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    Andy Brown

    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Besides, it’s all you’ve ever gotten right. Your correct/incorrect batting average remains at under 0.100.


    What I find laughable is the Emergency Response Team that Trump has in place to excuse and/or do damage control. From Sean Spicer to Kellyanne Conway, they have crafted their own career paths by “explaining what Trump *really* meant”.

    DAnd did you notice the number of people on stage with him during the last press conference? Do you recall Obama, Clinton or even W. having to be “spotted” like that during a press conference? They all looked poised to lunge for the podium in case Trump drove the event off a cliff. And he almost did.


    Trump is unable to stand alone for a one hour news conference. He lacks the knowledge, vocabulary or stamina. He needs props and others to speak for him. I expect few news conferences in the White House. Those that are held will be be at Trump venues where he can control the nature and size of the crowd and have some private security.


    Did anyone notice that his family all looked glum during his time on stage during the press conference? Also, I noted that when he let his attorney take over for about 15 minutes, he was caught by the camera as looking outward into space, as in “what the hell am I doing here?”. That’s what I came away with. And, btw, indeed, what the hell IS he doing there?

    I lived through Reagan coming into office, and I thought it was bad then. I would multiply my concern 10X with Trump.


    All those people besides the media were paid Trump staffers to be there to cheer him on, or to stroke his massive ego.


    Actually, I nailed the last mid terms as well.

    But I entirely blew it in 2012.

    So I’m batting .667 as far as predictions go, which is probably the best average on the board, besides the fact that my winning predictions were not just base hits but grand-slam homers.

    “I lived through Reagan coming into office, and I thought it was bad then. I would multiply my concern 10X with Trump.”

    Are you serious? Reagan was the best president of the modern era. What was not to like about him?

    Trump is already doing some great things, and there is now a new confidence among small businesses, and you’re going to see a real recovery. Mark my words.

    Andy Brown

    Bacon’s now writing fake news stories. See above ⬆︎


    St. Ronnie raised taxes more than 20 times, and he killed the American economy. And he was a terrible actor. Sucking yourself off again, I see, Bacon…Meanwhile, Penthouse now claims to have copies of the golden shower videos.


    My take.

    We already know Trump is a sleazebag. So the allegations in this news (fake?) story aren’t beyond the pale of what could be true.

    The problem is, if it’s fake news which is as possible as anything, then Trump can be publicly indignant. This HELPS Trump by showing him to be a victim of the media and gives him more ammunition to threaten media in general, harming the fourth estates ability to keep tabs on him as President.

    There’s nothing about this story that could possibly hurt him at this point, since we already knew how depraved his is and he still got elected. The real danger is to the media in general, and I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Russia and Trump collaborated to leak this so idiots who don’t know better would jump to release a story that no matter if true or false, is unverifiable.


    Trump isn’t that smart.


    Yes his is.

    What he is not is principled, reliable, stable, thoughtful, respectful, effective, competent, … or qualified.

    Andy Brown

    His intelligence is greatly overshadowed by his egotism.
    Like Bacon.

    “So I’m batting .667 as far as predictions go which is probably the best average on the board”

    Not. The board was around a long time before you arrived in your first incarnation as fairandbalanced. You haven’t had enough “at bats” to even qualify for any kind of recognition. Also, if you include all claims made by you, not just general election predictions, you are batting no more than 0.100.

    Also, if you keep mentioning how great you did in November, you are only setting yourself for more failure especially with wild predictions like drumpf “being a great president.” That’s highly unlikely at this point. He still has to win over a majority of voters which he hasn’t yet done. First, only 12 Presidents were elected to a second term and served it. Also, those that lost the popular vote but were winners of the electoral vote were always dogged by questions of their legitimacy. Three of the four served only one term. Two were crushed in their reelection bids.
    Given the sheer tonnage of controversy Trump takes with him into the White House, it seems likely his popular vote loss will be used against him in 2020 and well before then.

    In other words, your speculation is not founded in historical precedence but drumpf’s possible impeachment, resignation or flat out loss of epic proportions in 2020 does follow historical precedence.

    If the House really does impeach him, the Senate will convict him. But that’s all dependent on his own behavior which is totally unpredictable. However, what is predictable is the behavior of a Republican Congress that is moving further away from drumpf than getting closer to him.

    What you can not verifiably deny is that drumpf enters his presidency with lackluster popular support (record lows across most reliable major polls) AND a notable lack of support from Congressional Republicans.

    So while you continue to keep posting how you guessed the electoral outcome, initially to your credit but now just a repeating mantra of useless proportion, does not give you some kind of credibility which is what you have been longing for on this board for 7 years and have yet to and never will obtain.

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