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    She has what is called “walking pneumonia”, which is treatable by antibotics. It is a common infection, and does not require hospitalization.

    Her campaigning and stress brought this on, and can be attained by public contact. She should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.

    However, she doesn’t need to concede a couple of weeks right now. But pushing through will not do her any good either.

    Definitely an opening for Trump, I hope he doesn’t exploit her for this, but I don’t have any reason to think he won’t.

    Yet another unusual turn in this election. I am beginning to wonder if this all setting up for Trump upset. I sincerely hope not, but fate is in control here.


    First off, fate is a made up thing. There is no such thing as fate. Coincidence? Sure. Irony? Yep. Fate? Nope!

    And you can bet your bottom dollar the right wing will claim Hillary is on the verge of death. Those right wing losers love a good conspiracy theory.

    Lastly, Trump has no real chance. The math says so, and I believe in the math!!



    Pushing a health issue too far could backfire and elicit sympathy. It’s not going to look good to beat up on a sick elderly woman.

    But it’s fair game to question whether she’s been hiding something or has been dishonest about her claims of being healthy, and she should be fit to serve.

    What “math” says Trump has no chance. Even the odds makers give him about a 30% chance.


    So she got over heated? She is nearly 70. Who else could easily over do at that age, no matter how healthy? We have a couple seniors running for office.


    The Enquirer doctors Hillary photo and puts it on the cover this week. That’s a low blow, not fair!

    Andy Brown

    How about some math from the Conservative News?

    It’s over, Vernon. Wrap your head around it. Recently published in the National Review:

    “Without the “battleground” states determined here to be noncompetitive (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Mexico, New Hampshire) it’s difficult to find a path to 270 for Trump. That’s because there isn’t one.”

    Andy Brown

    Well Vernon, you asked for the math, I gave you the math and right from the bastion of conservative news, too.

    You can ignore the facts but you can’t change them.

    Big bowl of steaming hot crow is just weeks away.
    Get ready.


    There is math that backs up odds favoring Clinton. But there is no certainty.

    I believe Nate Silver gives Trump a 31% chance of winning.

    Who would fly on a plane if there was a 31% it would crash? Who would bet everything they have if there was a 31% chance they could lose it all. 31% is almost one third. If I have three marbles in my pocket, two red and one black, there is no certainty I will pull out a red marble even though the odds favor it.

    The numbers look good for Clinton at the moment, but the odds are not 100% because there is sufficient time for things to change. There has already been some substantial change over the past month. If you watch the RCP page you will note on their electoral map that there were states shaded in light blue signifying “leaning Clinton” that have changed to gray toss-up states. These states include PA, OH, WI and VA and recently MI and NH were moved into the toss-up column. Hillary’s support has been eroding and that trend could continue.

    I have predicted a Trump vitory and I still predict that, but I wouldn’t say it was “certain” even if Trump had Hillary’s numbers. A lot can change in two months, besides the fact that we don’t know if the polling is accurate. Much of it is within their margin of error.

    If Vitalogy is so sure that it’s 100% in the bag for Clinton he could increase his wealth substantially by betting everything he has and as much as he could borrow on her. Do you think he would take that chance?


    I’ll take any bets anyone is willing to offer.


    Hmm, Trump was hesitant to pounce on her illness today. I think that is a rare good move by him.

    Didn’t stop Rush and Sean from, though. Both implied there is something more serious going on with her health than walking pneumonia. No wonder these shows are in trouble.


    There is good reason to believe the worst when the Clinton campaign continues to lie and evade.

    She was diagnosed with pneumonia BEFORE claiming it was the heat that caused her to almost faint. That was kept hidden and would have remained that way had it not been for the videos.


    Speaking of lying and evading, when is Trump going to release his tax returns? What is he hiding?


    Faux concern about the health of Hillary Clinton is thinly disguised, dog whistling, misogyny.

    It’s birtherism 2.0.

    It’s not even worth refuting. She’s fine, and she’s going to be elected to the presidency this November.

    Meanwhile fat, Donald Trump is older than she is and still guzzling down fast food. Clearly he’s a paragon of health.

    The level of lunatic conspiracy theorizing by the usual collection of conservative dill weeds is unreal. It’s not even National Enqurier level of stupid; it’s several steps below that.


    EVERYTHING is “dogwhistle” that comes from the “deplorables.”

    It’s not a crime or a fault to have an illness but it seems strange that one would feel compelled to lie about it. It tends to widen an already very wide credibility gap.

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