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    1933 Dean H. Woodring was born in Yankton, SD. KGW Station Manager, 1972-75. KGW-TV Vice-President & General Manager.

    1995 KPHP changed its call letters to KKSL standing for “The Salt & Light of Portland” continued Religious format.

    1995 Apogee Communications, Inc. sold KFXX/KGON/KNRK to Entercom Communications for $24.5 Million.


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    1922 KQY of Stubbs Electric Company, increased power from 10 watts to 100 watts, from remodeled studio.

    1924 KGW 492 meters (609.3 K.C.) began broadcasting after 15 days silent, a concert by Gordon Soule.

    1925 KGW began commercials. Dan Marx Co. (jeweler), Frank Nau (pharmacy) & Tommy Luke (florist).

    1929 KOIN joined “The Don Lee-Columbia Network” as a charter affiliate. This was CBS West Coast chain.

    1932 Charles F. Berg died at age 61 in Portland. KGW “Hoot Owls” founder & head “Grand Screech” 1923-32.

    1942 KGW affiliated “NBC Red” Network officially became “NBC” separating “The Blue Network” further.

    1955 KRWC raised power from 250 watts to 1 K.W. Irving Schmidtke, Chief Engineer, General Manager & Owner.

    1958 KPAM 1410 K.C., raised power from 1 K.W. to 5 K.W. First Continental 315-B transmitter in the West.

    1959 KPAM & KPFM were returned to Broadcasters Oregon Limited (Stanley M. Goard) by order of the FCC.

    1962 Westinghouse Broadcasting Co., Inc. sold KEX to Golden West Broadcasters, Inc. for $900,000.

    1968 Sheldon F. Sackett died at age 66 in San Francisco, CA. KVAN President, 1940-59 & KOOS 1938-70.

    1969 KGW 620 kHz., switched format from Contemporary music to Adult Top 40 as “Radio 62” on Labor Day.

    1969 Point-O-Salescast, Inc. sold KQFM to David M. Myers for $59,000. He was the “Muzak” franchise owner.

    1971 KLIQ-FM 92.3 MHz., “Country Click” switched its format back to KLIQ(AM) Talk simulcast as “KLIQ-FM 92.”

    1975 KYXI 1520 kHz., Oregon City’s “Popular Adult Album” station switched to a more Contemporary sound.

    1976 Circuit Court of Appeals, rejected “Star Stations” request to keep KISN on air. Kisn prepared to shutdown.

    1977 Cathryn C. Murphy died at age 65 in San Mateo, CA. KVAN 1480 kHz., Owner/General Manager, 1960-74.

    1981 Tracy Broadcasting Co. sold KUPL & KUPL-FM to Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Co. (Jack R. Howard).

    1984 KYXI 1520 kHz., changed its format to Oldies and call letters to KSGO, standing for “Solid Gold Oldies.”

    1985 KLIQ 1290 kHz., “The Talk of The Town” changed calls to KMJK (AM). Switched format to C.H.R., as “Magic.”

    1985 KMJK(FM) 106.7 MHz., changed calls to KMJK-FM. Continued CHR format as “Flame Throwin’ Hit Radio.”

    1986 KKRZ presented Z100’s “Last Chance Summer Dance” at Pioneer Courthouse Square with The Crazy 8’s.

    1986 KXL 750 kHz., affiliated with the “ABC Talk Radio Network”, dropping the “Mutual” (MBS) network.

    1989 KMJK Lake Oswego “Classic Hits 106.7” switched its format to Classic Rock as “Classic Rock 106.7.”

    1990 KFXX Oregon City, branded “The X” Rock format, switched to Sports/Talk, as “Sports Radio 1520.”

    1997 KOPB-FM 91.5 MHz., dropped all of its Classical music (except weekends) and began simulcast of KOAC.

    2003 KXL’s Lars Larson debuted his national talk show on the “Westwood One Radio Network” at 10:00 P.M.

    2003 KKAD moved studios from “The Pacific Business Center” in Vancouver to “Pioneer Tower” in Portland.

    2009 Rose City Radio Corp. (Paul Allen) sold KXL & KXTG (FM) to Alpha Broadcasting, LLC for $11 Million.


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