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    Andy Brown

    Jeb is releasing all his emails from his years as governor.

    It has “been kind of fun to go back and to think about this, and remind myself that if you run with big ideas and then you’re true to those ideas, and get a chance to serve and implement them and do it with passion and conviction, you can move the needle,” the former Florida governor said in the interview, excerpts of which were released Saturday.

    Hillary has postponed any official announcement. The dominant narrative remains that Clinton is the heavy favorite to be the Democratic nominee. But that storyline is accompanied by another one — which is that the heart of the Democratic party really wants Warren. And, as that storyline continues, more and more people hear about it; an actual movement develops, all fueled by the anti Wall Street populism that Warren embodies.

    Americans feel economically beleaguered after decades in which real wages and incomes have been stagnant or falling, while the real cost of living has been rising, leaving them falling further and further behind. Economic data does not tell the story of a middle class under siege while some 50 million Americans live in poverty; 20 percent of American children go to bed hungry; 3 percent of our children are homeless; and millions of jobless workers have become so depressed they have stopped looking for work.
    The collapse of confidence in the American dream is dramatized by exit polls of those who voted in 2014 revealing that barely 20 percent believe the next generation will live better than they do.

    Democrats in 2016 should run a campaign to restore the American dream. No two Democrats are more important to this mission than Hillary Clinton, the only potential presidential candidate with a clear opportunity to compete in almost every state and win a national landslide victory, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the leading voice of American progressives and a new member of the Senate Democratic leadership who has urged Clinton to run for president.

    These two women, who agree on virtually every issue that would form the platform to restore the dream, have the potential to build a relationship that would be complementary, synergistic and inspiring for Democrats.

    Clinton +9.1 over Bush (avg) +6 (most recent)

    Can Jeb get votes from the insanely conservative right wing extremists in his own party?

    Conservatives’ problems with Bush . . . are threefold. First, he supports overhauling the nation’s immigration system, something that has made some on the right charge he supports “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants living in the US. Bush also has embraced the Common Core educational standards, a policy that is quickly becoming the “Obamacare” of education on the right.

    And, to a lesser extent, conservatives also agree with the sentiment of Bush over-saturation. They are tired of the Bush name representing the Republican Party, and they want to avoid a potential third Bush in office over the last five presidencies.

    “Bush as a last name” is an issue, said Erick Erickson, the editor in chief of the conservative news site RedState. “It is the same problems the Democrats have. ‘Let’s go forward by going backward.’ Not exactly a winning slogan.”


    I love Warren. But I have heard her say on numerous occasions she feels she can be more effective as a senator than as President.

    If Clinton does win in 2016, a cabinet position for Warren I could see. No matter, Warren is strong, creative, and willing to mix it up with big business.


    There is a growing body of Progressives who want Warren to run.

    Personally, I like them both. There isn’t anybody from the GOP who interests me at all.


    Andy sez: “Can Jeb get votes from the insanely conservative right wing extremists in his own party”

    He needs the die-off vote (or non-vote). I don’t know if enough of them will die off by election day 2016.


    I see the potential for the dynamic between Warren and Clinton to really mess things up for the right, if the Democratic Party can play their cards properly.

    I don’t believe Warren is at all interested in running in ’16, but if she begins to tease that she might, then

    1) the establishment right won’t know where to focus their attacks, as Warren presents as a candidate while Clinton sits on the sidelines (much as she has been doing already),

    2) a Warren candidacy will freak out the Tea (Koch) Party, who are already beginning to split with the establishment right and may very well proffer their own candidate (Cruz? or Rubio?) thereby setting up the official split within the Republicans. Warren can be allowed to ‘test the waters’ of more populist policies, while Hillary stays centerist and takes notes on how the people respond to Warren’s ideas.

    3) Warren might make it on the ballot in a couple early primaries, but then steps down (never really wanting to run anyway) leaving Hillary to clean up with little opposition and a fractured Republican party that eviscerates itself with infighting through their convention and into November ’16.


    Call that the Democratic Party Shake and Bake. 🙂


    I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Warren. However, she’s unelectable as a candidate for President at the current time. This is Hillary’s game to lose. Liberal Dems need to understand the bigger game at play, we need to have an electable candidate, not a niche candidate.

    And if you’re a Dem and not a fan of Hillary, digest the option.


    Bush all but declared today, while Warren stated that she’s out (for now).

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