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    1929 Bill Schonely was born in Norristown, Penn. Radio Voice of the Portland Trail Blazers, 1970-1998.

    1948 KGW was back on the air at 7:30 P.M. using KALE’s 1 K.W. standby transmitter during Vanport flood.

    1948 KPDQ Oaks studio & transmitter site flooded. Moved and set up in Chief Engineer’s home with 250 watts.

    1956 KWJJ’s Del Olney accidentally shot Roy Williams knee with a .22 revolver at the Smith Lake transmitter site.

    1959 KPAM and KPFM Good Music (Classical) switched to a Religious, Good Music and Classical format.

    1963 Crawford Broadcasting Company sold KWAY to Harold O. Savercool (a fuel dealer) for $37,500.

    1966 KYMN 1520 kHz., new emergency broadcast facility was dedicated by Oregon Governor, Mark Hatfield.

    1979 McCoy Broadcasting Company sold KYXI & KGON & 6 other stations to Western-Sun, Inc. for $27.7 Million.

    1979 KPDQ-FM began broadcasting in Stereo. Studios at: 5110 S.E. Stark St. Transmitter in Healy Heights.

    1981 KUPL affiliated with the Mutual Broadcasting System. The third time on 1330 kHz. KUPL had dropped NBC.

    1981 KXL affiliated with the NBC Radio Network. Continued its affiliation with Mutual as a secondary Network.

    1990 Forest W. Amsden died at age 64 in Portland. KGW AM-TV/KINK Vice-President & General Manager, 1970-79.

    1993 KGON became Portland’s first station to import its morning show live via satellite (Mark & Brian).

    2003 Entercom Communications Corp. assumed control of KOTK 1080 kHz. & KWJJ-FM 99.5 MHz. from Fisher.

    2011 KXTG “The New Live 95-5” changed calls to KBFF standing for “Best Friends Forever” and continued format.

    2011 KXL “Sports Radio 750AM, The Game” changed its call letters after 85 years to KXTG and continued format.

    2013 Mel Blanc was inducted into the “Lincoln High School, Hall of Fame.” KGW-KEX voice entertainer.

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    1923 Ernie “Ern” Hood was born in Charlotte, NC. KBOO founding member & Air Personality, 1973-84.

    1928 Bob Amsberry was born in Boring. KEX’s Uncle Bob hosted “The Squirrel Cage”, 1949-55. KALE. KPDQ.

    1930 Robert Duncan “The Oregon Wildcat” was arrested on charges of violating the “Radio Act of 1927.”

    1956 KRIV transmitter site was sandbagged when the Washougal River overflowed its banks near Columbia River.

    1964 Portland Exposition Recreation Commission said No to a KISN permit to hold a R & R dance at the Coliseum.

    1978 KXL-FM, KGON, KPDQ-FM, KJIB, KQFM, KBOO off the air for six hours, after transformers caught fire.

    2000 KBBT 107.5 MHz., Modern Adult Contemporary “The Beat”, switched to 1980’s Hits as “Mix 107-5.”

    2004 Loyd C. Sigmon died at age 95 in Bartlesville, Okla. KEX Executive Vice-President, 1962-66.

    2009 KQOL changed its call letters to KFBW, standing for “105-9, The Brew.” Continued its Classic Rock format.

    2010 KXJM-HD1 on 107.5-1 initiated broadcasting in Digital IBOC, simulcasting KXJM’s Rhythmic format.



    1942 Pacific coast radio stations began two nights off the air, after Japan bombed Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

    1962 KEX Hoverbird was introduced. The helicopter didn’t just fly around, it could hover over accidents.

    2005 Chuck Foster died at age 85 in Portland. KXL News Director, 1952-55. KGW News Director, 1950-52.

    2010 KLTH-HD1 on 106.7-1 initiated broadcasting in Digital IBOC, simulcast KLTH’s Classic Hits format.

    2010 KXJM-HD2 on 107.5-2 initiated broadcasting in Digital IBOC, an Urban Adult Contemporary format.



    1898 Edward G. “Ed” Saxe was born in Colorado. KGON 1230 K.C., Oregon City, Chief Engineer, 1952-55.

    1909 John “Lefty” Palmer was born in Portland. KOIN AM/FM National Sales Manager, 1949-54 & KOIN-TV to 1973.

    1928 KXL began carrying the “Sperry Flour Children’s Hour” weeknights. Sperry Flour Mills was sponsor.

    1932 KGPP, Portland Police station tested for the first time at 12:00 P.M. on 2442 K.C. with 300 watts.

    1956 KPDQ studio & transmitter building was jacked up on blocks at Oaks Park. The Willamette River had flood.

    1966 KOIN AM/FM “Merrykhana Parade” Rick Mertz & Bill Baldwin brought you the fun and sounds. 8:00 P.M.

    1966 Karl Herbring died at age 76 in Portland. KWJJ Secretary-Treasurer, 1949-52 & KWJJ-FM 1949-50.

    1984 KLIQ 1290 kHz., received FCC approval beginning night operation from their leased KYXI transmitter site.

    1987 KKSN 910 kHz., Classical music format, switched to Transtar’s “AM Only” satellite Adult Standards.

    1987 KKLI 97.1 MHz., switched to Transtar’s “Format 41” A.C. sound. Mornings and Afternoons were live & local.

    1998 American Radio Systems sold KUPL-970/KUPL-FM/KUFO(FM)/KKJZ(FM)/KBBT-FM to Infinity Broadcasting.

    2010 KLTH-HD2 on 106.7-2, initiated broadcasting in Digital IBOC, with the “Real Oldies” format.

    2012 Westside Radio, Inc. transferred KUIK 1360 kHz., back to Dolphin Communications, Inc., after loan default.



    1907 Harold “Day” Foster was born in Walla Walla, WA. KGW & KEX War Program Manager, 1943-44. KORE.

    1907 Roberta Lanouette was born in Portland. KUIK Co-owner, 1957-58. KGW Writer/Producer in the 1940’s & 1950’s.

    1909 Stanley R. “Stan” Church was born in Spokane, WA. KOIN & KALE Public Events Director, 1936-41.

    1942 Ron Saito was born Portland. KEX President & General Manager, 2000-05. KKRZ Vice-President & General Manager, 1997-00. KKCW General Manager, 1986-02.

    1958 Barney Keep sustained injuries when his MG auto was struck. KEX’s Al Priddy filled in for six weeks.

    1965 KOIN AM/FM “Merrykhana Parade” coverage Blaine Hanks hosted with live commentary from Coliseum. 8:00 P.M.

    1973 Hal Gibney died at age 61 in Santa Barbara, CA. KGW-KEX Announcer, 1935-36. Later Dragnet announcer.

    1977 KYTE broadcast the final “Portland Trail Blazers” vs. the “Philadelphia 76ers” game for NBA Championship.

    1980 KQFM 100.3 MHz., simulcast with KOIN-TV the one hour special “Seafood Mama In Concert” at 10:00 P.M.

    1998 Jess Mason died at age 89 in Beaverton. KGW Commentator, 1951-56, KEX, KWJJ, KGON, KPOJ.

    1998 KKRH Classic Rock “Earth 105” switched format to Hot A.C. as “The All New Rosie 105” at 5:00 P.M.

    2003 Walter A. “Walt” Kobek died at age 84 in Portland. KLIQ Sales Manager, 1957-58. KXL.

    2004 Mike Rich, KINK News Director, 1993 to 2000 was Grand Marshal of The “PGE/SOLV Starlight Parade.”

    2009 Paul Oscar Anderson died at age 77 in Knoxville, TN. KPAM/KPFM Personality, 1966-67. KISN 1963-64 & 1966. KGAR.



    1897 Benjamin E. “Ben” Titus was born in Charlotte, Mich. KGW-KEX news writer, 1943-44.

    1925 Jack Hamilton was born in Portland. KWJJ Announcer, 1952-54. KXXL Program Director, 1955-57. KIDD Sales Manager. KOCN.

    1936 KEX premiered the Western drama “On The Oregon Trail” to its audience. Saturday’s at 8:30 P.M.

    1948 KALE became KPOJ, standing for “Portland Oregon Journal” newspaper. Transmitter on Mt. Scott.

    1948 KPOJ-FM signed on the air on 98.7 M.C. with 50 K.W. A simulcast of KPOJ. Studios: Taylor St. Building.

    1957 KHFS 1150 K.C., announced, Monday would be KEY DAY. Key’s were mailed out with no explanation.

    1963 KGRO Standards format “The Big Band Station” became KRDR for “Card Radio” switching to C & W.

    1964 KOIN AM/FM “Merrykhana Parade.” Blaine Hanks described all the fun-filled zany antics. 8:00 P.M.

    1970 KEX’s Barney Keep was crowned the “King of Fun” by Miss Raindrop, and led the “Merrykhana Parade.”

    1974 Contemporary FM, Inc. (Bernard D. “Bernie” Seitz) sold KJIB to Park Broadcasting, Inc. for $250,000.

    1986 Gordon R. Larson died at age 60 in Portland. KPAM & KPFM Chief Engineer & Music Librarian, 1955-59.

    2005 KMHD-HD1 on 89.1-1 initiated broadcasting in Digital IBOC, a simulcast of KMHD’s Jazz format.



    1919 Homer F. Rohse was born in Portland. KMCM News Director, 1950-53. News-Register, General Manager.

    1930 KBPS at Benson Polytechnic 1420 kc, signed off air for Summer vacation hiatus. KXL 1420 kc, filled in void.

    1958 Mount Rainier Radio And TV Broadcasting Corp. transferred KXL to Frank Sinatra and Danny Kaye families.

    1963 Fred Wegner died at age 87 in Portland. Beavers baseball recreation telegrapher, KWJJ, KEX, KXL, KGW.

    1965 KGW moved studios from “Broadcast House” to the new 54,000 square foot. “KGW Broadcast Center.”

    1966 KVAN 1480 kHz., was knocked off the air again for five days after burglars stole transmitter equipment.

    1976 KISN and Star Stations ordered by the FCC to halt operations Sept 2, 1976. Call letters would be deleted.

    1985 KAAR scrapped two month old “Radio Aahs” children’s format after 7:00 P.M., switching back to Oldies.

    1989 KKRZ “Z100″s Little Ricky Rocko was Grand Marshal of the”Pacific Power Rose Festival Junior Parade.”



    1937 KEX and the Jr. Chamber of Commerce saluted the Rose Festival at 7:30 P.M. with a feature celebration.

    1943 John Sorenson died at age 74. A hammer fell from atop the KEX tower (Vanport) striking his head.

    1948 Bill Cole was born in Seattle, WA. KVAN Station Manager, 1984-86. KGAR/KVAN Operation Manager, 1981-84.

    1949 KPDQ 800 K.C., and KBKO 1290 K.C., were off the air all morning after an 11,000-volt power line had fallen.

    1963 KOIN AM/FM presented “The Merrykhana Parade.” Bill Baldwin brought you all the fun and mirth at 8:00 P.M.

    1978 KEX’s Jimmy Hollister welcomed the Rose Festival Fleet with a live KEX remote 3:00 to 6:00 P.M.

    2000 James P. “Joe” Wilkerson died at age 85 in Gloucester, England. KISN President, 1968-76.

    2002 Marshall Moss died at age 50 in North Bend. KRDR/KKGR/KMUZ AM/FM Program Director, 1988-95.

    2012 KXET 1150 kHz., granted an S.T.A. to broadcast with 100 watts day. Continued 10 watts at night.


    1932 Hal Raymond was born in Hillsboro, IL. KISN Program Director, 1959-61. KEX 1968-73. KGW 1964-68.

    1933 First network broadcast of the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade heard on the “Don Lee” Network via KOIN.

    1939 KALE fed the Mutual Broadcasting System, The Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade for Mutual’s first time.

    1951 KEX presented “The Junior Rose Parade” with co-hosts Uncle Bob Amsberry & Merrie Virginia, at 11:00 A.M.

    1954 Oregonian Publishing Co. purchased 50% of Mt. Hood Radio & TV Broadcasting Corp. KOIN AM/FM/TV.

    1956 Jimmie Dodd & Uncle Bob Amsberry (formerly on KEX) were Grand Marshal’s of the Rose Festival Parade.

    1970 KPOJ changed its call letters to KPOK. FM sister call letters, “OK Stereo”, switched to Pop Tunes & Oldies.

    1970 KPOK(FM) changed its call letters KPOK-FM, switched from independent programming to 50% simulcast.

    1973 KEX & Kona Village Resort won a Special Section category for its “Aloha Week” float in Rose Festival Parade.

    1981 Art Kirkham died at age 84 in Portland. KOIN Vice-President, 1942-50. Program Director & Chief Announcer, 1929.

    1995 Clarence “Toley” Tolman died at age 99 in Gresham. KGW co-star of “Me & My Shadow” 1932-41.

    2000 KBBT (FM) changed its call letters to KVMX, standing for “Mix 107-5” continuing its 80’s Hits format.

    2003 Beaverton pirate station “Energy 98” was given notice by the FCC to stop broadcasting on 98.1 MHz.



    1929 KGW carried the Grand Floral Parade coverage for the 2nd year as sole station. Sid Goodwin host.

    1930 Robert G. Duncan found guilty “electioneering on election day” on KVEP. Ten days in jail. $75.00 fine.

    1939 KGW broadcast “The Merrykhana Parade” with: Bill Mock, Don Kneass, Bill Adams and Bill McCord.

    1957 KHFS 1150 K.C., Vancouver changed calls to KKEY standing for “The KEY Radio Station of The Northwest.”

    1972 KPAM-FM 97.1 MHz., won a Special Section category for the float “Puppy Love” in The Grand Floral Parade.

    1997 Rusty Kimball died at age 45 in Forest Grove. KINK Air Personality, 1981-83. KKCW 1984. KKRH 1996.

    2007 Bob “Big Daddy” Duke died at age 68 in Vancouver, WA. KGAR General Manager, 1969-78. KWAY General Manager.



    1901 Wilbur Jeffery Jerman was born in Silverton. Radio Pioneer & founder of namesake KWJJ 1925-52.

    1905 Lee B. Wailes was born in New York, N.Y. KEX & Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc., President, 1944-45.

    1912 Lloyd A. Sutherland was born in Portland. KOIN Radio-TV Technician, 1952-76. KBKO 1950-51. KXL.

    1914 Herbert M. “Herb” Johnston was born in Downey, ID. KXL Farm Director, 1963-65. KGW-KEX Chief Announcer.

    1927 KGW carried NBC’s first special event broadcast. Aviator Charles Lindberg’s arrival from Paris, France.

    1938 KEX broadcast “The Merrykhana Parade” 8:30 to 10:30 P.M., from the Stadium, plus 6th & Alder Streets.

    1948 KXL, KGW, KOIN, KEX carried President Harry Truman Vanport Flood speech from Civic Auditorium.

    1949 KMCM McMinnville began testing its Western Electric 443A-1 1 K.W. transmitter on 1260 kilocycles.

    1954 KGW’s Heck Harper was Grand Marshal of the Junior Rose Festival Parade, riding his new horse Jody.

    1966 KVAN 1480 kHz., returned to the air after five days. Burglars knocked it off the air again that evening.

    1966 KGW, KISN & KOIN each broadcast the Grand Floral Parade from Memorial Coliseum at 10:00 A.M.

    1980 Charles L. Austin died at age 90 in Blue River. Father of Oregon Broadcasting. 7ZI, 7XF & KGN 1921-23.

    1994 Thomas T. “Tom” Ely died at age 82 in Bend. KEX & KEX-FM Chief Engineer, 1945-54. WBZ AM/TV.

    2014 Lee Rogers died at age 67 in Sandy. KUPL Operation Manager-Program Director & Personality, 1994-05. KRPM Program Director.



    1892 Norman J. “Norm” Sugg was born in Mt. Vernon, Ills. KGW & KEX Commercial Manager, 1942-45.

    1931 KOIN & KXL became the 2nd and 3rd stations to broadcast the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade.

    1937 KGW 620 K.C., broadcast from downtown vantage points, its 2nd “Merrykhana Parade” 9:00 to 9:45 P.M.

    1961 FCC warned “Kisn Radio” KISN about violating the requirements for a proper station identification.

    2004 Bill Schonely retired Portland Trail Blazer announcer was Grand Marshal of the Grand Floral Parade.



    1899 Larry Keating was born in St. Paul, MN. KGW-KEX Chief Announcer, 1934-36. KGO-NBC Blue Network actor.

    1904 Jack B. Bladine was born in Marathon, Iowa. KMCM Co-founder with brother & President, 1949-57.

    1924 Mel Baldwin was born in Portland. KEX Producer-Director, 1945-47. KTIL G.M., 1947-51. KNX-CBS, 1951-53.

    1930 KGW continued coverage of The Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade for the 3rd year as sole station.

    1931 KOIN 940 Kc., broadcast the dedication of the “Saint Johns Bridge” at 2:00 P.M. Coverage by Art Kirkham.

    1945 KWJJ off the air 1/2 hour. Spider had crawled between condenser plates melting them, causing a short.

    1953 KEX’s Uncle Bob Amsberry was honorary “Grand Marshal” of the Rose Festival “Junior Rose Parade.”

    1954 John C. Egan died at age 65 in Portland. KWJJ Co-owner, 1929-47 & General Manager, 1926-47. KPRA (FM).

    1959 KLIQ’s Rock ‘N Roll format ended after 40 days. KLIQ then switched to a “Good Music” Classical format.

    1980 Evelyn Sibley Lampman, died at age 73 in West Linn. KGW Educational Director, 1946-51. KEX.



    1933 KEX debuted “Cobwebs And Nuts” starring Mel Blanc, Monday thru Saturday, 11:00 P.M. to Midnight.

    1960 King Broadcasting’s “Bullitt Foundation” donated KQFM transmitter site to State of Oregon. Later became KOAP-TV.

    1993 KMXI Lake Oswego “Oldies 106.7” switched to a Classical music format as “K-Bach Classical 106.7”

    2004 KKAD 1550 Vancouver, with their Advice Talk format “Sound Advice” switched to “The Music of Your Life.”


    “1960 King Broadcasting’s “Bullitt Foundation” donated KQFM transmitter site to State of Oregon. Later became KOAP-TV.”

    Well gee, how did I get that messed up? I always thought it was KEX-FM that donated 92.3 and moved to 91.5. I didn’t know KGW was even connected to KQFM!

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