-5.”

    2008 KXJM CHR/Rhythmic “Jammin’ 95.5” switched format to Sports/Talk as the new “95.5, The Game.”

    2008 KLTH The K-Hits Corner studio was shut down when “Mark Lindsay’s The Rock & Roll Cafe” closed.

    2009 Roger L. Curtis died at age 53 in Portland. KBNP Operations Manager and Program Director, 2004-05.

    2017 Chuck Cade died at age 78 in Portland. KWJJ Air Personality in the early 1970’s. KOHI St. Helens.



    1909 Marlowe Branagan was born in Hastings, Neb. KKEY Sportscaster, 1959. KHTV, KGW-TV, KLOR.

    1922 KQY broadcast Portland’s first remote at 8:00 P.M. from Lincoln High School. Featured concert & lecture.

    1943 Cleve Allen was born in Queen City, Texas. KGW Personality, 1972. KINK 1971. KLIQ, KBOO, KBPS.

    1962 KGRO 1230 kHz., Gresham, raised day power from 250 watts to 1 K.W. with a new $10,000 transmitter.

    1968 Loyal E.W. “Lew” Conley died at age 66 in Portland. KLIQ Chief Engineer, 1957-60 & 1961-64. KVAN General Manager.

    1997 Stanley R. “Stan” Church died at age 87 in Lake Oswego. KOIN-KALE Public Events Director, 1936-42.

    2010 Rodney F. “Rod” Woita died at age 76 in Beaverton. KRWC 1570 K.C., Forest Grove, Sports Director, 1955-56.

    2011 Charles J. “Charlie” Vais died at age 83 in Lakewood, CO. KISN Station Manager, 1959. KICN Sales Manager.

    2016 Richard K. “Dick” Millison died at age 97 in Anacortes, WA. KUIK President, 1973-78. KRTV Station Manager.



    1918 Paul A. Alexander was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa. KUIK Farm Director, 1961-66 & Sales Manager, 1960.

    1926 KGW “Hoot Owls” program began on KFOA Seattle, Wash. The variety shows first chain broadcast.

    1939 Bob Chase was born in Sheldon, Iowa. KWJJ News Director, 1973-76. KEX 1978-98. KPAM 2000-03.

    1944 KGW NBC broadcast “The Jack Benny Program” from “Camp Adair” with KGW’s Dick Rand at 4:00 P.M.

    1975 William Moyes died at age 80 in Nahcotta, Wash. Oregonian “Behind The Mike” columnist, 1930-52.

    1977 Jack Hurd died at age 58 in Lake Oswego. KKEY Moderator, 1971-77. KGAR Talk Host, 1970. KLIQ Talk Host, 1967-69.

    1990 Thomas Huntsberger, trustee of bankrupt for Matrix Media, sold KCYX 1260 kHz., to Bohnsack Strategies.

    1998 Frank Sinatra died at age 82 in Los Angeles, California. KXL Co-owner, 1957-64, with KJR & KNEW.

    2016 Craig E. Singletary died at age 85 in McMinnville. KSLC 1972 Founder. KMCM Asst. General Manager. 1961, Operations Manager 1959-60.



    1876 William P. “Bill” Strandborg was born in Ashtabula, Ohio. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Talon”, 1923-24.

    1903 Virgil S. Smith was born in Marion Co. IA. KGW-KEX News Editor, 1934-43. The Blue Network, KMPC.

    1923 Radio Division discontinued the weather wavelength at 485 meters. This affected KGW and KFEC.

    1923 Leo Erickson was born in North Dakota. KYTE/KLLB Chief Engineer, 1980-83. KGAR Chief Engineer, 1963-64.

    1928 Rusty Nails aka Jim Allen was born in Portland. KWJJ host of “Jimmy Allen’s Scrapbook” 1951-52. KPTV.

    1938 Jimmy Hollister was born in San Joaquin County, CA. KVIX Program Director, 1987-88. KPAM, KEX & KGW.

    1943 Ralph Edwards “Truth Or Consequences” NBC live broadcast from Public Auditorium at 5:00 P.M. & 8:00 P.M.

    1957 Cecil Teague died in Portland. KOIN staff organist on the stations’ Wurlitzer organ, 1931-38.

    1965 KWJJ 1080 kHz., began 24 hour operation, expanding its Country music format around the clock.

    1985 KVAN 1550 kHz., moved studios from Orchards to “Avenida del Sol” shopping center in Vancouver, Wash.

    1998 EXCL Communications sold KINK-FM to American Radio Systems License Corp. This was a station swap.

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