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    This from All Access:

    Cort Webber Upped To PD At KEX/Portland

    iHEARTMEDIA News-Talk KEX-A/PORTLAND has upped APD CORT WEBBER to PD, effective TODAY (9/1). WEBBER is also APD and midday host at sister Classic Rock KFBW (105.9 THE BREW); he is best known for his tenure as co-host of crosstown KUFO’s “CORT AND FATBOY” and KBBT (107.5 THE BEAT)’s “THE GINA, CORT AND REBECCA SHOW” and has hosted a podcast as well.

    “CORT has worked extremely hard over the last six years to earn this opportunity,” said PACIFIC NORTHWEST Region President ROBERT DOVE. “He has always stepped up and has been invested in making IHEARTMEDIA’s PORTLAND operation better. I’m fortunate to have him on my team.”

    “It’s about time. I mean, geez, I’ve been here six years. I should be running the whole company by now. But I guess this is better than nothing,” said WEBBER. “OK, you ready to jot this down? How about something like, ‘I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to push these two stations to even greater success. I have lived in PORTLAND my whole life and it’s truly a dream to be able to program in the best city in the country. Thanks to ROBERT DOVE for giving me this amazing opportunity.’ Is that enough? Good. Now, where the hell’s my new office?”


    Best thing he could do for the station is make it live and LOCAL again.


    Amen to that. Go for it, Cort. My suggestion to him would be to use the news wheel format once used by the old KYXI. (WCBS-AM in NYC, which I have on my TuneIn Radio app, uses that same format, and they do it quite well.) Find the best NW based news talent you can find, both inside the studio and outside as well. Find the best producers and engineers you can get. Then turn them loose to make good radio news reporting, the kind Portland needs right now. And tell the ownership to stay out of the way for at least five years. And get them to open up the publicity budget. Billboards, Max trains, streetcars, TV spots. Cort, you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to bring a great radio station back from the dead. The studio should never be empty at 9am. It should be live, 24/7. It should be what Chuck Mangione used to call “feel time” in that studio and it’s newsroom all the time. Go for it, Cort. And good luck.

    Andy Brown

    Are you nuts? He gets two Dells and a used iPad.


    Bring back the Rick Emerson show, news by Tim Riley


    Its too bad he is not the music director/Program director for 1059 the brew. That station needs a serious musical enema, the constant repetition of the most overplayed songs makes listening to that station almost impossible. I was hoping 1059 the brew would continue to evolve musically and actually start playing some new rock. The reason I brought up 1059 The brew is because I see that Cort is still the mid-day dj on 1059 the Brew.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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