Could Trump be bought out?

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    If the writing is on the wall, would the business man Trump take the bait? I say, perhaps.

    And there is this:

    “This story is a total fabrication from you and POLITICO, as usual,” the New York billionaire said in an email sent by his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski

    Who is now gone.

    Something tells me this story is far from over and we will see major upheavels heading into the conventions, which are now less than a month away.


    Whether Trump remains the nominee or if he gets ousted, both outcomes have serious adverse effects.

    Which benefits Hillary and all the D tickets downstream.


    And no, Trump won’t be bought out because he overvalues himself.


    Interesting link, Paul.

    We’ve talked about this kind of thing a couple of times in different thread.

    I still think the GOP is stuck with Trump and he with they. It all goes back to the base vs. the non-stupid. The former voted for him to become the presumptive nominee. The latter are horrified by what their political party has become. (Though, it’s always worth remembering: they created this monster. The Republican party has been tacitly courting racists, bigots, religion fueled loons, the conspiracy theorizing, the ignorant and the actively dumb for decades.)

    It’s not a good situation for that party or the country.


    Seems really improbable, considering his supersized sense of self importance, but coming from two sources who have worked with him, who knows?

    It’s often been rumored that his personal wealth is nowhere near where what he brags about it being which is probably at least one of the reasons he won’t release his tax records.


    I think that’s a very silly and improbable speculation, but after reading this I have 153,000,000 reasons to believe his opponent has been bought and paid for.

    quote of the day:
    “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
    ― Plato


    That, and he’s likely paid little to no tax vs. the money he’s actually earned utilizing loop holes and highly compensated tax attorneys that only the wealthy could afford, (which means he’s a slippery cheat) + it would reveal he’s given little to no money to charity vs. his wild claims to the contrary.

    His tax records are likely a treasure trove of opposition research and would clearly reveal a lot about who the man actually is.

    The Donald’s tax records would simply verify what we already suspect. He’s a goon.


    Honestly Bacon, the more improbable you think it is, the more likely it actually is.

    Your track record is pretty poor on this stuff.


    Nice pull from 2/6, Pope Bacon.

    You no doubt read, and predictably chose to ignore, when I pointed out a few days ago the latest (and apparently only) line of attack Republicans could launch against Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of The Donald’s inept campaign and embarrassingly poor fundraising efforts is the one you’re trolling out here.

    I.e. She’s made a lot of money! She’s raised a lot of money! She’s corrupt!

    • I don’t subscribe to the theory that making a fortune in speaking fees = being bought and paid for. But by all means, believe what you want.
    • That stated: Wait? There’s money influencing politics? You mean, the very system deeply corrupt Republican (and many Democratic) officials and the (very) conservative justices on the Supreme Court have both doubled down upon and expanded may not be the best thing for The Republic? What? LOL.

    It’s interesting how the only time you and the likeminded give a flying fuck about the corrupting influence of money in politics is when you’re losing. Republicans have blocked at every turn, every attempt to reform that system. Would prefer that lobbying and political donations were outlawed and that the only money anyone in politics received came from a set, tax payer provided, fund that was given equally to both parties. I.e. You get 5M, you get 5M, have at it, ladies and gents.

    I don’t like the game, but it’s the one we have. Hillary Clinton didn’t create that game, either. She’s simply clobbering you at it.

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