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    I dont see you adding anything to her resume Lurk. If you think she accomplished so much….Lets hear them.


    For fuck’s sake Dork, are you deaf and stupid? I’m taking a moment to FUCKING AGREE WITH YOU.

    Bitching about Hillary won’t stop her from becoming President, so Republicans need to pick a viable candidate to defeat her!! And Trump is *not* that candidate. He’s been putting extraordinary effort this week into proving that he is unfit to be president, and it’s becoming clearer daily to even some of his staunchest supporters. Those who were just starting to kinda-sorta endorse him have now started to un-endorse him.

    What are you going to do about it, spud? What are you going to do to make sure Hillary doesn’t become president? And don’t hold your breath for an indictment – that’s magical thinking and the lazy man’s way to have others do your work for you.

    Seriously – go to Cleveland in June and tell your party to get their shit together, nominate a viable, non-Trump candidate, and give Hillary a run for her money. Otherwise she’s walking away with this thing in November.


    Why should I bother, Dork? You clearly don’t accept what others have to say no matter how carefully documented and factually supportable it may be. So, tell me, what point would there be in my detailing the job overview of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State under President Obama?

    I’m quite confident you have no idea what the Secretary of State is actually doing day to day, under any administration, and would be forced to Google or Wiki it up to counter that reality.

    The only stated criticism you have are a combination disproven conspiracy theory memes and fanciful thinking from the likes of Alex Jones. To date, I have yet to see you articulate a single thing (in any thread) that isn’t either a regurgitation of something lunatic you’ve seen or heard from someone else or an incredibly poorly articulated and logically bereft assertion borne of emotional and ideologically derived hatred.

    And let’s not forget, and it’s been noted by everyone else on this board, you rarely answer direct questions from anyone on any topic. There’s probably two dozen questions or more directed at you that are floating around unanswered. Increasingly, you’re just becoming (yet another) right wing troll.

    Who continues to support a serial lying, racist, bigoted, blustering and bullying, thin skinned demagogue. Or are you just now in the Paul Ryan camp? I.e. “Yes, Donald Trump’s statements are the textbook definition of racist, but I’m still going to vote for him. Because, uh, go Republicans”?


    “If you haven’t been to Cafe Yumm, you are missing out.”

    It’s okay if you’re into rice bowl this and rice bowl that but otherwise not really incredible. Pretty expensive for the little bit they give you.

    I don’t get the logo. Is it supposed to be somebody yawning or screaming in terror?

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