Corey Lewandowski on CNN

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    I seriously doubt Corey Lewandowski was fired from the Trump campaign. The more I watch the video of him on CNN, the more I believe this was a media stunt to get Trump some “Fair press” on CNN. Lets face it, CNN is the Clinton Network, Their entire agenda is to destroy Trump and to do anything and EVERYTHING to prevent him from being president. While every story on CNN is crucifying trump, Hillary Clinton can do no harm. The Video below was Corey’s first day as a paid employee on CNN as a political commentator.(Supposedly Corey was fired from the Trump campaign and Joined CNN as political Commentator) While the news reporter was trying so desperately to get Corey to say something Salacious or damaging to Trump, Corey didnt take the bait. Infact he turned the tables on the news reporter and started praising Trump on how great he was. By the end of the interview you could tell the news reporter was steaming and just wanted the interview to end.
    HOW Can CNN be so stupid? No wonder their ratings are in the toilet. You can bet Corey will no longer be on CNN much longer. The fact that Corey came on CNN and was praising Trump must have had the big -wigs at CNN shitting their pants.

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