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    Let me fix that for you. Rephrase: So the GOP is selling shit sandwiches with cheese. The Centrist Democrats are selling ham but with shit spread.

    The people want a sandwich without any shit on it for a change. In areas like healthcare, that is way long overdue. Same goes for living wages.

    Seems to me, Clinton could have very easily replaced the shit spread with mayonnaise and done just fine. She didn’t want to do that. That’s why she lost.

    People pretend to vote for the party and candidate that pretends to support them Vitalogy.


    She lost because of asshole Bernie Bros. Period.

    Anybody claiming to be a Bernie Bros should have been scared shitless of a Trump presidency. And it’s even worse than I had thought it would end up being.

    Hope you enjoy your Trump shit sandwich as it’s got lots more shit than anything Clinton was trying to sell.



    Would you be better off if Hillary had won rather than Trump?


    She is that weak, no agency, can’t garner votes?

    Hell, she didn’t even set foot in Wisconsin.

    None of that is on the guy properly representing people.

    It’s on her for just not doing that work. As I said many times.

    She could too. Just didn’t

    On her, all her.

    And that’s why we have Trump. He’s an ass, but he did actually do the work.


    Then enjoy your Trump shit sandwich. You earned it!


    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Sam Clemens

    “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” – Proverbs 26:4


    Okie Dokie.


    Dude, it’s not me. I get it. I’m here, and you are pissed.

    Trust me, it’s no big deal.

    Say it with me, Clinton sucked. Totally could have won that, should have.

    Instead she didn’t do the work. That was selfish and irresponsible, at a time when the stakes were pretty god damn High.

    Just would not have taken much.


    Would you be better off if Hillary had won rather than Trump?

    Let’s take a look at a couple of cases.

    Me, personally? Of course, except for healthcare. She’s not going to do a thing like medicare-for-all, and and the Democrats need to, so that’s a problem, but otherwise yeah.

    I voted accordingly too. Many of us did.

    The lesson here, however, isn’t about whether I or you were better off with Clinton. As Professionals, of course we were or would be.

    If that’s all this election were about, she would have won easily, we wouldn’t have this discussion.

    Do you have any idea what it actually is about? The other cases?

    I don’t think you do.

    Prove me wrong. Go ahead.


    Kskd, yu’re in denial. Bernie lost the primary. If you want to blame the election 2016 loss on Hillary, you should have shut the fuck up during the period between the convention and the election instead of making it miserable for the nominee. You sir, KSKD are the asshole. And you’re here behaving like one now. If you are to see Bernie have a chance in 2020, you need to shut up and let non-assholes work on his behalf. God, lm almost hating Bernie now — a fella I actually liked and thought he’d be a fine president if he did win some day. But no, you had to come in here and open your trap.



    I do blame Clinton for losing to a carnival barker.

    Was hers to lose, and here is what that all boils down to: She thought the same thing. Because Trump sucks.

    Spent over a billion.

    All she really had to do was represent the people. That is the job she asked for, and because Trump sucks, she didn’t do that work.

    Could have. Didn’t, because Trump sucks.

    Now, because Trump sucks, the party is hoping for 2006 again. Move right, win.

    All that ignores a rapidly growing body of people who don’t do well under more rightie economics. When Clinton faced that, she mentioned moderate Republicans will win it for her, because Trump sucks.

    Today, because Trump sucks, ROMNEY voters are gonna help make the wins happen. Party said that shit. As if!

    Because Trump sucks, ignore Medicare For All and living wages.

    Because Trump sucks, people have to take the less shitty deal, right?

    Well, what happens when they just don’t?

    And here we are, still working the same politics that got us Trump.

    And the question remains: what happens when people just don’t believe doing that makes sense?

    A minority of us are doing OK and a smaller minority are doing well, while a clear majority are in real economic trouble. That is real ugly human, pain, need, suffering.

    What incentive do they have to vote for more of the same? Less every day, that’s what.

    Because Trump is the answer?

    Who is the hostage in all this?

    The people out there for the majority in real trouble, or the minority wanting more of the same?

    Say what you want. I’ll say the same thing I did above. It’s no big deal.

    I am a real leftie, not just playing one on TV, and when the party claiming to represent the left, pretends to do that economically, there should be no surprise when people pretend to support it.

    Which is exactly what happened. And it’s still happening.

    Clinton was in charge of that, didn’t do the work.

    And that work still isn’t being done, because Trump sucks.

    Maybe that will work this time. I don’t think it will. Could though.

    But let’s be perfectly honest about what that means too.

    Because Trump sucks, it’s OK to ignore Medicare for All, and living wages, despite the fact that our health care system is killing people, bankrupting them. Completely unacceptable.

    Because Trump sucks, it’s OK to be righties economically.

    Maybe it is, but there is no blaming people in trouble, nor the real left, progressives for getting after better policy in an open Democracy either.

    No, blame the ones who think they have position enough to ignore the people they work for, the majority in real need.

    Ignore our own kids.

    Trust me when I say fear, blame, and shame are ineffective arguments in light of what is going on.

    And you should know long before now I mean that too.

    The only question in my mind is wherher there are any real Democrats on this board.

    Or did a bunch of you turn into Romney voters in my absence?


    No worries. That isn’t permanent or anything. Just a gaffe.


    Clinton was miserable for one reason only:

    She believed she had a mandate to dictate, and when she bumped in to real people in real need of real change, she didn’t handle it very well.

    Than she lost.

    Frankly, I don’t think she had what it took to be President. Didn’t appear to know a damn thing about how to win a campaign.

    She is still out there too. Talking about how 3veryone but her is the problem.


    Meanwhile, progressives will just keep doing the work. Issues number one and two, non fucking stop.

    And the strategy is very simple: nothing else has worked, so we make it extremely difficult to win elections without strong commits to those issues, while at the same time, running candidate after candidate.

    Again, what I have trouble with is the idea of it somehow being OK to ignore that majority.

    When did, “fuck them, we got ours” become what the left is about?

    He’ll, why not bring Herman Cain back? I love that guy. He’s an awesome communicator, who doesn’t get it. At all. Perfect!


    Truth beyond what that guy ever knew apparently.

    In any case, I’m on the left. Always have been, always will be.

    The left is going for the ideas. Long overdue.

    And our basis is a majority in real, growing trouble too.

    Because Trump is no answer, just a big dodge to somehow get past pad policy and the harm it’s doing to far too many people to be otherwise acceptable.


    “Kskd, yu’re in denial. Bernie lost the primary.” – skeptical
    Super Delegates. Original intent was to prevent another outsider like Senator McGovern from winning the Democrat Presidential Nomination. Unfortunately, DNC in 2014 expanded Super Delegate rolls in insure Clinton nomination and eventual victory.
    When Senators Sanders, during a three week stretch in May, won the majority votes in majority of states, he still fell behind in the delegate count. Only in winner take all contests (AIR, Oklahoma and Puerto Rico) did he win.
    Primary voters were not selecting delegates. In big ‘blue’ states, 2/3rds were already selected. This and the personal e-gram scandal began the Democrat descent into Hell.
    ‘We know better than you because you don’t know any better.’ Republicans had the same problem until The Donald came down the escalator. Hillary can’t walk down stairs anymore.

    Jeffrey Kopp

    Unfortunately, Bernie couldn’t win primaries in the South.

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