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    LG said: “Organized religion: The other mental illness.”

    This is actually the product of DISorganized religion. Christianity was never meant to be comprised of thousands of sects each interpreting scriptures in their own way.

    You won’t find this kind of preaching coming out of the Catholic Church. But to be fair to those Christian churches in schism, the vast majority would not react like this. That preacher is a nutter, and it’s no more fair to associate him with Christianity in general, than to associate the terrorist who is a registered Democrat with all Democrats.


    What would the reaction be if this was a Iman at a Mosque saying these kinds of things?

    And if you think you don’t hear this kind of preaching in your little catholic church, think again. You’ve preached it here many times before which is part of the reason you’ve ben 86’d 5 or 6 times.


    No, you (generally) won’t find that kind of preaching coming out of a Catholic church.

    What you will find, among other unsavory things, is the systematic and knowing cover up for decades of child sexual abuse by the priesthood.

    I love how you without an iota of self awareness also glibly imply the correctness of your own lunatic faith with the (no less lunatic) faith of other sects. You’re right, they’re wrong, etc.

    Now where have I heard that kind of rhetoric before?

    Hypocrite, thy name is Bacon.


    You will find that there have been some who have abused their authority but you will not find that that is what the Church stands for or teaches. You would also find if you cared to be fair and thorough, that the Church has produced many saintly people who have done much good in the world. It’s easily provable that the Catholic Church is the original Church and that the others are offshoots and offshoots of offshoots, but I won’t go into that here. If you care to discuss, I would be happy to do so in another thread.


    Sorry F&Bacon/childmolestingsupporter, we’ve had this discussion before. Your catholic pyramid scheme has a decades long history of supporting child molestation. Hell, half plus a century! And for all we know, it continues. Priests, alter boys, it’s all a set up to fuck young boys the otherwise powerless (gays, etc).

    This is one of the reasons you have been 86’d 5 or 6 times.


    No, thank you. I’m not particularly interested in learning more about your religious organization. From you.

    You will not doubt find this difficult to believe, but all (quite deliberate) pithy or snarky commentary aside, I have an excellent grasp on both the historical and contemporary Catholic Church. I’m well read.

    Let it suffice to say I find it all a mixed bag, (at best) though on the whole no more or less patently lunatic than I find all organized religion. So, congratulations. You’re every bit as worthy of derision as innumerable other faith based organizations. All of whom, to a greater or lesser extent, have direct culpability in so much narrow mindedness, ignorance, bigotry, intolerance, hatred, and violence that rages without antiquity to modern day.

    All of which would be well and good if you and the likeminded had any actual respect for the United States Constitution. There’s a reason we have separation of Church and State in this country. There’s a reason we don’t have religious tests. There’s a reason there’s no official religion of The United States. The far right’s grotesque co-opting of religion to further its own political agenda is equal parts horrifying and infuriating.

    Note from reality: You do not have a hotline to the almighty and your thoughts on the matter are simply a matter of personal belief; not empirical fact. I would be equally “correct” in worshipping a grapefruit and designating it as Yog, The Many Handed One. (All praise him by name and bask within he glow of his beneficence!)

    The day you keep it in your church and cease attempting to inflicted your subjective interpretation of morality, most of which I mostly find both hypocritical if not outright odious, upon the rest of us is the day we’ll all enjoy some (dare I say) blessed quiet. Your proselytization is both unwelcome and often offensive.


    And the landlord who rents space to this so-called church says leave the property. Preferably earlier, but for sure at the end of their lease.

    A Sacramento church will need to find a new place to congregate after its pastor ignited a firestorm of protests and controversy for praising the June 12 massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida.

    Portland-based Harsch Investment Properties indicated to Verity Baptist Church that it would not renew its lease when it expires and asked the church to consider leaving the Northgate Business Park sooner without penalty.

    “We will not tolerate tenants who advocate hatred and the taking of innocent lives,” Harsch said in a statement.

    The lease doesn’t expire until March 31 of next year.

    “In the 66 years since our company was founded, we have stood for the rights of all individuals, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, to live their lives and follow their dreams,” the statement reads.

    Just hours after the attack – the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history – Pastor Roger Jimenez told his congregation at Verity that members of the LGBT community are pedophiles and praised the shooting, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    “I think Orlando, Florida is a little safer tonight,” he said. “The tragedy is more of them didn’t die. … I’m kind of upset he didn’t finish the job.”

    Jimenez added that he would like gays and lesbians to be lined up against a wall so a firing squad could “blow their brains out,” the Times reported.

    John Shorey, a senior vice president at Harsch who manages the firm’s Sacramento arm, said in a statement that Harsch is in the process of “assisting [Verity] with their relocation efforts.”


    And, shame on Harsch for renting to them to begin with. Normal vetting of your tenant would have exposed this issue.



    LOL, I just got it why you’re calling me “bacon.”

    Andy Brown


    “LOL, I just got it why you’re calling me “bacon.””

    Not real quick on the uptake, eh? 😉


    Well, that’s why I thought for awhile myself! He should have an E instead of an A there. At least he teased up! And did an LOL!

    Andy Brown

    There’s not a day that goes by where you don’t see some conservative going on and on about how the Republican party is the party of “good Christian values” and everyone else (specifically liberals) is waging some kind of war on religion. It’s just ludicrous. The fact is most liberals couldn’t care less what religion anyone follows. The problem is when some people, specifically conservatives, try to force that religion on others. But here’s the thing, most of these conservatives aren’t really Christians. Going to church doesn’t make someone a Christian. Following the Bible doesn’t even really make someone a Christian. Christianity is based on a belief in Jesus Christ and one’s attempt to live their life based on the values for which he lived.

    Clearly there is not much of any of that within conservative ideology. So here is a list of 10 ways underscoring how conservatives do not act anything like Christians. Especially conservatives that are the most outspoken, since after all they are also the biggest hypocrites in this nation.

    1) Homosexuality: It’s amazing how many conservatives seem to base their devotion to their faith on how strong their opposition is to homosexuality. But here’s a fun fact: Jesus Christ never once spoke out against homosexuality.

    2) Helping the poor: It is quite uncertain why they call themselves a “Christian” while supporting a political party that vilifies poor people as lazy moochers seeking a handout.

    3) They love greed: Isn’t the entire premise of trickle-down economics and unregulated capitalism based on greed? They seem to have no problem chastising a poor family on welfare but they consider anyone “un-American” who dares to call a wealthy person a greedy bastard. And for the record, Jesus Christ did speak out against greed. In fact, he warned against it.

    4) They’re full of hate: Have you ever been to a tea party rally? The write-ups indicate an unmatched level of vile hatred permeates these meetings. Just look at the way these people talk about President Obama. There’s a difference between opposing someone’s policies and just perpetuating blinding hate toward another human being.

    5) Racism: Not all conservatives are racist but there’s a coincidence that practically every state that’s currently “strongly Republican” also fought with the Confederacy, opposed desegregation and stood against the Civil Rights Act. It’s hard to imagine Jesus Christ endorsing racism.

    6) Pro-life hypocrisy: These people will defend the “rights” of a fetus until they’re blue in the face. Yet how many millions of children (you know, what fetuses turn into), and poor people in general, now have less to eat thanks to the Republican insistence on cutting funding for welfare programs – just before the holidays no less. Not to even mention how you’re “pro-life” while bragging about how many people your state executes every year.

    7) Their obsession with guns: You know how “off” mentally you need to be to really believe Jesus Christ would support semi-automatic rifles? But many of these people honestly believe that Jesus Christ would be standing right there next to them with a loaded AR-15 strapped to his back. It’s asinine.

    8) They’re intolerant: Conservatives like to perpetuate this idea that it’s actually liberals who are intolerant of other people. You know when liberals get intolerant? When we’re dealing with intolerant people. No one cares if you oppose homosexuality, abortion or other religions – that’s your choice. But don’t try to restrict the rights of others, or force your views on others, then whine because people eventually get tired of putting up with your crap. Real Christianity preaches acceptance and tolerance of others. That we’re all humans. That we should treat each other with respect and kindness. You know the whole “love thy neighbor” thing.

    9) They’re paranoid and afraid: As Christians, aren’t these people supposed to have faith? Didn’t Jesus preach positivity and hope? Then what the hell are so many of them afraid of? These people live in a perpetual state of fear and paranoia. They fear brown people, other religions, the government, liberals, homosexuals – pretty much anything that’s not a heterosexual, white conservative Christian.

    10) They base their faith on church attendance: Outspoken conservative Christians seem to think church attendance makes them a better Christian. You can go to church 7 days a week, but your actions outside of church are what matter most. And that’s where most of these “church attendance” conservative Christians fail miserably. They essentially go to church because they’re told they’re supposed to, and to try to justify to themselves that they’re “good people.” If you walk out of church full of hate and judgement, whatever they’re preaching inside that building sure as hell isn’t Christianity.

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