Colbert Discusses His Faith

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    I just found this great interview with Stephen Colbert, speaking with Fr. Thomas Roscia about humor, faith and Catholicism. He is very introspective about his role and job as a comedian while maintaining his faith.

    Kick back, relax, and enjoy.


    Faith should be kept to yourself. Reason being? Because revealing your faith show what an idiot you are.


    Vit, if you think you should keep your faith to yourself don’t you think you should keep your non faith to yourself?


    I’ll listen to anything you have to say about the video *after* you’ve watched it, Vit.


    I don’t have 45 minutes to spare.

    My Mom had 12 years of catholic education. I was baptized, and went through the first confession and first commuinion in CCD classes I was forced to go to.

    I don’t consider myself “catholic” in any way, shape, or form. Frankly, I think the catholic religion is just as bad as any other brand of religion out there.

    I agree with Bill Maher and LG that these people are mentally ill.

    Us non-faith types wouldn’t have to stand up if the FAITH fuckers kept their shit to themselves.


    But they don’t, so we need to call them out for what they are.


    Ah, the lovely Vit spewing his joy and happiness.

    Dude, you don’t own the market on disgust for religion. I’ve got atheist and agnostic friends that make you look like a pussy cat, and we get along great. We do talk about religion from time to time and they know where I come from and respect it, and I know where they come from and respect it.

    And trying to demonize people of faith is a pretty weak argument, IMHO.

    Since you easily put everyone of faith into one basket, shows to me, your limited mental capabilities in really understanding the role faith plays in those that believe.

    For sure there are whacko’s of faith, like Kim Davis and others. But you’re no better than Kim Davis by your constant bashing and feeling superior over those of faith.


    >>call them out for what they are.
    Need of eternal redemption from sin and hell via what Christ performed on the cross 2000 years ago…you know..the sign at a lot of football games…John 3:16!


    Oh God, the dog torturer splattered blood all over the forum again.


    Colbert understands the boundaries on faith well and he’s considerate as he is passionate.

    Good video.

    As for the religious hate… You all must understand religion has dealt out a lot of pain and suffering in lives, and my own life for sure, that didn’t need to be. And the history is ugly too. Let’s be honest.

    Why grant deference and respect to that which hurts?

    Fair question.

    And every last person of faith needs to think very hard on that question.

    Sure, it’s easy to say it’s X’s fault, or “those other people”, just “don’t understand.” too.


    But the truth is, people have experiences and they make judgements on those experiences and they make choices too.

    We can only move forward.

    Given that dynamic and how important that first impression can be, case in point right here.

    No blame in any of that. Just an observation. If any party does not like the outcome, go think hard about how to prevent it in the future.

    Colbert clearly understands this.


    Paul, re: keeping non-faith to oneself.

    This is a good discussion. My responses are always triggered by a religious person preaching outside of church. I don’t think I’ve ever preached non-faith to anyone, especially in the broadway/dog torture style.

    But even if non-faithers keep things to ourselves, we are still forced to live with religious bs in our daily lives — “God” is printed on our money. Our property taxes are higher than they ought to be because Churches are extempt from taxes (many are prime properties that could be used to create jobs).

    We can’t dodge taxes or money. A bit unfair for non believers. I believe the burden is on believers to rein themselves in.

    If there were millions of non-believers behaving in the same way the broadways are behaving, why, you all would have a cow.

    Imagine a non-believer gone broadway and sniping mega Church pastors off, one by one — the same way abortion doctors are executed. Using fear to curtail mega churches wouldn’t go over so well with you all, yet Christians have no problem using fear and hysterics to stop choices.

    Christianity is all hypocritical. If I WAS a Christian, I would keep my views to myself because I wouldn’t want to be even remotely associated Christians who torture dogs.

    And no, I didn’t watch the video either. I have to use that 45 minutes to generate income to pay for the higher taxes caused by Church extemptions.


    After a lot of years, I may understand Mrs. “What’s her Name?”, the Sunday school teacher from long ago, just a notch better.

    She drew the boundary clearly. Live your faith. Others see this and may wonder, or ask. But let them. It’s all up to them. They will or they won’t.

    Forcing this is offensive and it’s disrespectful to others and their own lives. Who are we really to speak for God?

    We aren’t shit, and that’s no joke.

    When we do it this way shown in this video and as advocated by the nice woman so many years ago**, people themselves open themselves up to advocacy and understanding. And it’s they themselves who come to believe, if they find that makes sense for them.

    **and she was canned too. Always wondered about that. She shared some potent stuff with little kids –me. And then just kind of gone. I do wonder. Maybe just ordinary. I don’t know. But what I do know is that lucid day stuck with me. Nothing else did.

    Lies are sins right?

    So then, my friends who believe, just what are the merits of a forced belief based on fear and shame and judgement by people no better than we are?

    Nobody who walks this world has anything on anyone else in this sense? We all are who we are and we all believe what we believe. Equal beings here. All of us.

    There is so damn much religious noise in my life that I really do not need. In fact, the mere suggestion of it makes me want to turn away harder, because there will be just more noise!

    Colbert said, “faith must be felt, not argued” (paraphrase)

    He’s got it. He understands Mrs. “What’s her name?” better than I ever did.

    You guys read Maher, Vitalogy, and myself sometimes. And it’s ugly quite often. Fair call.

    My experiences with religion all lead to bat shit nuts kinds of things I have no time for. I don’t need to be judged by asses, dullards, fools and clowns. Nobody does! In fact, all that mess makes actually appreciating, understanding and getting the benefit of people and their faith difficult! Some would argue there are no benefits, but there are. Of course there are. But there are costs too, and damn!

    People, those costs are really high! It’s hard to justify the benefits kinds of high.

    That open door got closed. It was open once long ago. It really was, and I was questioning. Maybe I would have arrived at a place where Colbert is, for example. Maybe I would have a different view today.

    Probably not. My nature to question runs very deep, but maybe. Honestly, maybe. Can’t go back, but it’s an idle muse I have from time to time when trying to think about ways to advocate we improve as people on this stuff.

    It was somebody who doesn’t get it, doing ugly things that closed that door. It was a cost too high. Not worth it.

    If you want to cast judgement and lay blame, don’t look at me or Vitalogy, or Maher, or anyone really.

    Getting there took some very negative religious experiences, or a look at the long, ugly history associated with religion. Hell, look at ISIS today, or the American Taliban.

    Who wants that shit? Nobody! Who needs it? Nobody! I have genuine and honest, and I feel valid, concern about the American Taliban types who really don’t care how they win, only that they do.

    Blame them.

    Better, don’t blame them. Just improve. Move forward and don’t add to the ugly. And when you see people devaluing faith, adding to those costs, marginalizing your own efforts to benefit people, blame them. They hurt you too you know.

    And maybe you don’t know. Just think about it.

    Everybody is better off when you do. Seriously.


    Hey guys, remember that I’m an atheist too – lifelong. I’m not trying to preach anything, or promote religon (it does enough of that without my help).

    I realize the way I introduced the video made it sound like I was trying to pitch faith, or Catholicism, but that’s not it. Its a discussion between two men who happen to have faith, and are contextualizing that faith in a world that is way more complicated and nuanced than simple readings of the Bible (*cough*Broadway*cough*) allow.

    There will always be believers in a higher power, and nonbelievers. The task therefore is not for each to try and convert the other (futile) but for each to recognize and respect the world view of the other. And that respect comes from the humility of knowing that none of us can ever know for sure what it takes to lead a good, kind, and true life, but we each are trying are best in our own way to do so.

    Colbert sounds like he understands this. Plus, I’m incredibly impressed with his knowledge and recall of the Bible and other major literary works. And to people like Skep and Vit that dismiss this out of hand: remember, know thy enemy and know thyself. 🙂


    I, too, was impressed with Colbert’s literary knowledge.

    On a completely different media level, Fred Rogers, an ordained Presbyterian minister, was able to walk easily among the sacred and secular. Not separating the two but mingling them together, like Colbert.

    Neither lives in a religious bubble, but accepts others where they are at. A very Jesus thing to do. However, you need not be religious to accept those different than yourself.


    Amen, Chris. 🙂

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