Conway: "Audit was just an excuse"

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    This should shock no one, but it’s finally brought to light:

    Trump’s “audit” excuse for not releasing his taxes is a farce, and President Trump is not going to release any of his tax information.

    Kellyanne Conway finally admits the audit was just an excuse – Vox

    The only ones that can force the issue is Congress, and my guess is that since it is controlled by the GOP, that won’t happen.

    Clearly, The Donald is hiding shit that he doesn’t want us to see.


    Of course he is.

    That’s why I’m hoping they get leaked. After all, a number of people have seen them.


    I wonder if the returns contain “alternative facts”?


    I am pretty sure the tax returns would have been leaked by now if someone had a way to get at them.

    I suppose the new president might be asked a direct question by a reporter at a press conference (“You said you would release your taxes after the audit”), but now it seems he is hand picking the reporters who will be allowed in the White House briefing room. If you want to be allowed in, you can’t ask him questions he won’t like, perhaps.

    In any case – the tax issue should be dropped. It’s a distraction and has nothing at all to do with current issues.


    I doubt there is anything in the returns that would affect the presidency, only that concerning income and charitable donations would reflect on his reputation. I also doubt there is a check box for mortgaging your soul to Russia. Those loans would have been made to tRump corporations and entities not personally. BTW other than tRump, who’s says an audit exists? He won’t even release a copy of the form IRS notice that would have informed him of an audit for particular returns.


    Nobody cares about his taxes, really, NOBODY CARES! There are far too many other issues to worry about. Lets face it Obama left this country a complete and total DIVIDED MESS! Will Obama go down as one of the worst presidents ever? Possibly.


    Yeah, what a MESS Obama left us! I so yearn for the jobs numbers, the deficit, and the DOW on the day Obama took office in 2009 and messed it all up – doh!


    Obama had the good luck of coming in at the bottom of recession. Economies bounce back from recessions all by themselves. The only thing Obama did for the economy is impede a strong recovery with his “stimulus” and Obamacare.

    He didn’t build that and it’s nothing to brag about anyway.


    Oh look, Trump’s lying Press Secretary just checked in here.

    Tell us about that crowd again? What was it? 1.5 million?

    Andy Brown

    Mendacity among politicians and the spokespeople hired to spin for them goes back eras and across aisles, and it is true that some are more honest than others but it’s also true that drumpf was a historically dishonest presidential candidate. But the Trump administration has now displayed a commitment to needlessly lying that is confounding to even the most cynical observers of American politics. It wasn’t necessary.

    More and more the pundits and the critics and even Republicans and some conservatives are thinking this administration will not survive. Those are real facts.

    drumpf has thumbed his nose at custom and the Constitution by refusing to resolve the conflicts of interest that will now shadow his presidency. He has used his Twitter account – a 21st-century bully pulpit – not to unify Americans behind his agenda, but to settle personal scores in a sustained assault on freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Trump has installed an inner circle that aims to marginalize millions of our countrymen, even as it seeks to degrade the institutions of our government. Finally, Trump has clutched Russia in a perplexing bear hug. Whether he’s done this out of genuine admiration for its brutal regime, because he’s indebted to its oligarchs, or because Trump has somehow been compromised by former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin we have yet to resolve. For Americans, and for our NATO allies, none of these alternatives will be reassuring.
    Republicans in Congress have stood by quietly, almost without objection. They’ve acted as enablers – even as Trump has inserted himself as the ur-chairman of publicly traded companies, blessing their manufacturing plans or tanking their stock prices with a single tweet. Republicans used to object to politicians “picking winners and losers.” Just last July, Speaker Paul Ryan called it “a recipe for a closed economy – for cronyism.”
    History will judge this period harshly.

    Wait until our enemies test him. We may wake up one morning and find our country at war.

    bacon, your post is proof you are an ignoramus. Also, remember where that deep recession came from – – – the dubya administration and a GOP Congress. Two unfunded wars we did not need. Tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and corporations. No control over Wall Street. So take your alternative views and shove them up your ass so as to keep your head company.


    Hey dork, is the honesty of our president an important thing to worry about? Serious question.


    Dork, The Vicar of Pork, and the like-minded (and appellation that’s a bit of an oxymoron in of itself) are completely uninterested in any factual information which contradicts their own ideological and often fact free opinions. They’re correct; 100% of the time. Everyone else is wrong; not to mention of nefarious intent.

    Demonstrably there’s (literally) nothing they will not defend as long as it’s sourced by Trump and/or some form of far right, utterly lunatic “news” source. Never mind that the exact same things they dismiss as unimportant in regards to President Trump, they would be shrilling screaming about in the alt-right echo chamber if attributable to a Democratic President. Hypocrisy is but one of their charming traits.

    Trump’s lies on the daily. He’s lies about both the insignificant and the great import with equal abandon and lack of shame. It’s easily fact checked; should objective truth matter to you at all. As Chuck Todd ably pointed out this weekend, an alternative fact is just a lie. The tone set by Trump’s White House here in the early going is by definition, Orwellian.

    Deservedly, -Trump’s approval marks for his opening days are in the gutter. Literally, the lowest scoring since the advent of modern polling. He and his administration have, correctly, been vilified from virtually all quarters save the hard-core base who elected Herr Drumf in the first place. When you’ve lost Fox News and you even have Chris Wallace calling you out for being a liar, (Or at least the “news” part of Fox News which to its largely older and credulous white audience are indistinguishable from the base opinion trough of O’Reilly and Hannity and the like) you’re not having a particularly good few days.

    As for Dork’s assertion that “no-one cares” about Donald Trump’s tax returns. That’s just yet another lie. In point of fact, the majority of those polled on the matter believes that he should. It’s inexcusable that the American public does not have access to those returns; either to verify that Donald Trump’s financial entanglements are in direct conflict of interest with the Presidency and our national security or alternately to clear him of even an appearance of wrong doing. It’s in the country’s best interest that question is resolved.

    It’s only a partisan issue if you’re a hack of such degree that objective truth, or even the national security of the United States, is of lower priority than mindlessly defending your party affiliation.


    Riiiiight. I wonder how long the audit will take now? I’m guessing til about 2021…or maybe 2025.


    Andrew, I’ll be moderately shocked if Trump is still in office in 2021.

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