Columbia Gorge Radio Happenings

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    From the Goldendale Sentinel of 30 October.

    Bicoastal, a group of radio stations licensed in The Dalles, first reported on its Facebook page that its operations had come to a standstill after its computers reported being held ransom, with the hackers demanding Bitcoin payment before they would release the stations’ computers.

    “As many of you have already noted, since Tuesday morning programming on all five of our Bicoastal stations has been disrupted,” the company stated on its Facebook page. “Early Tuesday morning our computer systems were the victim of a ransomware attack, locking them up and not allowing us to continue with our regular local programming.” All five of its stations were affected, though Bicoastal said some music was continuing. Bicoastal’s streaming services were also disrupted.”

    (Story continues…)

    Bicoastal runs KACI AM (1300 / 103.9), KACI FM (93.5), KMSW (92.7 / 102.9), KCGB (96.9 / 105.5), KIHR (1340 / 98.3) in the Hood River and The Dalles area.

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    Semi-retired as News Director for Gorge Country Media The Dalles/Goldendale. Worked radio and newspaper in The Dalles and Hood River since 1966.

    Not quite old enough to remember much about Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club but am sentimental about vintage radio.

    So – ended up with a copy of a book called “Don McNeill’s Favorite Poems” with a lot of patriotic and inspirational poetry. I’d like to pass it on to someone in the industry who would appreciate it.

    First person to email me ( with a request and an address to send it to gets it free.

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