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    1901 Earl Meissner was born in Redlands, CA. KGW-KEX Engineer, 1935-39. United Radio Supply, Pres., 1935-67.

    1927 KXL 1360 kilocycles, debuted “The Moo Cow Hour” novelty program 8:00 to 9:00 P.M. Monday nights.

    1940 KEX debuted “The Green Stamp Review with Vere Kneeland” Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays.

    1949 KWJJ AM/FM debuted J.K. Gill’s “Christmas Preview” with Sammy Taylor as Santa on weekdays.

    1950 KWJJ-FM 95.5 M.C., signed off the air. Healy Heights property sold to John D. Keating on 11-15-50.

    1981 KYXI was knocked off the air at about 3:00 A.M. when one of its three towers collapsed in heavy wind.

    1985 KCNR-FM changed to KKLI standing for “K-Lite, 97 FM” and continuing Adult Contemporary music.

    1992 Rod Johnson died at age 71 in Gresham. KWJJ President, 1952-73. Rex Recording founder, 1949-73.



    1946 KALE Fight: Ralph Mooker vs Golden Boy Hawkins with ringside announcer, Jack Colon. 10:15 P.M.

    1969 KMCM first “livecast” using “Early Bird” satellite downlinked from Portland. Linfield College vs U. of Hawaii game from Honolulu.

    2007 Ed Hepp died at age 66 in Portland. KQIV Music Director, 1973. KGON 1974-77, KBOO 1978. KSAN.



    1900 Howard S. “Jake” Jacobson was born in Portland. KXL President, 1947-55 & KXL General Manager, 1943-55.

    1922 KDYQ 485 meters (618.1 kilocycles) moved to 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles). Began sharing time with stations.

    1922 KFEC 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles). Added share time station KDYQ with KGG, KGN, KGW, KQY.

    1922 KGG 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles). Added share time station KDYQ with KFEC, KGN, KGW, KQY.

    1922 KGN 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles). Added share time station KDYQ with KFEC, KGG, KGW, KQY.

    1922 KGW 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles). Added share time station KDYQ with KFEC, KGG, KGN, KQY.

    1922 KQY 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles). Added share time station KDYQ with KFEC, KGG, KGN, KGW.

    1938 Dick Sainte was born in Kansas City, MO. KISN Personality, 1964-67. KWJJ, 1979-80. KEX, 1981-82.

    1940 Ed Hepp was born in Portland. KQIV Music Director, 1973. KGON 1974-77, KBOO 1978. KSAN.

    1950 KFGR 1570 K.C., Forest Grove, signed on the air with 250 watts daytime. Studios & transmitter on Sunset Dr.

    1950 KBPS returned to the air after Summer hiatus with a new transmitter and a 250 watt power increase.

    1967 KOAP-FM signed back on the air after 46 days. A strong windstorm (78 mph.) had damaged the antenna.

    1968 Ray Andrew Fields sold KMCM to Norjud Broadcasting, Inc. for $97,000. (Judy I. Aldred, President).

    1975 C.J. “Mac” McCredie died at age 66 in Milwaukie. KOIN Engineer, 1943-45. KEX. KIHR President & General Manager.

    1994 Les Halpin died at age 89 in Bellevue, WA. KOIN News Director, 1940-67. Began at KOIN in 1935.



    1925 KQP 248 meters (1208.8 kilocycles) moved frequency temporary to 212 meters (1414.1 kilocycles).

    1934 Sol S. Rosinsky was born in Omaha, NE. KMJK(FM) President & G.M., 1977. KISN General Manager, 1973.

    1967 KPOJ’s Dick Klinger “Dayline” at 11:00 A.M. “How to cook your own goose.” Thanksgiving cooking hints.

    1990 Al Priddy died at age 81 in Portland. KEX Air Personality, 1956 to New Years Day 1960.

    2003 KKSN changed its call letters to KZNY, standing for “Sunny 1520.” and continuing Adult Standards.

    2005 KYCH-HD1 on 97.1-1, initiated broadcasting in Digital IBOC, a simulcast of KYCH’s Adult Hits.

    2012 KXET “Exitos” Regional Mexican, switched to “Portland Christian Radio” in Russian, as “PDXRR.”



    1879 William R. “Bill” Boone was born in Newport, R.I. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Skipano” 1924-33.

    1922 KGW began tests with its new 500 watt “Western Electric” transmitter on its new 400 meter wavelength.

    1922 CL8 on 400 meters (749.4 kilocycles) at “The Vancouver Barracks” added share time station KGW.

    1927 Gerry Pratt was born in British Columbia, Canada. KOIN business commentary, 1972-73. “Town Hall” host.

    1930 Norman P. Aldred was born in Minneapolis, MN. KMCM/KCYX President & General Manager, Co-owner, 1968-80.

    1936 KFJR 1300 K.C., said farewell and signed off the air. KFJR had been sold to “The Journal” station KALE.

    1936 KALE assumed full-time occupancy of 1300 kilocycles, continuing to operate with 500 watts of power.

    1946 KEX began broadcasting “The Cinnamon Bear” 5:45 P.M. weekdays. Sponsored by Lipman-Wolfe Co.

    1956 KGW moved studios from 409 S.W. 13th Ave. to Turnverein Building dubbed Broadcast House at 1139 S.W. 13th Ave.

    1966 KPOJ’s “The Dick Klinger Show.” Callers invited “How to cook your own goose” this Thanksgiving.

    1989 Ground breaking took place for the $3.5 Million “KGON TOWER” on “Sentinel Hill” in Healy Heights.

    1993 KGON brought the “Mark & Brian” morning show to Portland’s seawall for their first live appearance.

    2003 KKGT changed its call letters to KRMZ, standing for “Romance 1150.” Continuing Spanish Love Songs.



    1918 Phil Bladine was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa. KMCM Co-founder with brother, 1949-59. President, 1957-59.

    1939 KVAN 880 kilocycles, officially dedicated the station with a celebration taking place in Vancouver, Wash.

    1940 Margaret “Midge” Cauthers was born in Portland. KVAN/KARO/KAAR Office Manager, 1974-82.

    1945 KALE 1330 kilocycles, began broadcasting weekdays the popular “Cinnamon Bear” program at 5:00 P.M.

    1994 Vivian Lee died at age 88 in Portland. KWJJ Host of “Between You & Me with Vivian Lee” 2:00 P.M., 1948-49.



    1905 Johnny Carpenter was born in Spokane, WA. KOIN Radio-TV Sports Director, 1953-69. Joined KOIN 1937.

    1922 KGW began regular broadcasts on 400 meters (749.4 K.C.) with 500 watts. Was on 360 meters with 50 watts.

    1928 KFEC, Meier & Frank’s operator Ed McKeown burned his hand when a 1 K.W. line fell. KFEC went off the air.

    1932 KOIN moved its transmitter from Mt. Calvary Hill to their new ten acre Barnes Hill site at 11:35 A.M.

    1947 A chicken thief stole one from the KWJJ studio refrigerator at Oaks Park, after a door was pried open.

    1949 KWJJ AM/FM special Thanksgiving program of the 20-voice Jefferson High School choir at 8:00 P.M.

    1958 KPOJ AM/FM began nightly stereo record hop, hosted by Mark Allen from the “Raleigh Hills Corral.”

    1967 KBPS presented a holiday special “The Meaning of Thanksgiving Day In Song & Story” at 8:00 P.M.

    1998 Vancouveradio, Inc. sold KVAN 1550 kilohertz to Pamplin Communications Corp. for $1,650.000.

    2003 Ted Bryant died at age 74 in Portland. KOPB-FM News Director, 1989-90. KOIN AM/FM/TV News Director, 1973-77.

    2015 Radio Disney Group, LLC sold KDZR 1640 kHz., Lake Oswego to Salem Media of Oregon, Inc. for $275,000.

    2016 Charles DeGreef died at age 89 in Portland. KBOO Host of “A Little Night Music” 1975-2015.



    1880 Frank Sardam was born in Fulton, IL. KGW Hoot Owls “Grand Scream” 1923-33. KEX 1935-39.

    1924 Frederick M. “Fred” Warner was born in Portland. KBPS Program Director, 1957-58.

    1941 KALE & KWJJ broadcast the “Fairy Tale Parade.” KWJJ at 10:30 A.M. & KALE 11:00 to 11:15 A.M.

    1951 Neeland Ashla died at age 49 in Portland. Built & operated Meier & Frank’s KFEC in 1922 & his 7EY.

    1951 KGW “Hostess House Party” 10:00-10:15 A.M. theme: Displaying Christmas ornaments & centerpieces.

    1957 Bob Amsberry died at age 29 in Portland. Auto accident. KEX’s Uncle Bob’s “The Squirrel Cage” 1949-55.

    1977 Dr. Athol R. Baily died at age 66 in Wichita, KS. KBPS Assistant Supervisor, 1945-49.



    1926 KFEC the Meier & Frank station on 248 meters (1208.8 kilocycles) moved to 252 meters (1189.6 kilocycles)

    1926 KFIF Benson Polytechnic School station began share time with KFEC on 252 meters (1189.6 kilocycles)

    1940 KEX broadcast the “Fairy Tale Parade” 10:15 to 10:45 A.M. Bill Mock & Marie Hornback described.

    1940 KEX began broadcasting its annual “Santa Claus” program 4:30 to 5:00 P.M. everyday except Sundays.

    1959 Former KHTV studio & transmitter site on Healy Heights was auctioned. Winner I.G.M. $45,500. (KGMG)

    1961 Kevin Reilly was born in Hillsboro. KGW Air Personality, 1983-88. KBPS 1978-79. KKCW.

    1961 KOIN “Shrine Chanters Thanksgiving Show” with Red Dunning and Fred McKinney Combo. 7:35 P.M.

    1963 KISN switched to John F. Kennedy assassination coverage from KLIF Dallas via phone line.

    1967 KBPS “Music For Thanksgiving Eve” at 8:00 PM. Dvorak’s Symphony No. 5 in E Major.

    1968 KPOJ “Dick Klinger’s Annual Thanksgiving Show.” How to cook your own goose and answers. 11:00 A.M.

    1973 KOAP-FM “Music of Thanksgiving.” Songs of devotion in the holiday tradition. 9:00 P.M.

    1978 Gordon A. Rogers sold KGAR to Capps Broadcast Group for $1 Million. (David N. Capps, President).



    1923 KDYQ 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) increased power from 5 to 100 watts with a new VT transmitter.

    1924 KFIF Benson Polytechnic School station 360 meters (832.7 kilocycles) moved to 248 meters (1208.8 kcys.)

    1924 KFEC the Meier & Frank station began sharing time with Benson’s KFIF on 248 meters (1208.8 kilocycles)

    1928 KFEC debuted Meier And Frank’s “Santa Claus” program weeknights till Christmas Eve 6:30 to 7:00 P.M.

    1932 KGW’s program “The Homicide Squad with Captain Niles of Portland Police” debuted 6:30 to 7:00 P.M.

    1949 KWJJ presented, Thanksgiving Music with The Radio Choir from Jefferson High School at 8:00 P.M.

    1951 KEX’s “Uncle Bob” Amsberry of the “Squirrel Cage” show was “Fairy Tale Parade” Grand Marshal.

    1958 KPOJ 1330 K.C. & 98.5 M.C., special “Thanksgiving Program from Lewis & Clark College” at 9:30 P.M.

    1962 Gene Autry, KEX’s new owner for the past two months, rode a horse in the “Fairy Tale Parade.”

    1966 KBPS “Thanksgiving In Story And Music.” Observance traced through drama and music. 7:30 P.M.

    1967 KGW presented “The Cinnamon Bear” at 3:45 P.M. for the third consecutive year. Lipman’s sponsored.

    1972 FCC granted involuntary assignment of KVAN 1480 kHz., license to Ada C. Brown. Effective on 12-14-72.

    1984 Frank Opra died at age 56 in Beaverton. KPAM/KPFM salesmen, 1961-62. KLOR ch 12 & KPTV ch 27.

    1999 Jim Nelson died at age 79 in Portland. KBPS AM/FM Foundation President at the time of his death.

    2000 Gordon Miller died at age 60 in Woodburn. KGW Production Director, 1970-91. KXL Production Director, 1991-2000.



    1923 Richard H. McLaughlin was born in Burlington, Iowa. KUIK Sales Manager, 1955-56. KOIN-TV.

    1927 KGW “Thanksgiving Day Concert” at 10:00 A.M. Staff artists playing popular & semi-classical melodies.

    1932 KOIN began “Toyland Express” Santa & his workshop, Lipman’s sponsored, 4:45 to 5:00 P.M. weekdays.

    1938 KALE 1300 K.C., was Portland’s only station carrying “The Cinnamon Bear” in its 2nd broadcast year.

    1939 KEX began Meier & Frank’s “Santa Claus” program weekdays 4:45 to 5:15 P.M. Frank Sardam as Santa.

    1946 New “KEX Radio Center” studios at 1230 S.W. Main St. were officially dedicated with guided studio tours.

    1950 KEX & KEX-FM became the first Portland stations to simulcast the “Fairy Tale Parade” at 5:30 P.M.

    1956 Terry Donahue was born in Florida. KAAR Program Director, 1987. KKRZ 1984, KLLB (KB101) 1981.

    1960 Dave Anderson was born in Portland. KPAM co-host “Mark & Dave” 2013-16 & KEX 2002-13. KATU.

    1985 Rev. Vernon Schroeder died at age 65 in Portland. KPDQ-FM host of “The Hope of America” 1981-84.

    1989 Ed Leahy died at age 65 in Ocean Park, WA. KLIQ AM/FM Program Director, 1969. KGRO Program Director, 1961-62.

    2000 KKSN-FM (Kisn-FM) became the 1st radio station to broadcast “The Meier & Frank Holiday Parade” Live.



    1922 Douglas W. “Doug” Baker was born in Aberdeen, SD. KLIQ AM/FM Talk Host, 1965-74. KWJJ 1962-65.

    1922 The first annual Portland Radio Show opened for 8 days in the Pittock block ground floor & mezzanine.

    1923 Mr. Rene M. Bozarth was born in Sedalia, MO. KWJJ/KPRA/KWJJ-FM Program Director, 1948-49.

    1926 KOIN presented a Thanksgiving Day program of Classical and Sacred music by Misha Pelz & Orchestra.

    1932 KFJR began broadcasting “Santa Claus And His Friends” 5:30 to 6:00 P.M. weekdays. M&F sponsored.

    1937 KALE & KXL debuted in Portland the national broadcast premiere of “The Cinnamon Bear” holiday series.

    1938 KEX presented “Santa Claus & His Helpers” Monday thru Saturday 5:00 to 5:30 P.M. Frank Sardam as Santa.

    1938 KALE broadcast for its first time, the tenth annual Portland “Fairy Tale Parade” 10:00 to 10:30 A.M.

    1948 KEX-FM 92.3 M.C., signed on the air with 56,400 watts on Thanksgiving Day, simulcasting sister KEX.

    1953 KVAN began “Santa’s Mail Bag Broadcast” at 4:15 P.M. Write to: Santa Claus, KVAN Vancouver, Wash.

    1964 KBPS “A Day To Remember.” Historical steps on how Thanksgiving came to be observed, 7:00 P.M.

    2013 Lyle Arthur died at age 59 in Honolulu, HI. KGW Traffic Reporter & News Anchor, 1978-86. KKRZ.

    2017 Steve Jones died at age 75 in Houston, TX. Blazers Sports Talk, KEX 1979-81. Courtside, KEX 1981-85, KGW 1985-89, KEX 1989-00.



    1931 KFJR began broadcasting its “Santa Claus” program weekdays 5:30-6:00 P.M. Sponsored by M&F.

    1933 Ramblin’ Rod Anders was born in Portland. KPOJ AM & FM Air Personality, 1962-64. KXL, KUIK 1959.

    1937 KEX 1180 K.C., broadcast Portland’s ninth annual “Fairy Tale Parade” starting at 10:00 to 10:45 A.M.

    1937 KALE 1300 K.C., debuted the yearly Meier & Frank “Santa Claus” program 4:30 to 5:00 PM weekdays.

    1949 KPOJ won a citation from the National Safety Council for “Exceptional Service to Farm Safety.”

    1950 KVAN 910 K.C., carried the 3 hour inaugural of PBS, the Progressive Broadcasting System at 2:00 P.M.

    1954 KEX the “Kay West” show discussed Christmas CARE packages for Kyushu Island typhoon victims.

    1954 KOIN AM/FM/TV’s Red Dunning was Grand Marshal for the 23rd annual Portland “Fairy Tale Parade.”

    1954 KEX debuted “Uncle Bob Visits Santa.” Bob Amsberry and St. Nick read letters kids sent to Santa.

    1962 KWJJ picked up “The Cinnamon Bear” 3:15 P.M. after the program did not air the previous year.

    1968 KBPS 1450 kHz., “A Day To Remember: American Harvest” at 8:45 P.M. The Origins of Thanksgiving.

    1968 Pete Kraushaar died at age 52 in Longview, WA. KWJJ Organist, played from Oaks Rink, 1945-48.

    1978 KEX moved from 2130 S.W. 5th Ave. studios to new “Golden West Broadcast Center” 4949 S.W. Macadam Ave.

    1996 “Laramie” Clair Musser died at age 80 in Portland. KRDR Music Director, 1964-67. KUIK 1958-59.

    2002 Bill Gallant died at age 48 in Seattle, WA. KGW Talk Host, 1989-91. KXL 1987-89, KEX 1986.



    1921 7YG, 7XF and sister station presented Oregon’s first multi-station broadcast and first live concert cast.

    1928 FRC notified KGW and 24 other stations to correct deviations off frequency, or be suspended for 60 days.

    1931 KXL reported testing its new Western Electric 12A transmitter with announcer Little Mary Z (Zorovitch).

    1935 KOIN started the yearly “Toyland Express” children show with Art Kirkham as Santa Claus at 4:45 P.M.

    1936 KEX broadcast the “Fairy Tale Parade” 10:30 to 11:30 A.M., heralding Santa Claus’ arrival in Portland.

    1939 KALE 1300 kilocycles, was Portland’s only station carrying “The Cinnamon Bear” in its third broadcast year.

    1947 KEX 1190 K.C., & Portland Public Schools presented “Thanksgiving Festival” by Hi-Y sponsorship. 10:30 A.M.

    1947 KOIN 970 K.C., “Northwest Neighbors” Thanksgiving Special. How Australia and the South Pacific celebrate.

    1964 KISN Carol Tree at Cedar Hills Shopping Center Dick Sainte, Tiger Tom Murphy & Frank Benny lit the tree.

    1987 Rev. Kenneth Haystead died at age 71 in Ventura, Calif. KPDQ AM/FM host of “Peace For Today” 1963.

    2015 KDZR 1640 kHz., “Radio Disney Portland” ended the format and the station signed off the air until 12-4-15.

    2015 Bill Johnson died at age 71 in ????????? KXL Sports Director, 1975-87. KUPL, KPDQ, KUIK, KGAR.



    1904 William N. Mahon was born in Manila, Philippines. KEX Station Manager & Program Director, 1926-27. KGW 1922-26.

    1929 KGW “National Security League Thanksgiving Day Talk” with Colonel William Brown at 12:45 P.M.

    1933 KGW transcontinental broadcast Verdi’s La Traviata, 1:30 P.M. over NBC Orange & Red chains, live from M&F Auditorium.

    1934 Bob Dye was born in Huntington. KKEY Talk Host, 1977-79. KLIQ 1980. KYXI 1976. KSRV Program Director, 1959-62.

    1935 KFJR began M&F’s “Santa Claus” program, weekdays 5:00 to 5:30 P.M. with Santa, Tinker Bell & Tinker Toy.

    1935 KOIN 940 K.C. presented its 5th annual “Toyland Express” program from 4:45 to 5:00 P.M. weekdays.

    1944 The Oregonian Publishing Co. sold KEX 1190 K.C. to Westinghouse Radio Stations, Inc. for $400,000.

    1952 KPOJ’s Scappoose Joe (Harley Youngblood) was Grand Marshal of “The Fairy Tale Parade” at 10:00 A.M.

    1958 Evelyn Sibley Lampman was Grand Marshal of “The Fairy Tale Parade” Author “Of Mikes & Men.”

    1959 KISN moved studios from Vancouver to Portland and “The kisn Corner” was born at 10 N.W. 10th Ave.

    2003 KBPS 1450 kHz., began broadcasting its signal in stereo, utilizing a new Nautel ND-1 transmitter.

    2005 KKCW “K103” presented for the first time, the Portland radio classic “The Cinnamon Bear” 7:00 P.M.

    2014 KISN-LP C.P. for 95.1 MHz. with 1.8 watts from Mt. Scott. Licensed to Western Oregon Radio Club, Inc.

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