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    I don’t think we have turned the corner on Covid-19. We have flattened the curve, but the virus is still out there. As soon as we lift restrictions, it will come back.

    The problem is that we have been so incredibly slow to ramp up testing and being able to provide enough personal protective equipment to health care workers. Yes, we are in better shape than we were six weeks ago, but we still have a ways to go. Experts tell us that an important metric to tell us if we are testing enough is that the percent of positive tests is low – around 10% or lower. As of a few days ago, the US positive test percentage rate of about 18%.

    Plus, I haven’t seen any info on how we are going to do contract tracing – as with everything else, this is probably something else Trump’s federal government will just punt to the states on, meaning the quality of the contract tracing will vary state to state.

    If you want to see how to manage Covid-19 very well, look at South Korea. Population: 51 Million (about 6.5X lower than the US). As of today, they’ve had 10.738 cases and only 243 deaths – and their epidemic is winding down. The number of new cases has been 10 each of the last few days, with the number of deaths below 5 a day for a while. And they never had to lock down like we have. Instead, they have extensive contact tracing and have done massive testing; their positive test rate is about 3%.

    Andy Brown

    The POTUS has turned the United States into a worldwide laughingstock.

    This headline tells it all from the Irish Daily Press from Saturday:

    The Irish are now calling the U.S. so-called president, a moron.

    ‘Imbleach Him”

    We’ve already impeached drumpf, but it’s up to him to take Howard Stern’s advice.

    drumpf would get huge television ratings if he injected bleach on live TV. And we know how much he loves his television ratings.

    He loves ratings more than the US population he’s sworn to protect.

    Steve Naganuma

    Here is a update on Covid-19 in Oregon.
    “In a Nation Succumbing to COVID-19, Where Does Oregon Stand? These 9 Charts Will Show You.”


    I’ve been tracking and analyzing the daily Oregon date for three months. It’s become clear to me that looking at it at the state level is not very meaningful – you have to look at it by county and also by population density. Sure, Multnomah county has the most new cases per week (458 last week) but also the largest population. Umatilla had 323 new cases last week but 1/10 the population of Multnomah!!!

    In Oregon, Multnomah is seeing a modest but steady increase in the cases-per-week number. As of yesterday, it had increased by 21% from last week, which is worrisome. But some counties have seen much steeper increases e.g. Malheur (almost doubled the number of new cases per week in just one week). Umatilla and Morrow are not looking good; these three counties all have an infection rate of over 4,000 new cases per week per 1M people vs. only about 563 new cases per week per 1M people.

    Steve Naganuma

    “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announces new restrictions on businesses as the state struggles to control coronavirus”


    “Herman Cain, a former presidential hopeful who was once considered by President Donald Trump for the Federal Reserve, has died after being hospitalized with the coronavirus. He was 74.”

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