KPTV adding Cozi, Laff

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    Did you FM DX from Hillsboro? I remember seeing a house just West of the airport with a 10 element Radio Shack FM Yagi pointed North, likely for Seattle and Vancouver BC.



    Yes, I sure did. I probably had the Winegard SC650 at the time.
    The Valley was great for FM, all the way down to Roseburg and up to Seattle.



    I just got an e mail from a friend in LA, KABC-7 just added Laff at 7.3.



    Just did a scan… nothing new in Portland yet…
    Some vintage TV collectors in the East have reported that Laff is running on WVPE Philadelphia, WMAR Baltimore, and WFSB Hartford.
    Guess we are kinda slow out here in the West. 🙁
    Stay tuned….

    Did you leave the FM Yagi behind when you moved out of Hillsboro?



    I did take the SC650 with me to the coast. I had it up here for a number of years until a storm beat it up pretty bad. Our high winds are not good on big antennas. Portland is a bit slow on getting the work done, going digital on translators, switching in sub channels, etc. But being a smaller large market, Portland doesn’t have enough engineers to get everything done quickly like with LA or SF. I have talked to several engineers and they do not have enough help to get things done as quickly as they want to. In the case of KATU, the last one to switch our translator to digital, they were owned by Fisher since the beginning and in later years, Fisher did not have the money to switch all translators. They did get a grant to switch a few rural markets, but the Astoria area was not rural enough to get the funding for us. Then Sinclair bought KATU and has to make the changes on their dime before the deadline 9/1/15. It puts a lot of pressure on them. I think most of the Portland stations have only one engineer that handles the translators.We were supposed to get KRCW 32 out here some years back. Then Tribune bought them and the translator CP was shelved. Tribune does not believe in translators, per se, as where their hq are is in the Midwest where signals go a long ways. So unless Tribune sells KRCW, it is doubtful we will ever get 32. We are still hoping out here, but it is expensive to get the signal out here. There is no direct route. There has to be a pickup point in the mountains. KPTV/KPDX did not have that pickup point, so they had to use a cel tower. The other Portland translators we have 2,6,8, & 10 all are received in Gray’s River WA, and had that pick point on the mountain there. KPTV/KPDX does not have a Gray’s River translator. I think they were using an antenna set up (analog) at one time, but it was a work of expense to switch to digital. At least KATU does have that Gray’s River translator in place and digital. But adding new PDX stations out here, they have to go from scratch, with a pick up point. That is if they want the whole package of sub channels. At times the the Portland stations just picked up the signal from Direct TV, but when everything went digital, they could no longer do that and have everything as Direct or Dish do not carry the sub channels.




    The translator deadline has been suspended as reported by Andy Brown in another thread:

    Effective immediately, the Media Bureau announces that the September 1, 2015 digital transition date for LPTV and TV translator stations is hereby suspended pending final action in the rulemaking proceeding in MB Docket No. 03-185.

    Complete info:



    Does that mean that translators can switch this year, next year, or when ever. Is it totally open ended now? I hope that KATU still plans to switch our translator this Summer. I am sure they are losing people who only watch digital channels in HD.



    This from the posted article: ” Effective immediately, the Media Bureau announces that the
    September 1, 2015 digital transition date for LPTV and TV translator stations is hereby suspended
    pending final action in the rulemaking proceeding in MB Docket No. 03-185.
    In the Third Notice in MB
    Docket No. 03-185, the Commission recognized that the broadcast television spectrum incentive auction
    and repacking process will potentially displace a significant number of LPTV and TV translator stations
    and, because of this, it tentatively concluded to postpone the September 1, 2015 digital transition date to
    avoid requiring analog stations to incur the costs of transitioning to digital before completion of the
    auction and repacking process. Given the pendency of that proceeding, we conclude that a suspension of
    the September 1, 2015 transition date is appropriate in order to allow analog LPTV and TV translator
    stations to postpone construction of digital facilities that could be impacted by the incentive auction and
    repacking, if they choose to do so.
    We note that our action today does not affect the September 1, 2015 digital transition date for
    Class A television stations. The Commission did not propose in the Third Notice to extend the transition
    date for Class A television stations,
    and analog Class A stations may no longer operate in analog mode after 11:59 pm, local time, on September 1, 2015. Class A television stations that have not completed
    constructing their digital facilities must go silent while they complete construction.”



    How many Clas “A” stations are there in OR & Wa, and how many would be affected (one assumes) by that last paragraph?

    By the way, the Titan TV website is showing listings for Cozi on 12.2 right now. They’re also listing KUNP as running on Ch. 16, with MundoFox and Grit as multicasts.

    Best, Mike 😉



    The FCC site shows only a small handful (4-5) of Class A analog TV stations in Oregon and Washington combined, and several of these are the MIA “Watch TV” stations.

    Cozi is *not* on 12.2 at this time…. perhaps soon?

    Ch 16 KUNP La Grande is broadcasting in Portland on Ch 47. Present line up is:
    47.1 Univision (1080i)
    47.2 MondoFox (720p)
    47.3 Grit (480i sd)



    I have seen several listings that have 12.1/12.2/12.3, so since KPTV announced it, the info is being included, even though we still do not have the channels. 🙂



    I guess the info noted in the announcement from the FCC includes all translators, the way I understand it. Like in the case of KATU’s translator here at Megler, now they do not have that deadline. If they did not get it changed until October or even 2016, it doesn’t matter? I wonder if they will finally give a deadline? There are several digital & analog CPs for our area, including one LPTV (ch 51).



    Laff is now on the air in all previously announced launch cities except Portland.



    So we will have the last laff?




    I’m guessing the translators are the problem. The other channels (the ones I checked anyway) don’t have translators.

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