Colbert Discusses His Faith

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    You guys hear about the Pope dining with the homeless after seeing heads of State?


    BING! Proof in the pudding…let’s see some footage of living what you preach.


    Mmmmmmmmmm, pudding!


    A lot of prominent right-wing politicians of faith (some Catholics) are denouncing some of the actions and positions of Francis.

    Now, I’m no expert, but in Catholicism isn’t going against the Pope the same as going against the Catholic Church, and by extension going against God? Case in point: devout Catholic Ann Coulter says (all from recent tweets):

    I’m an American and this is why our founders (not “immigrants”!) distrusted Catholics & wouldn’t make them citizens.

    Catholics were not accepted until they became more AMERICAN Catholic less ROMAN Catholic-Harvard’s Samuel Huntington

    Equally accurate statement to the Pope’s: The Catholic Church was “largely built by pedophiles.”

    No, I’m attacking the Pope. So did Martin Luther. So did America’s settlers. So did Dems when it was John Paul II.

    This isn’t a “thought” – it’s fact about American history. Historical facts are now hate crimes.

    THIS Pope’s philosophy of worshiping the poor, blaming the rich leads to Latin American poverty. American Catholicism leads to success.

    Thanks, Ann. Stay classy.


    Thanks E.


    No one should ever have to prove they are doing good works. I suspect there are many on this board who not only give money to organizations that help others, but probably spent time and energy volunteering without tooting their horn.

    As the 8th century prophet Micah wrote: (paraphrased) “…do justice, love kindness, walk humbly…” I believe this Pope is the epitome of this passage.


    >>tooting their horn.
    I’m thinking faith with works…


    Why is faith required?

    I could go on about the things I’ve done and continue to do. Some of it is here on these pages in our archive. That’s good enough.

    Where a person has good intent and gets after that intent, what else is required?

    I’m serious.


    And I just thought of this:

    The world is what you make it. I believe that. Call it an article of faith. I want a good world, and I’m making it that way. And in my life, a lot of good has actualized too.

    Seems like it all works just fine to me. And there is your faith too. Perfect!


    “Faith-based doing good”


    Doing good because God’s watching.


    Let’s see, a traditional/conventional child-molester protector Pope suddenly resigns, then out of the blue, Pope Jesus surfaces to take his place.

    This is arguably the strongest case for the existence of a God in a long time (especially in this forum), and what do the traditional/conventional people of faith do? Unload their stockpiled ammunition (from 2008, you know, Obama elected) on him.

    Because of that, they’re making an ever stronger case (thanks, Ann) God doesn’t exist after all.

    Jesus’s people, you can’t live with them, pass the beer nuts.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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