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    Andy Brown

    Outgoing Teabagger Republican Congressman Steve Stockman and three of his aides have been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury as part of a criminal investigation. It appears that the investigation into Stockman relates to campaign contributions that came from staff members, which is a clear Federal Election Commission violation. The House Ethics Commission has looked into Stockman’s activities already and released a report in June recommending that Stockman and a number of staffers be subpoenaed by a grand jury for not cooperating with the House investigation.

    As of now, it is not entirely clear if Stockman will cooperate with the federal grand jury. When the House reconvened after a lengthy recess for the lame-duck session, Stockman sent a notice to Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) stating that he is seeking advice from counsel on whether or not he needs to comply with the subpoena due to his Congressional privilege. However, per National Journal, the three other aides who have been subpoenaed have already consulted with the House General Counsel and have been told that Congressional privilege does not prevent them from complying.

    While the full scope of the grand jury investigation hasn’t been made clear, it very likely relates to the ethics report on Stockman and his office in relation to inappropriate campaign donations. In 2013, Stockman reported that $15,000 in contributions came from family members of two of his staffers. In reality, the money came directly from the Congressional employees. Also, the report shows that he was paying them for full-time work when they were only part-time employees.


    We can soon add him to the long list of Republicans who are convicted.


    Guess what party?

    I’m going with the odds on this one. I guess the party that vastly outnumbers the other party.


    And the one who is in the lead by far on every criminal and perv metric you can name too.

    Fucking with young girls sexually? Republicans.

    Convicted while in office? Republicans.

    Being seriously, criminally gay while rallying against gayness? Republicans. And that one is hilarious, and painful.

    I could go on, and we’ve put the lists here in the past. Maybe we should revisit those for some, you know, discussion?

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