Clinton email probe is over

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    Cnn reporting FBI director confirms Clinton email probe over. In new letter to Congress, Comey stands by his July decision.


    Now the FBI’s investigation of itself can begin.


    Hopefully the Dems take the Senate so that hearings can begin. I am guessing that Giuliani will be the first witness to take the 5th.


    More wasted tax money. errr…..


    $100,000,000 and no charges.

    Officially the most vetted candidate in history.


    Comey did his job, the filthy fucker. Created enough doubt right before a national election to possibly swing one or two close Senate races in the R favor. If I beleived in Hell I’d love to wish him a trip there.

    And some people are worried about Muslim sleeper cells? How about highly placed bureaucratic sleepers? Well played and perfectly timed, Mr. FBI man. I’m sure your handlers will richly reward you, once Hillary blows your ass out of the bureau.


    Obama will do it.


    I dislike even the appearance of political derived retribution. If President Obama, or for that matter soon to be President elect Hillary Clinton, intend on replacing the director I trust it will only be done for valid reason owing to professional misconduct or mishandling of his office.

    Sidebar: Remember George W Bush’s Attorney General firing people for failing to be sufficiently politically motived on behalf of Republicans, in an office that is expressly outlined as being solely bout the law and should in no way be politicized? The lack of outrage from the right during that nauseating episode was just a precursor to what we’re living through today.

    It’s in the best interest of the United States government and the Constitution that government is outlined from to ensure its nonpartisan institutions remain exactly that. The timing of Comey’s initial vaguely worded and innuendo laced e-mail created an inarguably political effect that directly benefited the Trump campaign in the waning days of a contentious election. At the least it was a spectacular breach of both precedent and protocol. And judgement. At worst, and some very good reporting from a number of very reputable sources (including Reuters) suggests it may in fact be worse, suggests that there are factions within the FBI that originated in the New York office that willfully flouted bureau policy and were engaged in highly partisan activities. Including the leaking of innuendo or false information to conservative media sources (including Fox news, who ended up having to walk about their absurd “indictment” talk on Friday as it’s been proven entirely inaccurate and false) as well as the Trump campaign itself.

    All of this suggests that Comey has lost control of his own agency. It’s been leaking like a sieve.

    Clearly investigations are coming. That may in fact lead to his resignation if not out and out dismissal. But again, I want the process to run its course and have the expectation (demand, really, as a citizen) that it be fair and nonpartisan.

    When only one of the two major political parties care about such things, it puts an incredible strain upon our government. Unchecked, it’s going to lead all of into a very dark place.

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