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    Last year in Jacksonville, Florida, there were 5,298 calls involving 15 Walmart stores.

    Since 2015, police in Chicopee, Massachusetts, have received 1,294 calls about alleged incidents at the town’s only Walmart.

    Chicopee Officer Mike Wilk said patrol cars had to be repositioned in the city to accommodate the numerous calls. β€œIt is kinda shocking when you realize on average that once or twice police are at a Walmart a day, especially in our city.”

    In Westminster, Colorado, 2,140 calls were made regarding four Walmart stores. Seven miles away in Lakeside, Colorado β€” which has a police force of just 12 officers β€” authorities have received 1,270 calls about incidents at Walmart since 2015.

    Not only does Walmart tax the system by not paying their employees enough so that they have to rely on public assistance to stay afloat, their stores themselves are taxing local police departments as well.

    Talk about a bunch of Trump supporters.


    When the police get called to nightclubs and bars too many times penalties and eventually closings are involved.


    Yep! Unfortunately, Walmart is a gathering place for the deplorables.

    This is the reason why I no longer go to Winco. Too many pissed off whites. Not to compare Winco to Walmart when it comes to business. Winco is heads and shoulders above Walmart when it comes to how they treat employees, but unfortunately they both attract the same consumer. Which is a crowd I will happily pay a bit more to avoid.


    Winco seems like a flea market to me, if I do go (which is almost never, given I don’t live near one), it’s in the middle of the night. And yes, they do “treat” their employees better, with benefits and employee ownership, they still don’t pay squat.

    I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague. I feel my IQ drop several points any time I am in one, and I simply cannot afford to lose many more IQ points. The place is flat-out depressing.


    154.570 MHz.

    Andy Brown

    You think it’s bad now? Just wait until drumpf puts a tariff on Chinese imports and all of Walmart’s prices go up.


    Does anyone remember the days when Walmart was the “Made in the USA” store?

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