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    Hey all. I’ve been hard at work doing a startup. Brutal, but slowly coming together.

    Hope everyone is well, happy, healthy.

    Bernie 2020, bet your ass!



    Bernie will be close to 80 years old in 2020. Sorry but there comes a point when someone is just too old to be running for president, and sadly Bernie will be one of them.
    I would say that the dems have Joe Biden, but he will also be too old and the fact that he likes to partake in pedophilia.
    #Creepy Joe Biden


    Doug, my friend, I am SO glad you did a drive-by.

    This place really misses you. (At least most of us).

    Hope all is well,



    I do too!

    Catch up:

    I changed careers again. Two good friends started an additive manufacturing company. I’m back in a tech role, but still executive. But, small company, so it’s just me, until we grow.

    Damn! Growth is HARD.


    Ok, switched off mobile and onto a laptop so I could write for real, not just poke at a phone.

    During all that, which there is a ton to say, my son had a kid in the bedroom. Pretty sure I told you guys that.

    She’s awesome, but he’s been a failure. Damn near sunk me, and I’ve already been bombed financially once! But, at two, she can work the phone. Calls “nana” when Dad doesn’t give her the attention she needs. That’s a little sad, but also hilarious! We go get her. LMAO!

    The startup required a LOT of travel. Brian, are you still at PDx? Where? Been through that place a ton, and that will continue for a bit. Thought about you a few times.

    Some of that ended up being in the EU.

    Frankly, they should not have let me out! That trip was awesome! I had a car, and the schedule was not a full booking, so I just toured parts of Western Europe, but not the UK. Too far. Wanted to. Have friends there.

    Anyway, I had a ton of awesome conversations. But, one thing stuck out:

    Many of them see US as a young nation. This ugly political time is a sort of coming of age for the USA, and it’s people. They have seen this sort of thing multiple times, and they wonder when we will quit taking shit.

    They say we will take it, and take more of it, until we actualize enough class awareness to establish firmer boundaries on the basics of a social democracy, as most of them have done.

    It’s not all roses. There are problems there too, and in some places, lots of them, maybe worse than ours in some ways, but… things like health care aren’t the open, deadly question they are here.

    To them, there is always corruption, but it’s managed by those boundaries. Go too far, and the people just lose their shit. After thinking some, size matters. We are bigger, which doesn’t impact what good policy is, but it does tend to make for a more complex conversation.

    Media there was very interesting!

    I arrived to see this on R101:

    Are you fucking kidding me? I gotta go to the EU to find out about a kick ass band in LA?

    Medium Wave is still used there, as is long wave AM radio. The car I got was an EU edition Ford. And, over there they expect you to understand how to actually drive a car. Rentals are manual transmission, automatics are expensive as fuck. Damn cool! Not only did I have a car, but I was going to get to drive it? Count me in!

    Anyway, BBC world service is down at like 280Khz. That was kind of a fun experience, tuning the dial in a foreign land. I found a lot of programming that was news / talk, but nothing like what we have here.

    It was actually quite informative. And diverse. Let’s just say, I was kind of surprised to find the average understanding of our politics, in addition to their homeland, and many parts of the world, exceeds that which I find here among most people, unless they have an interest, career, or travel experience.

    Rather ordinary people there get it. And they see us as a major league influence. As they should.

    Again, us as people? They wonder when we are gonna quit taking shit. Us as a nation? Increasingly toxic, and they lump us in with Brussels as roots of corrupt, evil in the world.

    (they aren’t wrong in the financial sense, sadly)


    Wow Missing, as always, you’re packed.

    I am still at PDX, now a morning floor manager at Capers behind ABC security. I work stupid hours, starting at 2:30am Wed-Sat. Going back to school, get my undergrad buttoned up and then off to grad school. I’m going into teaching (Edselehr, talk me out of it! Hah) … wife is good, life is good, moving forward myself.

    Good for you, I am glad that things are well. Congrats on being a grandfather, even if your son isn’t coming to the plate.


    Politically, I’ve remained active and connected to what I can call berners, who basically stand for Democratic Socialism, and the platform found here:

    There is something you all should know, and it took me a long time and many conversations to get it:

    New politics are on the rise. Under 35 people are going to usher them in. Boomers are going to age out. We are entering a new time.

    Regarding Bernie’s age, it’s simple. If he’s vital, lucid, and is feeling it, he’s gonna run. Good for a term, and the plan will be to do two, but make sure the VP pick is solid. Bernie will go to the mat, all out, for that platform. It’s a life work, no retirement.

    If he’s not there to run, that same pick, and some core people will take a more central role, hand off style, and he’s going to mentor and share what he knows, use his influence.

    You can see how that will work now, running issues as campaigns. Medicare for All positioning was the test run, and very successful. Public support hits 80 percent! More on that to come. It’s a strategy being developed and refined by Bernie to be replicated by others soon.

    The idea here is simple. Force it, by making it extremely difficult to win elections without firm, meaningful issue support. I favor this strongly. More than time for it.

    Example: Supports medicare for all isn’t enough. That’s lucy and the football politics.

    I will do all I can to make Medicare For All a reality. That’s positive, vote FOR politics.

    Now, the new politics in general. What’s on the rise and coming to a State near you.

    Here’s the deal, plain and very simple:


    Today, far too many Americans have had enough. They are running for office, organizing, and doing activism related to VOTE FOR politics, with Medicare For All being issue number one, and Living Wages being issue number two.

    Party demographics aging out do not match party demographics aging in. The majority aging in are indies.

    Today, indies are the largest, and near half of us. 45 percent, and the majority of those want VOTE FOR politics, and they reject the VOTE AGAINST politics.

    Vote against is basically the proposition we got in 2016. Vote Clinton, because Trump. That has been the Democratic Party strategy for over 50 years, and it’s not flying with far too many Americans to ignore.

    Where people have a lot to lose, here for example where Dems are dominant and the State runs OK, vote against Trump makes some sense.

    Where people don’t have so much to lose, where Dems are more of a horror show than a meaningful party force, vote against Trump made and makes a lot less sense.

    Now, here is why:

    Hostage Taking, put real simple. It’s ugly. Basically, the argument we are all worse off, unless we take the better of two candidates, when the better one isn’t better in a meaningful economic way, falls flat.

    They don’t care. Really, don’t care.

    Fear arguments, “Could be war!” don’t work. They point to the non stop war we have been doing anyway. A bigger war? Might happen anyway.

    Shame arguments, “you should not vote to fuck others over” don’t work. They say simply, “When is it about me?”

    And on that front, a majority of Americans are in economic trouble today. It being about them is a powerful, fair proposition. They have very little incentive, and the younger they are the more this is true, to vote against their own interests, and won’t increasingly so.

    Blame arguments, “you are why we have Trump” don’t work either.

    They cite corruption, and also cite the idea of garnering votes. Want their vote? Make it about them, simple pimple. Don’t make it about them? No vote, or protest vote.

    And that’s the hostage taking.

    We are gonna be faced with a choice. Those of us doing OK, are going to have to decide what is worth what. And if we decide it’s not gonna be about them, then they aren’t going to favor making it continue to be about us.

    Result: UGLY and more UGLY coming.

    Vote For politics is the idea of taking some basic, majority need, majority support issues, and working together to actually get them. They are qualifiers.

    Establishment Dems have come up with “Medicare Extra”, in response to the very successful issue positioning on Medicare For All. That’s not gonna fly, and the general thought is lucy and the foot ball.

    “We will get it done tomorrow” means, “No plan to get it done.” Unacceptable.

    Currently, the efforts are to win seats, to bring Bernie others to work with. Other efforts are to take party machinery, chairs, district and even precinct level people to organize and form voting blocs.

    Now, there are two ugly factions too. Next post.


    The majority of berners are positive politics. In short, that means challenging for seats, not taking corporate money, and winning on the strength of ideas.

    That’s me. I’m in that camp, and every bit of power progressives get is a bit that can be used as leverage to push the issues and get more power. The ideas are strong, just, and will win.

    The other faction is very concerning. They want to tear it down, accelerate the ugly, and hope something good boils out of all that. And those people are a problem, and could be double digit percentages in many parts of the country.

    I’m torn, because I don’t want ugly. But, I know both factions really mean it, and they are growing.

    So, I’m tossing in with the kids. They are the future demographic, and the majority of them are in the VOTE FOR, positive politics group too.

    If there is momentum there, the vote against, tear it down faction will be marginalized, and we take things left, win elections, and transition nicely to a better time.

    If not? The spoilers are likely to see increasing success.

    Remember the arguments above.

    This is all about agency. We can’t tell people how to vote, nor what to value.

    If the party proposition isn’t compelling, we are not going to prevail, and it’s gonna get ugly.

    VOTE FOR politics will bring people out of the wood work too. Advantage Dems, and lefties in general.

    It’s a genuine crisis within the left. Being real lefties socially, while playing lefties economically won’t work anymore. It’s not enough. The economics are too severe, and they fall on the youngest of us the hardest, and increasingly on the elderly as actual 401k retirement performance isn’t on par or even adequate compared to pension type retirement.

    In a macro sense, the gains have all gone to the top, ordinary people are left with very tepid, not sustainable gains given their rapidly increasing cost and risk exposure, and it’s just not a fair, reasonable cut.

    No getting around that.

    We either roll back to a more just state of things economically, or we somehow make it one hell of a lot cheaper to live. Either will work.

    Status quo economics are under challenge, and it’s taking root, not fading away, and the driving force is simple, unacceptable, raw, human need and suffering.

    It’s about that. Increasingly about that, and many who are not in a good place are going to just balk, not play ball, and see what the rest of us do.


    Wow Missing, as always, you’re packed.

    Story of my life man!

    I am still at PDX, now a morning floor manager at Capers behind ABC security. I work stupid hours, starting at 2:30am Wed-Sat.

    Ahh, that’s why. Good to know. I am in the building at O’dark 30 regularly. I’ll find you.

    Going back to school, get my undergrad buttoned up and then off to grad school. I’m going into teaching (Edselehr, talk me out of it! Hah) … wife is good, life is good, moving forward myself.

    I just wrote a letter for a friend I’m mentoring. They are on the way to a Masters, and believe they will do very well.

    Good for you. Doing that will suit you. Keep in touch!

    Good for you, I am glad that things are well. Congrats on being a grandfather, even if your son isn’t coming to the plate.

    Not only one, but two! Both granddaughters. My other son is doing OK, and she’s a keeper. My problem one made a bad pick. There is a chance we could end up with this kid, and will need help if we do.

    Other parts of the family stand ready on that.

    Crazy times!


    Missing is Back! April Fools…or an Easter Miracle? Great to hear from you again, Doug. You’ve been doing some good political thinking (as always), with a good dose of idealism mixed in (as is your nature…but that’s cool. Goals are good, even if not immediately achievable). I think you need to do a better job of factoring in the structural realities of the American political system, and the cyclical nature of politics over time. But, that’s a deep conversation for later; today we celebrate the second coming of Missing KSKD, and for that blessed event we are thankful.

    Brian: Teaching?? AAAACK! Hey if you are feeling the passion and calling, then I won’t try to talk you out of it. Sounds like you are used to long hours, so that’s a plus for you. But it is long hours, and you are never really not working; for example, right now, I am grading some online assignments and prepping for this coming week, and will probably go in early tomorrow to get ready. Up at 6am, teaching by 7:30 thru to 2:30 with lunch and 50 minutes a day to grade and prep…and that doesn’t include required staff meetings, IEP meetings, curriculum meetings, etc. I usually take work home every night, and get to bed by 10pm, and up again the next day. Weekends involve some degree of grading/prepping.

    I know there are a lot of other jobs that are just as taxing out there, but they don’t start (with a Masters degree) in the $40K range, topping out at about $80k, which you don’t get to for at least 13 years.

    If you have people skills (and coming from your success in the food service industry, I’m sure you do) that’s a huge plus. And it *is* a satisfying job, but for those who have the right temperament to do it. Expect your personal life to come to a standstill during the school year, and you only begin to get caught up on your life during the 8-10 weeks of summer break (not “vacation” – you’re unemployed for a couple months every summer, but by law cannot draw unemployment).

    In short, it’s a special career path for the right people, and it’s getting more and more challenging every year, without commensurate increases in compensation (time or money). Hope it works out well for you!

    Now, back to grading papers…


    Let’s have that conversation.

    My own preferences are roughly aligned with Oregon. Oregon Dems run OK. If they were the model nationally, we would not be in the increasingly turbulent time we are in, IMHO.

    But, they aren’t.

    Oregon went big for Bernie, then Clinton, as people here do have a lot to lose with a rise from the GOP. Most of us know that.

    In the mid-west, rust belt, other places, the differences are less stark. And people are desperate. Oregon isn’t pretty, in that sense, but it’s not directly comparable.

    Most of what I wrote above are observations, and the product of many conversations.

    A very solid fraction of the Bernie delegates are organizing, right along with their first tier of volunteers. The ones here are going for party chair, and have a strategy to get that done. 😀 I’m a part of that.

    The most interesting thing there, as a sidebar, is doing simple strategic moves does not take too much from most people, given a few are focused and active and communicating.

    We will see how that all goes.

    It helps that our elections are solid. In many of the problem areas, that is not true, and it’s a more raw fight than we saw here too. I’m still not sure about that dynamic, but I’m learning a lot from my peers.

    As for idealism…

    I’ve seen other places, see the trade-offs, and we flat out can do better here. There are no excuses, but for the ones embracing unbridled greed selling.

    My life has been very seriously impacted by shit health care policy, and that continues. I could buy another fucking house for the one I lost with the money I pay just to be insured every month.

    Completely unacceptable. Medicare For All is a qualifier, and it’s only going to grow as younger people age up, begin to experience more direct impact of our current, deadly, brutal policy.

    That’s not idealistic at all.


    Missed my edit window. Meant to add, I’m not alone by any means, on health care impact.

    And, it’s getting in the way of job creation man. 😀


    I think Brian has it for teaching. People skills, check. Doing the time? Double checkamundo. 😀

    And love of the topic, check.


    Thanks guys, I appreciate it!!

    Here are my thoughts: I’ve been working an idiotic schedule for many, many years, as most of you know. I’m just working my 40 hours and going home now, and I’m SO done with being a GM. That’s a young person’s game, and I’m past that crap. And, the passion is long gone, and the pay … well, 40k to start as a teacher is a smidge below where I topped out doing multi-unit, working 100+ hours a week.

    I have a passion for people. I have had enough people tell me over the years, and even now at Capers, that I am relatable, connect well with others, teach and mold, that I’m finally starting to believe it. I’d much rather use that to help guide tomorrow’s future than deal with yesterday’s past write me a note complaining about how our server gave out straws with their ice water glasses yesterday (yes, that happened, and that lady is yelling at EVERYONE to get off her lawn). Simply put, I’m fucking done with it.

    There are other perks. The biggest is, my wife is also a teacher. Right now, as it is, we barely see each other. I’d love to rectify that, as we have other interests. (We largely gutted and renovated a tent trailer gifted to us last year, and want to use it more, for example.) Others are having a stable job, benefits, retirement, etc.

    I got the motivation from my brother-in-law. He decided at a later age (he’s 41, I’m 45) to also go into teaching, he’s finishing his student teaching right now and starting the process of job hunting. He’s doing it for the betterment of himself, for the betterment of his family, and to make a difference in kids’ lives and in the community. If he can do it, why the hell can’t I?!


    As far as millenials getting involved, that’s only a good thing. And it’s being driven by the Trump administration’a hellbent desire to combine the Third Reich with the pre-Civil Rights South. The diabolical hatred of the cultural divisiveness being driven by Trump is getting these young, impressionable, motivated youngsters out, making a difference.

    This is our future. We need to be encouraging and fostering it. We need to give these young adults the tools and encouragement to do their own soul-searching, research, and self-thought to determine their own belief structure, their moral compass, and act accordingly.

    And I say this for both sides of the aisle; we may not like or agree with the message, but we can’t condemn the messenger because of that.

    The election of Trump has started a chain of events that, in the short term, sucks. He is the least qualified, least diplomatic president possibly of all time. He has the rest of the world hating us more than ever before, IMO.

    I moonlight as an Uber/Lyft driver, been doing it for a couple years to help make ends meet. Being gregarious in nature, I love engaging my passengers, and some of the most interesting ones are from overseas. Hearing their impression of America, and Americans in general, is an eye-opener, to say the least. And it’s largely not in a good light. They see our elected officials, and largely laugh and/or cringe. And I can’t say that I blame them.

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