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    Fear, blame, shame, “those other people” are all not how to have this discussion.

    Think it through to the end game.

    You control your vote, others control theirs.

    Say you take all those arguments to them, and they say, “fuck you, I’ll do it again.”

    Then what?


    Oh, and including me is a big ASSumption. I stated my preferences above.

    I’m not the problem.

    You are, and it’s because you insist on judging others and telling them what to do when you have no standing from which to do that.

    What I’m doing is communicating some politics currently in play. Communicating people really mean it too. That’s raw fact, organizing as you read this.

    And I’m asking, in response to your arguments, “then what?”

    Just how do you propose this line of discussion leads to a better outcome for all involved?

    I know you are angry. Many people are. No way did I want to see the carnival barker in charge, yet here we are.

    By the way, I gave the very same warning. Do you need a ribbon? I don’t.

    So what.

    What comes next? Step by step please.


    While I wait, I’ll toss you a bone.

    In a POTUS election, people have these choices:

    Vote one party.
    Vote the other party.
    Vote third party.
    No vote.
    Statement, like write in vote.

    They can, will, did make any of those choices, and we got Trump.

    Now, you don’t control their vote. They do.

    Tell us how we get to a better outcome given your argument.


    RE: Startup

    Best of luck. If two individuals are funding it, it stands a better chance than venture capital funded start ups which have a 75% failure rate according to a Harvard study.

    We have a small VC investment. But, it’s from someone who has made a company like we are doing. Same sort of model. They actually know more than we do and are a great mentor advisor.

    And, for a one Percenter, great guy. Approachable. I’ve known him for 20 years, and have been toe to toe more than a few times. Won my share too. The deal was they get me,but all of me, unfiltered, or get someone else. Don’t have time to stroke egos.

    They took it. Fine. 😀

    It’s hard to envision a better scenario. The other two are all in, and I’m on sweat equity as I lost too much to contribute financially.

    That gets me a real piece of it one day. And it’s fine too. Honestly don’t need much. If it ends up sustainable. I’ll be happy as I will have very considerable agency as to how and where I play it all for the longer term.

    That is growing super important. Sooner than I thought too.

    I may well want to move Mrs to Central Oregon soon. She thrives there, not here. And as we get older, I can see the impact.

    Would have already done it. But for the financial fallout more or less trapping me for the time being. I will only put up with so much though. Push comes to shove? FUCK everybody, I’ll just go mostly off grid and do it anyway. At some point soon, What is worth what will evaluate to that scenario.

    A year or two will tell all. I’m laying plans for both scenarios.

    In that sense, it’s kind of a freebie.

    They know I’ll go to the mat, until I won’t. Couple years tops. And then I’ll just replace myself and be out, or success will happen, and I’ll build the team I need to direct and do it all proper anyway.

    Things are coming to a head in life.

    Funny how that works, isn’t it?


    Everybody is free to vote for who they want, and everyone is free to criticize said vote.

    Bernie Bros bear the blame for Donald Trump being elected. They pissed in the bed and now complain about sleeping in it!

    There were two choices for President: Trump or Clinton. A no vote, a write in, or a 3rd party vote is a vote against the preferred candidate of the two. Clinton would have delivered 90% of what the Bernie Bros wanted, vs 0% which is what they are getting today from Trump. But no! 90% isn’t good enough! Must have purity and 100% or nothing at all! And that’s how we got Trump.


    A number of my own friends, Bernie fanatics, spent the entire time between the convention and election day behaving like, well, Trump. Post election, they say it’s everyone else’s fault Trump won, behaving exactly like, well, Trump.

    Bernie supporters have turned themselves into assholes, undeserving of the man they represent.


    Bernie Bros bear the blame for Donald Trump being elected. They pissed in the bed and now complain about sleeping in it!

    Says you. They disagree.

    What then?

    And to Skep, I’ll point out, calling out asshole could start with people who don’t understand others well enough to have a conversation.

    Seems to me you two are far more interested in blame and shame than you are a better outcome.

    Frankly, all of that is completely unproductive.

    Keep that shit up, and we may well have two terms of Trump.

    No joke.


    “What then?”

    Maybe the Bernie Bros should be more pragmatic in how they approach their vote. I’m hopeful they learned their lesson.

    “Keep that shit up, and we may well have two terms of Trump.

    No joke.”

    But then again, maybe not.


    So, can I take that as a preference for Trump rather than actually bother to understand why others voted like they did, and also why many just didn’t vote at all?


    But then again, maybe not.

    Have you considered the nature of the potential lesson learned?

    I’ll answer for you, no. You haven’t. I know that how?

    Later, once the conversation has advanced some.


    Bernie would’ve beat The Donald:
    Still can:
    The President may have a 51% and 44% approval polls from Rasmussen and CNN. But, this can change and probably will.


    Missing, I don’t need to “learn a lesson”. It’s the Bernie Bros that need to learn the lesson that when you throw a tantrum and do things like not vote, vote 3rd party, or write in a vote, you’re doing so AGAINST your own self interest. The difference between Trump and Clinton couldn’t have been more stark.

    Good on you for making a point, but was it worth the election of Trump to do so?


    Is that true? (Need a lesson)

    What basis do you have for saying that? Secondly, what basis do they have for buying what you say?

    In particular, what makes your basis more or less valid than theirs?

    Repeat those questions for “against their best/self interests.” I’ll tell you right now, that shit is just not a given.

    And you don’t know that. You should. I’ll let that observation speak to who needs to learn a lesson and who does not.

    There is an awful lot of WHAT discussion out there, some HOW discussion too. Few are having a WHY one, and it’s a real problem that isn’t going to just go away because Trump sucks. (And he does, big.)

    Now, I’ll say it again, I didn’t contribute to Trump. Those ASSumptions again. Gonna bite you in the ass. :D. You should reconsider those. They make you look like one.

    I did go and find out WHY people did what they did. I also went and found out WHY people refrained, or voted other than major party votes too.

    Have you, or are you just parroting what you see on the TV?


    I voted third party. It’s my vote and I’ll vote who I want.
    2016 Presidential election results are do to a flawed candidate with a fatal campaign.
    Russiagate temper tantrum? OK by me if the Trump Administration spies on the Kaine / Booker transition if it’s OK by you.


    Sorry KSKD, but you did contribute to Trump. By continuing to support Bernie when he was mathematically out of the race, you contributed to the poisoning of Clinton’s campaign in the general which allowed Trump to win. This is an accepted fact.

    Bernie voters + Clinton voters > Trump voters. But yet Trump won, because Bernie Bros were too good to take 90% of something so they ended up with 100% of nothing.

    I ask all those Bernie Bros/Never Hillary folks, how’s that working out for you?


    You trying to tell me that someone who intended to be president of the United States didn’t have sufficient agency to manage and win her own campaign? You trying to tell me she was damaged by a 70-something year old socialist? Who by the way Remains the most popular politician in the country with the fucking best approval ratings.

    Is that what you’re trying to say?

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